The "post -90s" actress suddenly official Xuan Shengzi and live broadcasting the production process. Moms: Women are too difficult

The "post -90s" actress suddenly official Xuan Shengzi and live broadcasting the production process. Moms: Women are too difficult

The greatest term in the world is "mother"

Please love your mother, treat her well, cherish every day she is by your side


Speaking of female star Sun Yan, many people’s impression of her still stays in "White Deer Plain"

The pure and lively girl Bai Ling

However, just a few days ago, the "post -90s" female star suddenly announced that she was a mother!

Then she boldly disclosed her entire production process

It has attracted widespread attention on the Internet and resonance with many mothers

And understand the truth behind

Seeing Sun Yan as a mother, the hard work and twists and turns of the prenatal experience

As well as accidents and dangers in production

We also understand the reason why she is scared, joy, and the main reason for sharing to share

No other, just because she is a great "mother"

Let’s take a look at Sun Yan’s experience together

I also hope that all families, especially children and dads, will inspire!


For the mother

There is an old saying in China, called the mother,

People who have not experienced can really feel the same, so we often hear some people in life in life

I always like to stand and speak without back pain, say some wind and cool words

"Isn’t it just having a child?

"Just have a child, is it so difficult?"

The fact is difficult, many times mothers are lingering on the edge of life and death.

And Sun Yan is one of them

On January 7, 2022, that night, Sun Yan in the big belly suddenly felt that he was going to give birth.

So her husband drove her to the hospital immediately

The lively and lovely female star in the picture is pretending to be relaxed, and the tone is full of expectations and joy

Although her heart is already scared, I am nervous

Even when I mentioned that I had informed my uncle, it was obvious that I had burst into tears

But she was also worried that her performance would distract the husband who was driving, so she kept endless


And Sun Yan’s performance at this time also caused the feelings of many female netizens.

They have left messages, saying that they have similar experiences when they produce

Some people even leave a message saying

"Seeing you cry so, I think of my tension and fear that day, I am crying now"

"It’s so real, watch crying"

In this way, Sun Yan came to the hospital while following his husband

After entering the hospital, she was painful, and she was sweaty, and the pain on her face was obvious.

But she still supports it, keep smiling in the video

She is waiting for her child to come to this world safely

I endure the heartbreaking pain caused by the contraction again and again

Then take an oxytopcotic needle, continue to endure contractions, helplessly to be produced on the production bed, and welcome production

Everything seems to be smooth

However, uncomfortable, after experiencing a long torture and waiting

Sun Yan waited, but his postpartum bleeding

And her child was also notified by the crisis of illness

Video shooting follows the interruption


Deepest concern

Sun Yan, who can’t leave the country, is still awake at this time

In the video, her monologue sound is clearly entered into the ear, and the hearts of countless netizens have been poked.

She said she has no strength, she just wants to sleep now

But the doctor kept calling her, Sun Yan Sun Yan, don’t sleep now

She said she suddenly remembered many people, her family, her husband, and everyone who cared about her.

But what she is most concerned about is her child. She hasn’t seen him, did not hug him, did not kiss him

The most important thing is that the child is dangerous now, and she must get better to protect him

So she told herself to support it, to be strong, sober

Even at the moment when his life is dangerous, in the heart of "mother"

The most concerned is the safety of your child

As a mother, every sentence of Sun Yan seems to be said in my heart

Yeah, life is really tired sometimes

Moms will also be exhausted, when they are scared, when they want to give up

But when I think of my child, I still grit my teeth and insist on

Let’s fight again, for children

And the strong Sun Yan finally survived the danger

A few days later, she and her children were discharged safely in peace, and happiness and happiness were waiting for them ahead.


The most brave decision

For female stars, the image is very important

Most female stars do not like to show their embarrassing appearance to everyone

Not to mention the whole process of public production

In fact, even ordinary mothers are unwilling to make it public at this moment

And Sun Yan did

She is very square, without the slightest hiding

She shares the joy of love, the happiness of marriage, the excitement of pregnancy and the carefulness after pregnancy

In the end, she also shared the whole process of her child

Is this a good decision?I don’t know, but this must be the most brave decision

This is her decision that has made countless mothers understand

This is her decision, which has also made countless mothers bravely tell her nervousness and fear, and aggrieved with sadness.

At this time, she is no longer a woman with a halo obvious

And it is just an ordinary and deep -loving mother

In the world, the most moving thing is that I know what you have experienced

Because I have experienced the same


Life and death

Some people say: Every pair of mother and child is the friendship of life and death

Indeed, production is a process between life and death. During the danger and horror, it is no less than an explosion, a earthquake, and a tsunami.

All surviving mothers are "lucky" selected by fate

There are many mothers in the documentary "Shengmen"

In the process of production, they can be said to be a life of nine deaths

Among them, 33 -year -old Xia Jinju was hemorrhagic after giving birth to 3 tires, and the heart stopped beating twice.

And such stories, in the obstetrics, are staged almost every day

Some people have divided the pain level, and the pain of childbirth directly belongs to the 12th level pain.

However, for a woman, to be a mother

Not only the danger and torture in the production process, but also countless sacrifices and pains after giving birth.

Some mothers vomit the whole pregnancy, and can only be hospitalized in infusion

Some mothers even have shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and major bleeding before childbirth.

There are also some mothers, maybe all the way are peaceful all the way

But they seem to grow old at once, and their bodies have suffered from various diseases.

Some people even have a white head overnight

After giving birth to a child, there are endless layers of problems

Some mothers have suffered from ugly gynecological diseases from now on

Hemorrhoids, leakage of urine is even more common

Diseases such as back pain, back pain, eye pain, etc. are not a few

People always say that the child is a piece of meat dropped from his mother

But it’s actually so simple

The real fact is that having a child will almost want a woman for half a life

The same mental injuries that moms encountered during pregnancy and childhood are equally equally unavoidable.

Some husbands are derailed, some of the in -laws are abused, and some of them are in depression.

No wonder some people say

"To destroy a woman, just marry her home. If you want to completely destroy her, give her a child again"

We have to admit that mom is undoubtedly the greatest and most selfless in this world.

If you are a father, please love your wife well

If you are a child, please treat your mother well

mutual encouragement

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