The actress was blamed by her husband for 9 weeks, and she was grieving!Difficulty in urination during pregnancy is really uncomfortable

Some time ago, the actress Liu Nanxi announced the news of her pregnancy, "Actress 8 years seeking son is finally pregnant! Her husband kneels for half an hour! The test tube failed to collapse and cried."cautious.On June 29, Liu Nanxi updated the dynamic, and the protagonist of the video was her husband. At the beginning, he took the initiative to admit that he cried his wife.

And what happened!Liu Nanxi has been pregnant for more than 9 weeks. The fetus develops in the female uterus, and the uterus slowly becomes large and compressed into the bladder. This also causes pregnant women to be discharged when urinating.In minutes, it is uncomfortable to sleep well (in order to prevent her husband from worrying, she did not tell each other).

When Liu Nanxi went to the toilet, her husband saw her gently clicked with her finger at the lower abdomen position to help herself out as much as possible. This method has been used for a day, and it also effectively eased a lot.But her husband was anxious at a glance, and a little blame told her that this gesture would have an impact on the fetus (after all, they were pregnant with children for 8 years, and nervousness is also a common sense).Solve this problem in other ways.

Hearing this, Liu Nanxi couldn’t help crying, tears flowing down, and grievantly indicated that he couldn’t discharge, and it was uncomfortable!My own strength is very light, my stomach is swollen, and I don’t want to do this, so I will say that the more they are wronged …

Seeing his wife crying, he blame himself instantly, blaming himself cautiously. Although everyone’s starting point is good, there must be a problem with his own way of communication. Then he is also reflecting on it.Apply any accusations.After all, no mother will joke with the children in her belly!You know, mothers will only care about fetal health than their dads.

Liu Nanxi’s husband’s consultation helped his wife to solve this problem. The sound of hot compresses and listening to the water was slightly relieved. Then he asked the doctor online and prescribed the medicine. This incident was successfully solved.However, her husband was in thought. He was in a deep self -blame, and even took a video as a ring to say that he would learn more and take care of his wife in the future.

Seeing this, I was moved by the gentleness and consideration of Liu Nanxi’s husband, and even more moved to reflect afterwards!

It is necessary to know how difficult it is to have a stable and stable husband during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the estrogen of women will rise quickly. Whether it is the body or emotional, it will be different. At this time, the husband should care about and love.What do you think?

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