The 11 -year -old girl hospital saw a doctor, and the doctor had sexually assaulted the seductive invasion after the anesthetic was injected. How did the court judge


The 11 -year -old Yunyun was uncomfortable with his stomach. As a mother, He Caiqin thought that he was greedy for her girl and had a bad stomach, so she didn’t care much.

But over time, Yunyun’s belly was bigger every day. Although the conditions in the family were not good, the girl was sick, and He Caiqin couldn’t let her hold her, so she took her daughter to the hospital for examination.

The results of the inspection came out soon, and Yun Yun became pregnant.The news was like a thunderbolt, and the shock He Caiqin failed to return to God for a long time. Looking at the results of the inspection in his hand, He Caiqin was so angry that his daughter was only 11 years old. Who did this?

After returning home, He Caiqin directly vent his anger on his 11 -year -old daughter, and at the same time hated herself, failed to educate her daughter.Thinking of the daughter with bitterly raising big, not only couldn’t study hard, but he didn’t even check the point, and did such a thing at a young age.

Thinking of the misfortune of his marriage, and looking at his rebellious daughter, for a while, He Caiqin’s heart was mixed in his heart and had suffering.

After some questioning, He Caiqin would make the other daughter’s male netizen, and ignored the daughter’s opposition, and directly asked the other party to meet.After meeting, He Caiqin took someone to beat the boy directly, and then asked the other party if his daughter was pregnant because of him.

But after a long time, the boy explained that he had never met Yunyun at all, but just chatted online. How could this make Yun Yun pregnant?

It’s not this netizen, who will it be?

He Caiqin came down and communicated carefully with his daughter again, trying to find new clues, and to get out of the person who made his daughter pregnant.Under the guidance of He Caiqin, Yun Yun told his mother that Uncle Zhang of the village medical clinic had taken off his clothes.I fell asleep confused during an infusion, and when I woke up, I found that her clothes were gone. The doctor Zhang said that he checked himself and kept himself secret.

After listening to Yunyun’s explanation, He Caiqin’s eyes were dark. As a person who came, how did she not know what her daughter had encountered, and He Caiqin, who was anxious, decided to go to find a doctor Zhang for a saying.

The doctor was named Zhang, a village doctor in the village clinic in the city. His wife was Wang Hong. He was a well -known woman in the nearby area.He Caiqin, who was furious, began to fight against Wang Hong. The protective woman’s heart and the reason were that he was reasonable. For a while, He Caiqin took over the wind in front of the hot Wang Hong.

After the opposite Wang Hong, after listening to He Caiqin roared and talked about the complete things, he became more guilty and saw that the other party said that there was a pair of eyes and eyes.He went to the house to ask his husband to ask if he had done such a thing.

Seeing that Zhang’s wife came to ask himself if she raped a little girl named Yunyun. Zhang knew that this incident couldn’t hide it after all.

It turned out that when Yunyun was sick, her mother He Caiqin took the child to her clinic, and then left in a hurry, leaving the little girl to play a bit in the clinic alone.Before leaving, He Caiqin also told Yunyun that after the needle was finished, he went home alone, and his mother had to go to work.

When He Caiqin saw her well -known daughter, he turned and left to work.At this time, only Yun Yun, a 11 -year -old girl and Zhang, looked at the girl in front of him, and Zhang had a bad thought.

When giving the little girl with medicine, Zhang secretly put a small amount of anesthetic in it. After the little girl injected the bit of anesthetic, she quickly fell asleep and Zhang succeeded.

It may be that the dose of the anesthetic is insufficient, or for other reasons. She woke up when Zhang was dressed in Yunyun.Looking at the little girl who suddenly woke up, Zhang Mouxin said that he was checking her to check her.The world in the eyes of children is pure, and pure Yunyun also believes in the words of the doctor’s uncle, and agreed to the other party’s agreement.

In the incident of the East window, in order to escape the prison disaster, Zhang began to play emotional cards with his wife, and begged his wife to make her find a way to help herself settle the trouble in front of her.But Wang Hong was unmoved, and he had no mercy that the medical ethics in front of him broke his husband.

When Zhang saw his wife unwilling to help himself, he began to use his children to talk about things. While admitting that he had done something wrong, he was punished. This was his sin.But their children are still young. If they enter the prison because of this, the child’s future will be affected. After all, if the child lives with the title of a criminal father, this will cause a lot of great development in the future.Negative impact.

Zhang, who lost the moral bottom line, continued to break away for his own crimes, trying to escape legal sanctions.Words are full of sincerity, and they say that for the future of her children, what will her future be good?

Zhang eventually caught the weakness of his wife and used the child’s future as a reason. Wang Hong, who was annoyed, eventually forcibly suppressed his anger.After all, for the sake of a child, you can not want this husband, but you can’t ignore your child.

