The 22 -year -old stewardess, who fell from a high altitude of thousands of meters, survived the miracle.

Remember the collision of two Egyptian trains last month, causing 32 people to die?

Due to the particularity of transportation such as trains, airplanes, etc., every time I see such a major disaster, people are very worried.

Especially for planes, although the safest way of travel, but because of the fast speed of the aircraft, it is flying in the air. Once an aviation accident is encountered, the survival rate of aircraft passengers is the lowest among all means of transportation.

From the records of multiple accidents, unless the accident is forced to fall when the accident is just taken off, it is difficult to survive.

However, more than 40 years ago, a woman fell from a height of 10,000 meters but survived.

Some scholars have studied that the chances of this high fall and the chance of returning are only 1 million.

This was a miracle incident that made the woman’s reputation. Not only did she retrieve a life, she also set a Guinness World Record, which was called "air crash" by everyone.

But from the moment she was awake, she couldn’t face herself. After half a lifetime in pain, she died of guilt.

Why can this woman survive from 10,000 meters, and why is it gloomy?

All of this will start from the day of the air crash in 1972 …

On January 26, 1972, the Anthanda Airlines 367 took off from Copenhagen Airport.

The regular flights from Stockholm to Belgrade have experienced many voyages.

According to the plan, the flight was transferred in Copenhagen and was taken over by the local crew.

The 22 -year -old Visna Ulopvich is a member of the crew of the unit.

Visna Uluoqich

At this time, she didn’t know that the bomb was secretly placed by Croatia’s warehouse by Croatia.

Starting from the crowd on this plane, the sickle of death has already across the sky.

In fact, this day should not be worthy of Vasna. The airline made the name wrong during the record, which made her board the death of this death.

At 3:17 in the afternoon, the plane took off as planned.

The crowds on the plane looked at the sky outside the window, and the unit flight attendants conducted a cabin service in an orderly manner, and no one noticed the footsteps of death.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when the plane passed through the Czechoslovakia, the explosives burying in the warehouse suddenly exploded!

Just listening to a loud noise, the entire aircraft disintegrated instantly in the air, scattered around.

At that time, the height of the plane was 10160 meters away from the ground, and most of the 28 crew members and passengers died when they exploded.

Visna Ulopovic was trapped in a seat because she was sitting far away from a seat from the center of the explosion, and was subsequently wrapped in the air in the air by some aircraft.

The huge explosion shock wave command she was unconscious on the spot, which was the most important reason for her success–

After the explosion, the coma was coma, which caused her to avoid damage caused by hypoxia.

The aircraft’s residual body fell at a speed of 200 miles per hour. When Vessna had no parachute, she was wrapped in the wreckage of the plane and eventually fell on a pile of soft snow piles.

Cracked flight 367

According to the accident, the nearby firefighters Zdenko Kubik recalled:

"At that time, I heard a voice similar to the landing of military planes. I looked up at the sky and saw the corpse, the box, and the aircraft fragments fell."

The huge explosion roar is the funeral of death and the guidance of the goddess of luck.

The sound attracted the attention of the local villagers. A old man named Bruno Hanke heard a loud noise after hearing a loud noise, and found a bloody Visna full of blood.

Coincidentally, Bruno has been a medical soldier in World War II!

When he found a woman who fell from the air and there were signs of life, he immediately took simple medical measures to maintain Venus’s life before rescuers rushed to the scene.

In the end, only Visna lived out of the aircraft crash that shocked the world, among the 28 unit flight attendants and passengers.

After the doctor diagnosed, her skull fractures, a large amount of blood loss, two legs, pelvis, three vertebral bones and several rib fractures, and the waist was temporarily paralyzed, and she was unconscious in the hospital for seven days.

After waking up, Visna completely forgot about her experience in the air crash, and only remembers the scene of passengers on boarding.

After the doctor showed her the content of the aircraft newspapers, she was frightened and fainted again. After receiving treatment for a long time, she was finally discharged.

The probability of miracle from the 10,000 -meter high altitude is one millionth, and the world remembers the luck of Visna Ulovic.

As the only survivor in the Yugoslav airfront incident, Visna once became the focus of the people of Yugoslavia and was considered a national hero.

Yugoslav’s leader Josep Broz Tito also awarded her a medal to make her an honorary citizen in the place of air crash.

The Guinness World Records Commission believes that Visna has set a world record of "the highest height and survival of the height of the no -descending umbrella."

Bruno Hanke was born in the sixth week after saving Visna. His granddaughter was also born safely. In order to commemorate this lucky and strong woman, he also named his granddaughter "Visna" and expressed his respect for her.

Monument Monument to the fall of Visna

After being discharged from the hospital, Visna spent 16 months for recuperation. After hard work, except for the spine still distorted, she would limped walking, and she finally returned to her normal life.

To be respectful, after such a terrible accident, Visna did not give up her dream of stewardess, and once asked to return to the blue sky and return to the post again.

The local government believes that her reputation will cause her to attract excessive attention on the plane and arrange her to work in the work of civilians inside Yugoslavia.

All this should be complete here, but lucky will not always care for someone.

After Visna returned to normal life, the nightmare came one after another.

In 1977, Veisa entered the marriage hall, but because of an accident, she couldn’t get pregnant. Later, she broke up in the early 1990s because of her husband and wife feelings.

Almost at the same time of divorce, she began to participate in anti -government protests and was later fired by Yugoslavia.

Because she was a well -known figure in the country, in order not to bring negative impacts, the government did not arrest her into prison.

However, they used the media wind direction, claiming that the aircraft 367 of Yugoslavia Airlines was shot down by the air missile. The actual height of Visna’s fall was lower than the height she had previously thought, and she should not be so honored.

At the same time, every day after the air crash, she was tortured by the survivor.

Survivors are guilty of PTSD, similar to post -trauma stress disorder, and often flash back to the screen or nightmare at the time.

It even told the horns that it was because he was not perfect, which led to the incident.

In his later years Visna

In his later years, Visna lived with nightmares and lived in a shabby apartment in Belgrade.

Live a hard life by relying on the pension of 300 euros every month.

No children, no family.

She hates others to mention the air crash and unwilling to recall the scenes of the time.

Visna often lamented her friend, the air crash destroyed her life, and made her parents die early.

In December 2016, Visna died quietly in the apartment at the age of 66.

Destiny made her fall from the altitude of 10,000 meters, but she also made her lonely in the second half of her life.Text/W

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