The 15 -year -old daughter was pregnant after "stealing the forbidden fruit". The mother cried. How should parents educate their children?

Xiao Song’s husband was derailed when her daughter was 3 years old. For this reason, she decided to divorce her husband and raise her daughter Yanyan alone.For so many years, in order to make money to raise her daughter and support her parents, she went to work in a foreign country to earn money, so she had to entrust her daughter to her parents.

Although the economic conditions of their family have become better and better in the past ten years, she ignored her daughter’s growth and found that her daughter became more and more different. The 15 -year -old daughter and herself were getting closer.During this time, Xiao Song finally returned to her hometown to accompany her daughter, but she found that her daughter often went to the toilet to vomit, and she had no appetite to eat. She suspected that her daughter had a disease.

For this reason, she asked her daughter to see the doctor, but the doctor told her that the child was 3 months pregnant.When she returned home, she cried and scolded her daughter. You were so young at a young age. Can you be worthy of my efforts for so many years?I knew that I would not want you to divorce your dad at the beginning!And my daughter cried and said, I just tried it, who knew this would be like this.

Xiao Song had to ask the head teacher to investigate her daughter’s emotional problems, and to let go of her work to focus on handling her daughter.This incident was also disclosed on the Internet as a news, but netizens did not blindly blame the little girl in the matter, but thought that the child had such a problem. In fact, the parents’ responsibility was greater!

For so many years, the father’s party has disagreed with the child. The mother rarely takes into account the child in order to make money. Where do the children know about these sex education knowledge they should have known?If your parents are more attentive to accompany their children, maybe they can avoid this unreasonable disaster.

Why do some children "taste forbidden fruit"?

Lack of parents’ attention

Many parents are busy with their own career and have no time to take care of their children’s growth.They believe that as long as the material conditions needed for the growth of children, they do not need to pay attention to participating in the growth of the child.Children can not enjoy the care of their parents at home, and the care that elders can give them are also very limited.At this time, the child will seek attention from the outside world, and they may talk about their feelings at their adolescence.

Sexual education is not in place

Of course, some families have high participation of children’s growth, but their children still have such problems. In the final analysis, they are not in place.Parents avoided it as a tiger about sex. When I was a child, I asked where I came from, and they could all go around, which caused the child’s interest.Parents are unwilling to answer, but they will try out of curiosity.

The school’s work is not in place

In addition to being important in the family, sex education is also particularly important in school.In order to allow children to achieve good academic achievements, many schools have not cared for necessary sex education at all.In order to prevent children from falling in love, rude school rules are not allowed to sit together.This may play the opposite role, letting the child try to try early love or even taste the forbidden fruit out of the rebellious heart.

How to prevent children from "stealing forbidden fruit"?

Therefore, parents should take necessary measures to prevent children from making this might regret for life.

Parents should pay more attention to their children’s growth

If the child is not paying attention at home, and choosing to seek love through early love, parents should change their focus of life and tilt more attention on the child.Talk to children more, is the current early love of their so -called "love", or is it a illusion that the illusion that blinds under hormones?Parents must truly walk into the inner world of their children to bring them out of this confusing chaos.

Pay attention to family education and school sex education

Parents can use some popular science animation and popular science books to conduct gender education more reasonably to their children.Don’t worry about children from learning badly, on the contrary, they will use this to establish the correct gender awareness.At the same time, parents can make suggestions from the school so that teachers can correct the correct physiological knowledge of students through sex education courses, so that students can understand what should not do in this age.

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