The 19 -year -old unmarried girl has been "pregnant" for 6 years, but she can’t give birth?The doctor was frightened after examination

In a small town in Guixi City, Jiangxi, the Chen Xiaomeng family lived in a humble courtyard. After Chen Xiaomeng returned from work, he became unrecognizable after Chen Xiaomeng went out to work.Gossip.

"I think I seem to be superfluous in this world!"

Since then, Chen Xiaomeng hid at home and did not dare to go out. As soon as he went out, he would attract other people’s strange eyes and pointers. What happened to this girl’s body?Why cause such a big rumor?What kind of tragedy will happen to her?

To work out for weight loss, but discriminatory due to appearance

Chen Xiaomeng dropped out of school at home for a long time to help to do farm work. Because the mother’s body was very bad and often sick, he needed a lot of money to treat, but the helplessness was too difficult to have a burden, and all the burden was pressed on the old father.When Xiaomeng was 19 years old, she was an adult. She decided to go out to work to make money to reduce the burden of the family.

Without experience and education, Xiao Meng’s job search road is extremely difficult, but most people will laughed at her appearance maliciously after seeing her, just because Xiaomeng’s face has some red acne, soOutside her, she was still beautiful, which would affect customers to come to the door. Over time, Xiao Meng, who was inferior, was even more unwilling to talk to others.

"They all said that I had the red acne on my face, and they saw me, like seeing ghosts."

"It seems that the knife is stabbing my heart."

Finally, after thousands of hardships, Xiaomeng finally found a job in a factory. She cherished this hard -working job opportunity and worked hard every day.The harshness, constantly squeezing the physical strength of the workers, so that the workers had complaints but did not dare to confront them. Naturally, young Xiaomeng couldn’t escape the squeezing, coupled with the deliberate alienation of the workers, the body and mental exhaustion.Meng only worked for more than a month and went home, but what made her unexpected was that there was a bigger disaster waiting for her.

Bid pregnancy, worsening in the snow

Within a few months after returning home, Xiaomeng’s belly suddenly began to grow bizarrely, that is, she was pregnant. She even had a reaction in the early stages of pregnancy.In the nearby neighbors saw Xiao Meng’s response, she laughed and said that Xiao Meng was pregnant.

This news is like a thunderbolt for Xiaomeng. You must know that she has never been in love, and she has no boyfriend. How can she get pregnant?I made a mistake. After all, there were less, and rumors such as ignorance and so on were quickly spread. The rumors were passed on quickly, so the people in the whole town knew.

Although Xiao Meng’s parents knew her daughter and knew that her daughter would not do such a matter of random and shame, the rumor still hurt Xiaomeng’s heart, and the belly gradually became rounded, and Xiao Meng did not suffer.Go to the neighbor’s dirty words.Xiao Meng has been inferior to her childhood, and the situation and environmental factors in the family also make her difficult to have a sincere friend, so she has no friends to talk to, which makes her start to be willing to speak and slowly slowly put herself herself.The heart of the earth was closed, and the family’s meticulous care, and believed that she was unconditional, which moved her very much, and also hated and helplessly hate her belly.

"I think I seem to be superfluous in this world!"

She felt very distressed, not only failed to reduce the burden of her family, but also worried her elderly parents, because her belly became larger, which caused her parents to become the object of evil words around the neighbors.Better is everywhere, which makes Xiaomeng like a throat, and it is difficult to let go.

Xiaomeng feels desperate, because the neighbor’s gossip, because the belly becomes increasingly bigger, a kind of incredible shame has flooded her heart, she thought about committing suicide more than once, but she thought of her parents to raise herself hard. It was very early.She had white hair, and her hands were full of calluses because she was exhausted all year round. She felt that she couldn’t be so selfish and disregarded her elderly parents. She always said that she would "go away"?If she is gone, what about her parents?

For the prove, keep running

Xiaomeng’s parents know how important it is to be a girl, and also know how much the gossip’s damage to Xiaomeng is, and it is even more distressed that her daughter’s unmarried but inexplicable belly has become bigger. She can’t bear the pain of "pregnancy".And because of "pregnancy", Xiao Meng couldn’t do heavy work, so he could only help his mother do some simple housework. In order to figure out the truth of the facts, her daughter was innocent. Xiao Meng’s parents decided to take her to the hospitalI checked it.

But what’s magical is that the hospital’s trip failed to find out what happened. Except for the larger stomach, no other symptoms were found on Xiaomeng’s body. In addition, Xiao Meng himself did not feel that there was any uncomfortable place.When I returned to my home in this way, I planned to go to Nanchang for a check, but the economic situation in the family was not allowed. Therefore, Xiaomeng’s illness was so dragged and dragged for six years.The "fetus" in the belly was not "birth".Fortunately, the previous rumors were broken.