At this point, Wang Hong, who made a decision, took the initiative to go to Yunyun’s family to lobby, and wanted to persuade his mother He Caiqin to talk privately.Good future for your child.

Wang Hong was caught between her husband and the family members of the victims, and had to bear to swallow, and took the initiative to lower her head to come to the door to persuade He Caiqin. Wang Hong felt that her husband was not molesting his daughter. It should not be a big deal.It can be revealed.

But Wang Hong did not expect that when he arrived in He Caiqin’s house, the other party immediately changed his face after hearing that he was coming.

But because her husband took advantage of her daughter, why she was so ignorant, thinking that Wang Hong was also hot here, and Wang Hong, who was irritable, quarreled with He Caiqin on the spot.

She shouted loudly to He Caiqin:

This incident has already happened. My husband did do not do it. It took advantage of your daughter, but things have happened. We are also willing to give some compensation. After so long, you have to call the police.What evidence can prove that Zhang has done that kind of thing? We can directly deny it, and you can’t get evidence. We are willing to lose some money.Essence

Wang Hong, who was breathless on both sides, finally couldn’t hold his own anger, the temperament of splashing skin was exposed, and the despicable and arrogant attitude shivered He Caiqin’s body.

"Evidence is, the child in my daughter’s belly is evidence."

Wang Hong heard this sentence dumbfounded. She always thought that her husband should just touch the children, but she did not expect that the infringed girl was pregnant.Escape.

Wang Hong who returned home directly sprinkled the anger to Zhang’s head, and the two quarreled. Zhang did not expect that his original behavior would make the girl pregnant.The development is exactly the possibility of pregnancy.

At this point, their husband and wife have no possibility of quibbleing. After discussing the two, they decided to take out 300,000 as compensation. I hope to be private through this money.He Caiqin negotiated.

300,000, this is a large amount of money for He Caiqin. In the face of such a large amount of compensation, He Caiqin is a bit exciting. After all, he is a single mother.The life was very barren. Looking at the money, He Caiqin fell into thought.

He Caiqin was born in the early days of the country. At that time, the material conditions were very difficult, and their thoughts were relatively feudal. Women’s reading was useless, and girls had to marry them sooner or later to become other people’s families. This kind of thought was mainstream in society at that time.

Because of the influence of this trend of thought, during the school, He Caiqin was seen by a local wealthy family because of his beautiful appearance, so he dropped out of school early and entered the marriage.Because the husband’s family was generous, she was in a wealthy day in the early marriage, but she was driven out of the house.

Her husband’s family has a deep -rooted and lightest male and female thought, so after Yunyun was born, the mother and child were unbelievable, and even their mother and child were kicked out of the house and let them die.After this, the mother and daughter began to be dependent on each other, and their living conditions have plummeted.

Because he dropped out of school early, He Caiqin had no director. After being kicked out of the house, He Caiqin, who took his daughter, could only make money to support himself and his daughter through his hands., I have to take my daughter to live in a tight environment in the city. Most of the people living here are entering the city to fight workers. The environment here can be described as mixed with fish and dragons.

After the family, in order to maintain the livelihood, He Caiqin could only last day and earn that a meager salary to subsidize the family.Because of this, He Caiqin had almost no time to accompany his daughter. Even when his daughter was sick, He Caiqin could only leave Yunyun after sending Yunyun to the clinic and hurriedly left.He Caiqin, who had worked hard all day, couldn’t take care of Yunyun at all, which caused Yunyun to be violated in the clinic.

The huge fluctuation of the quality of life made He Caiqin very eager for money, but when he saw the young face of the daughter next to him, He Caiqin decisively rejected the other party’s intention, and once again rushed out the person, and then chose to call the police directly.

After the police involved in the investigation, the DNA of the embryo in Yunyun’s body was highly consistent with Zhang’s genetic information. So far, Zhang Mou’s criminal facts of sexual assault girls were confirmed and Zhang quickly arrested Zhang.After trials of the local court, Zhang was executed for two years due to the invasion of the young daughter to violate the young girl. At this time, the 11 -year -old women’s assault case was announced.

The work content of medical workers is closely related to the safety of the people’s lives. Exquisite medical skills, excellent medical ethics is the basic literacy of a qualified medical worker.

However, it is not all sacred angels under white clothes. Among these righteous teams who save wounds, there are also some people with corruption of medical ethics.

In this case, Yunyun’s mother did not be confused under the temptation of money. Instead, she chose to directly alarm. This behavior not only preside over Yunyun, but also indirectly cleared the risks for the surrounding minor girls.

To prevent this tragedy and avoid illegal infringement of minors, it is necessary to strengthen the law of general law. If unfortunately, unfortunately, we can hold weapons to maintain their legitimate rights and interests, so that the light of the rule of law can illuminate every corner of the rule of law in order to build it to buildA good social environment to protect the healthy growth of minors.

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