The 8 -month -old pregnant mother insisted on fitness, and the barbell squat was over 140 kilograms. As a result, it was bombarded by netizens.

It is said that doing some medium -intensity exercise in the middle of pregnancy can enhance physical fitness, and also increase cardiopulmonary function and body flexibility.

After all, the strength to spend during childbirth is not small, and it is also prepared for this upcoming process.

However, the foreign pregnant mother to be said today, her exercise intensity in the second trimester seems a bit too much, but it has caused fierce controversy on the Internet …

The 34 -year -old Yanyah Milutinovic is a fitness female coach named from New York, USA, and a mother who is currently in pregnancy.

She is the same as her policeman Risel Martinez, all of which are enthusiasts who are obsessed with fitness all year round.

As for how deep this addiction is, it can be seen that from her pregnancy and continue to maintain high -intensity exercise.

Recently, yanyah, who usually likes to PO on INS, posted another video again-

At present, she has been pregnant for 8 months, and she has made a barbell with a weight of 315 pounds (about 143 kg) under the protection of her husband!

Just watching the big belly shaking in the process of squatting, it made people tremble …

In last month, she was pregnant for 7 months.

In fact, as early as Yanyah’s early pregnancy, she often posted a lot of similar fitness videos on her INS account-

What dick …

Barbell squat …

The pulley drop -down is not even more …

However, at that time, Yanyah’s belly was not too highlighted, and it did not cause too much heated discussion.

Now that she has been pregnant for 8 months, she also continues to strengthen the fitness intensity, so some netizens finally can’t help it. Under this video, she initiated a crazy question and bombardment of her–

"Is she really legal?"

"How do I feel like she wants to have a child in her belly …"

"This woman is crazy!"

"Why do you do such an adventure? Is it just to suck powder on the ins?

Anyway, in my opinion, it is really stupid … "

"You are pregnant and exercise on the treadmill like this, the baby in the belly is like beating!"

"The little guy in her stomach is too pitiful, and she is taken away by her mother before she was born …"

However, even if you receive at least 3-10 negative comments like this every day, Yanyah still insists on himself.

Even in the comments, I responded without scratching: "I will never let the opinions of others drowns my inner voice!"

In fact, the reason why she has such courage and self -confidence is mainly because this is not the first time she is working in pregnancy –

As early as 2018, Yanyah gave birth to his first daughter Smiljana, and

Before pregnancy, she was originally thinner and she got a perfect figure through fitness!

The muscle lines full of belly are exciting!

Although I still kept fitness during pregnancy, she still lost her good figure and muscles that she insisted on day and night.

Weight also rose from the original 165 pound (about 75 kg) to 203 pounds (about 92 kg)!

So after giving birth to Little Smiljana, Yanyah immediately re -entered the fitness schedule of day after day-

Still the same trada!

There is also a barbell negative hips …

Barbells must not fall …

As a result, within two years after giving birth, she restored the pole figure before pregnancy!

It is because of this experience that Yanyah will have the conford to return to her netizens:

"I am still on the fitter video during my pregnancy, in order to make those who do not go out at home all day long!

Their jealousy for me is the best reflection of the lack of security and failure in their lives.

They just want to project the negative emotions on others, so that others live a life that fails because of fear and self -doubt!

The women in the past have to be busy in the farmland all day when they are pregnant. After all, they have to fight for survival.

If we are really so fragile, then human beings have long been extinct!

I do n’t mean that I want to let everyone carry a 315 -pound barbell like me for squats, but the physique of every woman during pregnancy is different, so don’t point to me.

Now I just want to say a word to the sprayers: The old lady is indestructible!"

The best, it is recommended that the Baoma do not imitate it easily,

After all, everyone’s physique is different …

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