The 14 -year -old girl’s stomach is filled with hair, the reason is …

The 14 -year -old girl was uncomfortable with abdominal distension. She went to the hospital for examination and found that there was an unknown object in the stomach. She looked at it carefully!This surprised the doctor.

A few days ago, Xiaofang, who was discomfort in abdominal distension, went to the Department of Spleen and Steriology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The director of the department, Hu Yunlian, suggested that she do gastroscopy to identify the cause. The moment the gastroscopy entered the stomach of Xiaofang, the doctors were startled and carefully identified.Xiaofang’s stomach is full of hair!These hair has accumulated in the stomach for a long time, and has been mixed with food fiber and residue.After clarifying the "culprit", taking out the distribution group from the stomach has become a top priority to solve the problem.However, doctors have adopted methods such as repeated rinse, pliers pulling, and trap under the gastroscopy. The hair clutch cannot be deformed and it is difficult to remove from the stomach.Due to the large volume of foreign objects, it can only be taken out by surgery.

"When I saw Xiaofang, her face was very bad." Director Yan Ruicheng, gastrointestinal surgery, recalled, "The result of the gastroscopy shows that because Xiaofang’s habit of eating hair has continued for a long time, hair and food residue tightly tightly tightly tight hair and food residuesThe wrangle is tightly, which leads to the huge volume of the foreign body, which will be a difficult operation! "For the situation of Xiaofang, the doctor of the doctor of the gastrointestinal surgery was fully discussed, and finally decided to perform a single -hole laparoscopic gastrointestinal cutting open.Foreign objects are removed.

After sufficient preoperative preparation, Xiaofang was promoted to the operating room on June 8th.During the operation, Director Yan Ruicheng and his team doctors used laparoscopy to enter Xiaofang’s body, and cut the stomach wall through ultrasonic knife through ultrasonic knife, moved out the gastrointestinal cavity, and then cut the hair from the abdominal cavity.During the period, in order to avoid harm to Xiaofang’s gastric mucosa, Director Yan Ruicheng could only promote the ultrasonic knife little by little. The whole process was like "dancing on the tip of the knife".

Fortunately, the surgery is very successful. Remove the huge foreign body with hair on the surface of 8cm*10cm, and the surgical incision is very small, 2cm at the navel.With the joint efforts of spleen and gastrointestinal surgeons, Xiaofang’s causes of abdominal distension were found, foreign bodies were cleared, and the symptoms of abdominal distension were also eased.

Director Yan Ruicheng reminded: When parents find that their children have different eclipses, they should be sent to the hospital and identify the causes in time. The children who are punished cannot relieve the alien habit.For abdominal distension and abdominal pain caused by long -term albneus, patients should cooperate with doctors for examinations.

Correspondent Hu Meng

Reporter Liu Yating

Source: Voice of Hubei

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