Teach you how to relieve your chest tightness and shortness of breath during pregnancy

From pregnancy to childbirth, many expectant mothers will have the phenomenon of chest tightness and shortness of breath. They always feel tired and can’t breathe. After a few steps, they are panting, and they can’t breathe at night.How can we solve or alleviate this situation?

To solve the chest tightness during pregnancy, first understand the chest tightness

When we have never been pregnant to the end of pregnancy, the whole stage will change from hair to the skin, heart, blood system, kidney and liver function, and other organs.

When I was not pregnant, the heart was used for us alone. When I was pregnant, the heart had to be exported to two people, so I was not very suitable at first, and it was particularly prone to some chest tightness.This situation generally adapts slowly and improves!


If you grow too fast, it will be difficult to want to have no chest tightness. If you think about it, even if you are not pregnant and take the same path, fat people are more likely to breathe, because he needs to consume more, and the same during pregnancy is the same.And as the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, he will reach the lungs, especially in the late pregnancy.

So if you want to relieve, you need to pay attention to the following points!

1. Control weight

If you grow too fast, it will be difficult to want to have no chest tightness!

2. Don’t always nest

Don’t watch your mobile phone and TV on the sofa on the bed every day.Originally, the fetus was pushed to the lungs. If you are still nest, your chest will overwhelm your diaphragm muscle.The space of the chest cavity and abdominal cavity becomes smaller, and chest tightness will become more obvious.

3. exercise

① Sit on a small ball and stand upright to create more space for the abdomen!

② On the basis of just now, stretch your hands and add more space to the lungs!

③ Stretch exercise, open your arms on both sides and retract your chest.Inhale expand the chest cavity, exhale back!

④ The most important movement to prevent shortness of gas -abdominal breathing

Inhale and expand the lungs slowly to the abdomen;

Harbin qi closes the abdomen.

During pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment immediately!

Respiratory is severe and accompanied by abdominal pain;

I feel uncomfortable when I take a deep breath;

Breathing rapidly, or fast heartbeat;

Lips and nails are purple;

Suddenly developing dyspnea or accompanied by chest pain and cough;

Difficult to breathe during sitting, or dyspnea at night, coughing blood;

Finally, I remind everyone not to get too much weight during pregnancy.Slim this is good for you and the fetus.Coupled with reasonable exercise, it will improve the difficulty of breathing during pregnancy!

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