The 50 -year -old mother, pregnant with her daughter’s child, because her daughter wants more children

The mother of 8 children, 50 -year -old American mother became pregnant again -but this time she was pregnant with her child’s child.

The mother Smith from Utah was preparing to give birth to her granddaughter in May this year to help her 24 -year -old second daughter Katelin Munios.

Munios suffers from endometriosis and an autoimmune disease called dry syndrome, which makes her unable to get pregnant safely.

Smith was implanted in two embryos in September last year, which made her conceive her granddaughter. When she first saw her granddaughter through the B -ultrasound, she was very excited.

Smith’s daughter and 30 -year -old husband Mirgel and their two -year -old son Karaham lived in Texas. At that time, the doctor told Munios that it would be difficult for her to give birth to another child safely and to the full moon.Essence

Munios family of three

In 2019, Munios struggled with infertility due to endometriosis. For three years, she has been trying to have children. In the end, she was treated with in vitro and she was pregnant with Karaham.Her pregnancy was very smooth, and when she was pregnant to 30 weeks, she was diagnosed with dry disease -a disease that caused the immune system to accidentally attack the health cells in the body.This disease can cause blood coagulation of pregnant women and eventually cause abortion.At the same time, Munios was also troubled by pleurisitis during pregnancy, but in the end she was very lucky to give birth to her son.

When Munios learned of his childhood dream -it was difficult to achieve his descendants into this world, she was crushed because she had always been her dream, and she was still a little girl.She has always dreamed of becoming a mother with many children.

Smith and daughter

After learning about her daughter’s infertility, Smith thought about it for a long time and thought that it was a pity that her daughter could not regenerate her child. She took the initiative to propose to be a daughter’s surrogate mother and think that she had done a correct thing.

Then one day, when she told her daughter that she would give her a gift as a gift to her daughter, her daughter was amazed.

The daughter was shocked by this idea because she just sat in the car and waited for her son to wake up, and was still thinking about how she could have more children.

Once Smith was determined, her husband Kyle (daughter’s father) and Migel received unconventional tests, and she began the process of fertilization in vitro -for a woman in her 50s, this was by no means easy.Because she must get a doctor’s health certificate to become a surrogate of Munios.

With her age, she must pass a lot of health checks to be completely a surrogate mother. However, thanks, the doctor gave her a green light for her and Munios.

When her mother proposed to be a surrogate, Munios was very shocked. She has always supported her daughter’s life and the dream of having a big family.She immediately was convinced that her mother would be allowed to conceive her child.

When she knows that her mother is pregnant, she is very healthy, and she is very healthy, and Munios never doubts that she will have any problems with her surrogacy.

8 children group photos

Due to her mother’s health and the history of her adult pregnancy, Munios is convinced that Smith will be allowed to be her surrogate.

Smith will give birth to Munion’s children and a girl next month.

"The highlight of the entire surrogacy experience is to see her daughter’s face, and the light on her face when she welcomes her own daughter to the world." This expectant mother and grandmother are very happy.

"In my heart and soul, I only saw this picture of this beautiful girl for my daughter and her husband," Smith added."They are very eager for this. When they arrive, they see the joy and love on their faces full of my heart."

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