The 10 -year -old Tu Doo Dang security team has a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, and the company responds

Recently, a company in Guangdong paid a salary of 3,000 yuan a monthly salary, which attracted attention.

This dog is called "Great Beauty" and is currently in a factory in Dongguan, Guangdong.The picture shows that in the salary bar in February 2023, the "big beauty" position was the security captain, with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan.Because of running, bullying cats and murderers, it was deducted for 1,800 yuan, with a real salary of 1,200 yuan, and a company’s financial stamp.

Salary bar in February.Web image.

On May 23, the staff of the company told media reporters that the monthly salary of "big beauty" was 3,000 yuan, and the money would be issued to the breeder, and some people would supervise it.As for why she was deducted 1800 yuan, she didn’t know.She said that because the factory is making pets, the employees in the factory like great beauty."There are other cats and dogs in the factory, they have no salary, only big beauty."

On the 24th, media reporters contacted the current breeder of "Big Beauty", and he said that many people were taking care of it.Da Meili is in his ten -year -old, the variety is "Tusong", and the former owner was the uncle of the security guard for the company.Later, the uncle died, and the family members did not take it away. The company couldn’t bear it to wander, so they left it.

Usually, it is responsible for looking at home nursing homes and grabbing rats. "Sometimes it still acts as a model to help us try pet products."

Great beauty.Photo/Interviewee provided.

He said that the company did not directly send money to him, but stipulated that if its consumption is within 3,000 yuan, financial reimbursement monthly living expenses."The food in the factory is very good, we usually buy some toys and snacks for it."

As for the salary bar in February 2023, 1,800 yuan was deducted. He said that this was because the "big beauty" damaged the items and bit the cats raised by other factory, which led to the cat owner to come to the door to claim.

Usually, people in the factory are friendly to it."Once I was pregnant, a girl also cooked chicken soup specifically." After pregnancy, it gave birth to 5 puppies, one was taken away by colleagues, and the other four were in the factory.

Da Meili and puppy are together.Photo/Interviewee provided.

It is understood that the main business of Dongguan Bissen Sports Products Co., Ltd. is processing, production and sales, R & D, pet supplies, clothing bags and other goods.

From: Jiupai News

Source: Aurora News Northeast Network

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