The abdominal pain of pregnant women is not a child playing his belly!This situation is not paid attention to, it is easy to make life risks

Parents who are the first parents need to pay attention to and learn many aspects of knowledge and skills to ensure the health of maternal and infants during pregnancy and postpartum periods.These knowledge and skills include lifestyle and nutrition, mental health, baby health and family health.Through learning these skills and seeking necessary support and treatment, parents can better cope with challenges during pregnancy and postpartum periods, so as to ensure the health of mother and baby

For those who are the first to be parents, they may have lack of experience and lack relevant knowledge and skills, leading to some problems during pregnancy and postpartum.These problems may be harmful to the health of the fetus and mothers.

And this is a true story shared by netizens.

Soon after I got married with my husband, I found that I was pregnant.Although we are not ready, we are still full of joy and expectations.For the health of the baby, I decided to resign at home and raise my fetus with peace of mind.

I usually do what I can do as myself, and I don’t want to delay my husband’s work.But in the middle of pregnancy, I felt uncomfortable.In order not to affect my husband, I have never told him my dilemma.

Until one night, I felt a little abdominal pain, but I thought the baby was naughty and didn’t care much.But in the middle of the night, abdominal pain became more and more unbearable.I want to go to the hospital again, but the pain makes me unbearable.I had to call my neighbors for help, and my neighbor quickly sent me to the hospital.

As a result, as soon as the doctor checked, my placenta had been peeled early, and the fetus had no heartbeat.I regret it, if I go to the hospital early, maybe the child can survive.My husband came to the hospital and could only comfort me silently.

I fell into a deep self -blame and sorrow, and the whole person lost the meaning of life.But at this time, my husband has been with me, comforting me, supporting me, and letting me feel the warmth and power of my family.

After the doctor’s treatment and my support, I gradually got out of the shadow.I understand that the most important thing for pregnant women is to ensure the health of themselves and their children, and they cannot blindly take into account others and work.At the same time, I also understand that my husband and I have to take the responsibility of being a parent together. I cannot keep me alone.

A few months later, I became pregnant again.This time, my husband and I planned everything together, ready to welcome the arrival of new life.Let’s go to the hospital for examination, buy pregnant women’s supplies together, and go to the pre -delivery courses together.I feel my husband’s love for me and my baby is deeper. He will always care about my health of my baby and take care of us.

In the end, I gave birth to a healthy and lovely baby safely.I know that all this is inseparable from the support and companionship of my husband.We became parents together and assumed the responsibility of being a parent.I feel very happy and satisfied. I know that we will continue to keep the warmth and happiness of the family together.

Although the end of the story is relatively complete, because at the beginning, because of the lack of experience of the new parents, it caused a small life to leave before coming to the world, so I have to give my parents here.Awakening.

Stomach pain during pregnancy cannot be underestimated. Many times it may be the symptoms of early peeling of the placenta, but it is not too nervous. This is a relatively common phenomenon, as long as you pay attention to it.

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