In these six years, Xiaomeng has always had a big belly. Although the rumors have dispersed, the news about Xiao Meng’s strange disease has spread away.Fortunately, after this matter, Xiao Meng’s heart became firm. Her mouth grew on others, and he couldn’t see a mouth, and he blocked a mouth, which was really too busy.

On the other side, in order to save her money to see the doctor, in addition to taking care of the four acres of fields at home, she also went to the local brick factory to carry bricks.Earn six cents to carry a brick, and you can only carry up to 80 yuan a day. This kind of work has to work from early morning to a very late morning, and the waist gradually becomes bent. However, the salary brought by this job is forFor this family, it is just a lot of money, and it cannot be quenched.

"But in this situation in my family, I feel too heartbroken, as if there is a mountain in my heart." During the past six years, whenever Xiao Meng felt that her life could not live, she wanted to die!But every time, this idea will always be suppressed when the parents pass through the old cheek. If one day is gone, the parents will definitely not survive.

In order to see Xiaomeng, his parents sold everything that could be sold at home, and even borrowed money from relatives and friends. However, the money was soon spent, and the burden on the family was like a mountain that was pressed on Xiaomeng’s age.On his father.

But even so, after running a lot of hospitals in one after another, he returned without success. The results of Xiaomeng’s examinations were normal. The reason why the stomach became bigger has never been effectively resolved.

Get assistance, life has a slight light

The local reporter learned of the situation of Xiao Meng’s house. They felt deeply sympathetic and distressed the girl’s encounter, so they stretched out and began to work hard to contact the hospitals in various places to see if they could find a solution to reduce the psychological burden of the family.

Kung Fu was reluctant to be attentive. The reporter released Xiaomeng’s situation on the Internet and soon received a response from a hospital in Nanchang. There were similar cases in this hospital.So the reporter hurriedly contacted the Chen Xiaomeng’s family. After hearing the good news, Xiao Meng finally showed a long -lost smile, and his parents frowned.I don’t know, if I missed it, is it possible to cure Xiaomeng afterwards.

After learning that Xiaomeng’s illness has hope, the villagers in the nearby villagers all came to Chen Family. Regardless of whether the previous rumors had their participation, but today’s joy is true. The girl finally found the hope of treatment.And happy, and they also brought their own minds, they are all villages. Most of the economic conditions of the Chen family are fingering. At this time, where would Chen’s father still have money to see her daughter?The fares were difficult, so the Dongjia made a little bit, the West family moved a little, donated money and donated money, and had to live in the hospital.

Seeing the villagers so generous, Chen’s father was very moved. He took out the book used by Xiao Meng when he was in school, and wrote the name of the folks who helped their family in the above strokes. He said that he would write down, I will report it in the future.

Do not give up again

Later, with the help of the reporter, the Xiaomeng family came to this hospital. The doctor had the most detailed examination for Xiao Meng. When the results of the inspection came out, even the doctor was startled!The doctor told Xiaomeng that there was a huge tumor in her abdominal cavity, and the data displayed was as large as 30 cm. Such a large tumor was very rare. It is the only example in the world so far.

Xiaomeng’s father

Because the tumor is too huge, it is almost filled with the entire chest, and the symptoms of Xiao Meng’s weakness or similar symptoms similar to the reaction during pregnancy are caused by the tumor compression of the internal organs.At the point, the kidneys on both sides were oppressed, which caused a serious load. Doctors suggested that surgery must be performed as soon as possible to remove the tumor. Only in this way can Xiaomeng restore his original life.

The doctor suggested that Xiaomeng is hospitalized for treatment, but where does Xiaomeng have money to pay expensive hospitalization fees?

"My mother is so big, my dad has made it so hard, (I want to) send them to the end of the elderly."

In the face of this expensive medical expenses, Xiao Meng thought about giving up, but she was not qualified to choose to give up because she was the only hope of her parents and her life was given by her parents. She did not want to be sorry for her parents.Work hard to let parents enjoy their old age.

Therefore, Xiaomeng, who knows the condition, chose to discuss with his parents. After knowing this situation, although he was also deeply hit, his parents continued to comfort their daughters. Parents told Xiaomeng that they should not give up treatment.Let their only daughter live a normal girl’s life, wear good -looking skirts, and be a positive girl, like other girls.No matter how difficult other girls should have, they will work hard to give their daughters.

This kind of affection is really moving. I hope that the whole society can be together to help Xiaomeng, who is sick, and let the girl in the flower season be full of vitality. Let us sincerely wish this day early.

May Xiaomeng recover soon!

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