Teach you to get rid of the taste during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers will have a variety of early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy. The odor of the oral cavity is one of them. Next, understand the inconvenience brought by our lives, trouble, and pay more attention to the oral hygiene during pregnancy. This will help eliminate eliminationThe odor in the oral cavity also avoids many diseases, which can cause the taste of the taste.

1. Next, there is a editor, how to eliminate the odor of the mouth.Wash the tongue coating, when the mouth appears strange.After the pregnant mother should brush her teeth, they can clean the tongue coating by the way, and completely clean the food left on the tongue.This can help eliminate the taste of the inner cavity, and can restore it. The correct feeling of the tongue taste buds of the taste can increase the taste of pregnant mothers.

2. Specific mothers can often drink water and rinse their mouths during pregnancy. They can also help some fire drinks to drink tea, juice, etc. In order to remove the odor in the mouth, we must remember that oral hygiene before and after diet.

3. In order to take care of the tastes of pregnant mothers, change and hobby sweets, sour, bitter foods, can be used in measure during pregnancy, but you should avoid eating spicy food to avoid causing the stomach to be unable to load.

(1) Brush your teeth

Bleeding gum bleeding is also a common symptom of pregnancy, because the increase in estrogen and progesterone in pregnant mothers during pregnancy expand the capillaries of the gums, resulting in weakening their curved elasticity, resulting in blood flow stasis and increased vascular wall permeability.This symptom is also called gingivitis during pregnancy. This phenomenon is generally endocrine changes in the body after pregnancy, and changes have occurred. This situation can be cured after childbirth. Keeping oral cleaning is a reduction in the probability of periodontitis in pregnant mothers.If the pregnant mothers are not clean or the teeth are not arranged neatly, this will also cause the symptoms to worsen. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can increase when they eat every day and eat fruit.The number of brushing times is important to cleaning the teeth. During pregnancy, although you brush your teeth every day, if you do n’t master the method of brushing your teeth, it is best to use a soft brush brush to your teeth, brush your teeth in the teeth, and remove the food residue as much as possible.The toothbrush is moderate to avoid stabbing the gums. If the pregnant mothers do not grasp the above methods, they will not be able to remove the oral odor, there is no way to clean the teeth, and if the teeth have adhered to the tooth stones, it is difficult to clean it through the brushing to the teeth.Clean, if you have oral problems or oral diseases, you should go to the dental department to do a comprehensive cleaning in time.It is not necessary to cause unnecessary bad breath.

(2) Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy is conducive to the normal development of the fetus, because various physiological activities in the body are inseparable from the participation of water. Drinking water for pregnant mothers will accelerate the circulation of blood vessels.The corners of each organs are also beneficial to the fetus in the abdomen. Drinking water can not only quench thirst, and drink plenty of water can also help pregnant mothers to remove bad breath and odor. It can also regulate the body temperature of the human body., Drinking water has strong biological activity. It benefits for promoting cell metabolism, energy conversion, and allowing our blood circulation and maintaining electrolyte balance. Drinking water can increase the blood of the blood, the hemoglobin content, that is, increase the human body, the increase in the human bodyImmune function, that is, the problem, for the body’s antiviral ability.Drinking some mineral water and trace elements during pregnancy during pregnancy. The content is the most suitable for the body. Drinking water is not only the need for the human body.The effect of drinking water in the hot summer can relieve the mood, help the brain to maintain vitality, and keep the brain firmly remembering new information. It can also improve immunity. Drinking more water can improve immunity. The vitality of the system can promote the body of the body.The health of the organ.

