The 43 -year -old single mother -in -law was pregnant with my dad’s child. How can I hold my girlfriend’s wedding?

Netizens come to letter:

One month is my wedding with my girlfriend. I talked to my girlfriend for so many years and finally became a positive result. I was excited and looking forward to it.But a phone call from my girlfriend last night made all my happiness break. My girlfriend told me that her mother -in -law was pregnant for many years, and this child was actually my father.What happened.

My girlfriend and I grew up with a single -parent family. My girlfriend’s father died of an accident when he graduated from his girlfriend in high school. Fortunately, he left a lot of legacy, which made the mother -in -law and girlfriend’s life not too sad.And my parents were divorced when I was very young. At that time, my family was poor and my mother couldn’t stand it. I followed a rich man. After that, my dad never married again, but kept working hard for me to go to school.It may also be because there are similar encounters, which led me to my girlfriend "at first sight". The two had a lot of topics, so they started dating in less than three months.

It may be because our family is "broken", so we cherish each other’s feelings and agreed to get old.I did not expect that this happened when there was only one step away from happiness!

I only know that my mother -in -law and my father met for the first time when I was preparing to engage in engagement with my girlfriend. It was only half a year before and after. What did they see right?You know that my mother -in -law is 43 years old, and my dad is also 50 years old. Such "matching" shocked me.After knowing this incident, I talked to my dad, and hoped that he could give up this dusk, but my dad was determined and said that it was easy to meet people who looked at each other for so many years and didn’t want to give up.

I know that my dad is not easy for so many years, but my mother -in -law’s child has a blood relationship with me. This makes me unable to accept it. In the future, what should we really call a family?I feel messy.My girlfriend and my thoughts are the same. I feel very awkward, so now our wedding is postponed. We are tangled. I don’t know what to do?

Sister Hua answered the reader to ask:

1. Your mother -in -law is pregnant with your dad’s child. It sounds a bit messy, but it is not messy. At least your seniority is not chaotic, but the relationship is a bit complicated, which does not affect your future life.

2. Sister Hua can understand your mood, but in the past few decades, we can’t always care about the thoughts of others. As long as you have a good conscience, you can live a good life.Besides, if you get married in the future, you feel embarrassed and you can live separately. In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem. It depends on how you deal with it.

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