The 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong is naturally conceived. What is the same now?

An incredible news in 2019 shocked the entire network. A 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong gave birth to a second daughter.Not only breaks the highest record of natural conception in China, it has also become a hot figure.

Now this couple who claims to live to 100 years old and does not need children to take care of is now happy?In this issue, the child -to -child character of the child is led by everyone to approach Tian Xinju and explore her extraordinary life.

Tian Xinju and her husband Huang Weiping lived in Zaozhuang City and had three children. Since the two had retired from the work unit, the monthly pensions added up to about 10,000, and their children also set up a family business, and lived very moisturizing.

Tian Xinju worked at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital before retiring, so he attached great importance to the health of the husband and wife. When the two were fine, they would go out to exercise. They kept their bodies quite good. They did not look like old people in their sixties.

Just when the two lived calmly, things changed quietly. At that time, Tian Xinju was cooking in the kitchen, and suddenly the consciousness was blurred to fall to the ground, so he quickly shouted his wife’s name.

Huang Weiping was organizing flowers and plants in the garden, and when she heard her wife’s rapid voice, she hurried to the kitchen to help her.Fear of the wife’s physical problem,

So he took her to the hospital for a full body examination, and then Tian Xinju was diagnosed with a cerebral infarction. The doctor prescribed the corresponding medicine based on her situation.

However, what made people unexpected was the next day after taking the medicine, Tian Xinju stopped the holiday for more than ten years, and suddenly it scared her. You must know that at this age of this age, basicallyI won’t come to the holiday, thinking that it may be a problem with the medicine, and I quickly asked the doctor to do the second examination.

After the detailed examination of the scriptures, the doctor told Tian Xinju that her physical response was indeed caused by the drug, but these reactions had no effect on the body.Essence

Under the soothing of the doctor, the two took their minds and couldn’t ask about it.Time passed the gap, and it came to 2019 in a glance.At this time, Tian Xinju was 67 years old, Huang Weiping was already 68, and in a few years, both of them were rare old people.

The inexplicable holiday was stopped suddenly a few months ago, and she thought it was a normal response.However, not long after, Tian Xinju suddenly felt that his stomach started to hurt, as if there was something in the inside,

Huang Weiping, who was worried about his wife’s body, immediately sent his wife to the hospital.He thought about all kinds of possibilities. Perhaps his wife’s cerebral infarction recurred again, or he might have eaten the wrong thing, but when the doctor had an amazing tone, he told him that when Tian Xinju was pregnant, he couldn’t believe what the doctor said.

The 67 -year -old wife was pregnant. He was uneasy about whether the hospital was wrong. In fact, the doctor never saw such a situation. When he saw the results of the inspection, he thought he was wrong.The fact is the fact.

There are only two options in front of the two elderly people, either the child who abandons the child in the stomach to protect the adult, or adventure to give birth to this unexpected child.

Because the elderly Tian Xinju belongs to the elderly mother, the danger is much larger than the ordinary pregnant woman. One accident is the result of one corpse and two lives. The hospital cannot guarantee the safety of the surgery. Therefore, the two elderly people need to choose carefully.

For the Tian Xinju couple, they have never thought that when one child is regenerating at this age, the two elderly people actually like their children very much, otherwise they will not give birth to three children.

And in the concept of the two, the children in their stomach may be a precious gift given them by heaven.So it was firm to give birth to the children. They originally hid their children and waited for the child to tell the children the original committee.

But there is no impervious wall in the world. After learning that the mother was hospitalized, the children knew about the matter. The children advised her mother not to give birth not to give birth.

Tian Xinju’s eldest daughter is about forty years old, and she is already the mother of her child. She knows that it is not easy to have a child. Besides, her mother is old, and her body is not as tough as young women 30 or 40 years old.What happened in the process, what should my father do, and even if the child was born smoothly, the mother estimated that the mother would go to half a life, and then what should the child do.

When Tian Xinju saw her daughter, she resolutely disagreed, so she turned her eyes to her son. The original loved son might support herself, but the son’s attitude is the same as her sister.

Now the cost of giving birth to children is completely different from the past. The milk powder alone, and the tuition fees of the kindergarten are a large amount of expenses. Although it is not emotional, it is fact.

Tian Xinju also knew the facts of the children said, but she was unwilling to give up this sudden life, so regardless of the children’s persuasion, she insisted on giving birth to the child.Seventy years old,

Even if the child is born for a few years, and when the two elderly people leave, who will control the child?Have you ever considered the child’s feelings?

What makes the eldest daughter is difficult to enlightenment is that this child must be commensurate with his sisters, but the two people are 40 years old.This daughter.

Tian Xinju was like a knife, her face was also pale. Although her son did not agree with her mother’s approach, she couldn’t bear to stimulate her mother, but just left silently.

Tian Xinju understands her children’s thoughts, but she is slightly sad. From beginning to end, she has not regarded pregnancy as a misfortune, nor does she think she has done wrong. It is also a blessing to be pregnant at such a big age.

Now that you have to take it seriously, Tian Xinju has been relieved at home, and his wife will buy some nutritional products to make up for his wife, and he is constantly learning how to be a father.Although there are always words that are passed into the ears of the two,

They are also ridiculed, but the two don’t care, they have already prepared for public opinion.Although her daughter said she had to break with her mother, how could she be really so ruthless and often bought supplements to her mother’s house.

On October 25, 2019, Tian Xinju was sent to the production room in the eyes of his family.After several hours of hard work, under the close collaboration of a group of gynecological experts.

A healthy and healthy daughter fell from Tian Xinju’s body and heard the cry of the baby’s crying.She named Huang Tianci for her daughter, which means a gift of heaven.

Not long after heavenly birth, Huang Weiping posted a photo. In the photo, Tianci Fanmu’s little hand, happily led his father’s wide fingers, the scene was warm and touching.

Huang Weiping also sent the family’s life to the Internet, causing heated discussion among many people. Some people said that Tian Xinju and his wife were too selfish. When her daughter was adult, she may have no parents. This is unfair to heaven.

Some people were also convinced by the emotions of the Tian Xinju couple and praised them as the warriors of the new era.No matter what others say, Tian Xinju is always doing herself.

When he was three years old, Huang Weiping showed his true feelings.God -free is that you make your parents’ lives more fulfilling and interesting, and make your parents a stronger parent. The lively and happy you also make your parents full of vitality every day.Mom and dad are older, and our old couple will work hard to make our bodies healthier, longer.

Today, Tian Xinju is still happy to live with her three -year -old daughter. Tian Xinju’s eldest daughter has already reconciled with her parents. She also loves this 40 -year -old sister.I have been.

Tian Xinju’s husband and wife are pleased, and can only make love full of life -free life in a limited time.When God grows up, they will tell their stories about their daughters.

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