(3) Eat less food with heavy flavors

Many pregnant mothers have become a series of physical changes after pregnancy because of a series of changes in their bodies after pregnancy. After pregnancy, many women will find a series of physical changes, especially pregnant mothers.In the early pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone increased.A series of changes have taken place with the digestive system. Usually pregnant women like to eat sour or heavy flavors, because the digestive system changes are insufficient gastric acid in the body, causing the pregnant women to reflect the food that wants to eat sour taste.There are also some natural reactions of compensation. There are also some pregnant women who especially like spicy or salty after pregnancy.Especially pregnant women use sauerkraut., But sauerkraut can only be used occasionally. Pregnant women must remember to eat as little or not picky sauerkraut or vinegar products as little as possible.Artificially pickled sauerkraut and vinegar products, although there is a certain sour taste, this kind of acidic food, vitamins, protein minerals, sugar and other vitamins are almost lost.Moreover, the content of carcinogenic substances in pickled sauerkrauts is high. Excessive use is not good for the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses in the abdomen. It will also cause normal development of the fetus in the abdomen.You can eat a little sauerkraut during the whole pregnancy, but you ca n’t be too much, and you ca n’t eat frequently. Eating too much has a great impact on your baby ’s health. If pregnant women do n’t have special love, try not to eat sauerkraut.

(4) Regular dental examination

Pregnant mothers are very necessary to check their teeth before pregnancy, because the comfort of pregnant mothers and the safety considerations of teeth therapy should be avoided as much as possible to avoid dental treatment in the early and last stages of pregnancy. Of course, in the middle of pregnancySome tooth treatment can be performed to avoid cavities and periodontitis in the mouth. In the later period, severe lesions have adversely affect the health of pregnant mothers and baby in the belly.If the pregnant mother is merged with oral goods, the teeth may also cause a taste of taste. After investigation, 1/4 or 1/3 pregnant mothers will have the problem of teeth in the second trimester, mainly due to the estrogen during pregnancy.The effect of the effect, pregnant mothers often have the phenomenon of puffiness, bleeding or loose teeth.Of course, the gum bleeding, inflammation and other symptoms of pregnant mothers and a small amount of meals can also easily cause periodontitis or dental caries.These bacteria that exist in the surface of the teeth and the gums, this bacteria will release some bad smells, cause some bad breath, and after being stuck between the gap between the teeth or the food around the tongue, it will also cause some bad badnessThe smell of smelling, many women do not like to look at their teeth during pregnancy, and the situation is becoming more and more serious.During pregnancy, oral diseases are developing rapidly. Pregnancy should go to the hospital to check oral health. Pregnant mothers should be treated early and early treatment. If pregnant mothers suffer from a certain oral disease, complicated oral treatment should be performed. This time is pregnancy in pregnancy.It is the best in the middle of 4 to 7 months. During this time, I hope that the mother’s status is relatively stable and more suitable for treatment.

As a special group after pregnancy, women have become very unstable in oral problems during pregnancy.It will cause a certain harm to the baby during pregnancy, so it is very important for pregnant mothers to protect their teeth during pregnancy.During pregnancy, you can also do dental health at home. We can perform some dental exercises during pregnancy. The toothing movement is a common tooth health method, and the upper and lower teeth collide with each other.Gently bite can enhance the solidity of the teeth.The pregnant mothers of the whole pregnancy do not have to eat heavy taste diet, pay attention to the light diet on weekdays. There are many foods in daily life that contain fiber, such as celery, which can increase the chewing time, and enhance the chewing ability of the teeth. Strong teeth.In life, balanced intake of fruits, fish, meat, eggs and other foods, supply, supply, the nutrients required for the development of fetal teeth in the abdomen, helping the babies in the abdomen, and reducing the common periodontitis during pregnant womenThe incidence of gingivitis.Let the mouthwash rinse during pregnancy, because the pregnant mothers may eat a lot of foods in the day, so pregnant mothers can use mouthwash after meals to clean the mouth in time to avoid reducing the long time for food residue to stay in the mouth.Rinse the mouth of mouthwash can reduce the chance of tooth decay.

Thank you for watching, thank you for sharing your pregnancy with you. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry during pregnancy. Xiaobian helps pregnant mothers to do a good job of dental protection during pregnancy, which is importance to teeth.Let every pregnant woman worry -free during pregnancy!

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