Teach you a scientific contraceptive method

The ancients were "eclipse also", and sex is a sensitive and inevitable topic, and sexual behavior is facing the possibility of pregnancy.Chinese sex education is hard to say. When a child was a child, parents closed their mouths. When they were high school, the biological teacher’s concealment was covered.Disposal is not reliable sexual knowledge.In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the age of young people’s initial behavior is advanced, and the age of marriage and childbirth has increased the number of adolescents to increase pregnancy.The movie is scattered, the night is embarrassing, the love is each other, and the water is across … and then the menstruation is delayed. Go to the hospital to check HCG positive -pregnancy!Some people often say that I have taken contraceptive measures.Driven at all.my country’s statistical statistics reached tens of millions of human abortion each year. Whether it is negative pressure attraction or drug abortion, it will damage women’s own protective barriers, damage the endometrium, and cause potential harm to reproductive systems and their functions. One of the causes of high incidence of pregnancy.Therefore, sexual life and health must be taken into account, and it is the king to do a good job of contraception. Today, let’s talk about the choice and advantages and disadvantages of common contraceptive methods.

Methods not reliable contraception

In vitro exclusion method: There are still many people who use it, the failure rate is too high and affects normal functions. It is not recommended.I can’t get in, and I may also be pregnant. The semen can enter the body through the hymen and fertilize and pregnancy.There are also some male comrades who feel that the condom will affect the feeling, and think that no sperm will not get pregnant without entering the vagina, but there will be a small amount of sperm discharge due to the contraction of the vascular tube before ejaculation, and it will always be prepared for interruption.obstacle.In addition, the poor experience at the time had a poor experience, which would affect the pleasure.

Safe Term Turu: High failure rate, not recommended.Generally, the ovulation period is 14 days before the next menstruation comes, because the luteal stage is relatively fixed for 14 days, and the surrogacy rate of four or five days before the ovulation date is high. Except for this 10 days, it is a safe period.In fact, the safety period is not safe. Sometimes follicle development is not synchronized with the endometrium cycle, and ovulation may be ovulated at any day, so the safety stage contraception is not reliable.

Optional contraceptive method

Contraceptive: not only contraception, but also to avoid sexual transmission of diseases. Therefore, it is also called condoms. As long as it is used correctly, safety is high.The main points of use are "use the whole process", that is, we can wear it before contact, and then withdraw immediately after the incident; in addition, choose the appropriate size, and the one who bravely faces the reality is that the trumpet should be selected.The front -end seminal vesicles exhaust; the movements are slightly soft during exercise to avoid falling off or damaging.

Contraceptive pills, differentiated emergency contraceptives and short -acting oral contraceptives

Emergency contraceptive pills: After the non -protected sexual life, 72 h in the interpretation of Zuo Noboopurine, rice non -felone, or 120 h intraperic acetic acid Ulis, may not be effective, there are many side effects, it is not recommended for conventional use, but it can be recommended, but it can be recommended, but it canAs a contraceptive or accidental remedy measure.Some pharmaceutical factories have been sold in the hottest, and each pharmacy is also sold. The effective rate of emergency contraceptives is about 85%. Common side effects include nausea, headache, breast pain, etc. The general symptoms are mild and no treatment is required.About 70%of women’s next menstruation will come within 7 days after the medication. Some people will have a small amount of bleeding after taking the medicine. If the next menstruation exceeds the expected 1 week, it is not yet trendy, and pregnancy needs to be excluded.

Short -acting oral contraceptives: Contains low -dose estrogen and progesterone. It is currently a wider and high -efficiency contraceptive method in the world. The contraceptive effect is good. It is recommended to use it.After taking the medicine, the body is in a "fake pregnancy" state. It can achieve contraceptive effects by inhibiting ovulation, changing the internal shape and function of the uterine endometrium.Some people talk about the change of contraceptive pills, thinking that contraceptives will hurt the body and increase weight. On the contrary, short -acting oral contraceptives can in addition to alleviating dysmenorrhea, adjusting menstrual cycle, and improving acne, which can also reduce the incidence of various cancers.Two large samples published by the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal and Jama have many years of follow -up scientific research results that oral short -acting contraceptives can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer. At the same time, no new cancer risk is not prompted.Now the latest fourth -generation oral contraceptive pills (You Siyue and You Siming) contain new types of progesterone alcohol ketones, which can reduce androgen activity and remove acne. It also has a certain effect of anti -salt cortex hormone, which will not cause weight gain.You can get pregnant in the second month after stopping the drug.You Siyue has a total of 28 days a day for one cycle, and the next cycle starts on the 29th day; You Siming has a total of 21 days a day, and the next cycle is started for 7 days.

After 7 days of taking the medicine in the first cycle, it will have contraceptive effects

Shang Ring: It has the advantages of good contraceptive effects, easy use, small side effects, and economy.There are two main types: one is currently using the most widely used copper -containing contraceptive ring; the other is the in -uterine contraceptive system, that is, the Manyue music ring, which slowly releases progesterone in the uterine cavity to form a high concentration of progesterone environment.It produces a strong inhibitory effect, and the efficacy is 5 years; there are many other benefits, which can effectively treat dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, more menstruation, and uterine hemorrhage and other diseases.plan.Common complications include ring pregnancy (rare), shedding, abnormal bleeding, pain and increased vaginal secretions.

Babies with rings abroad, holding a birthplace for a swing for shooting

Sub -buried planting: The contraceptive effect is good, but it needs to be placed. Generally, the buried parts are 1/3 on the left forearm.The subcutaneous buried planting can relieve pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis; the main side effects are abnormal bleeding, and the initial manifestations are irregular bleeding. In the later period, a few can occur in a small number of menstruation. A small number of women may have weight gain or headaches.The validity period is 3, 4, and 5 years according to the types of validity. There are fewer uses, and there are not many hospitals that are buried.

The above is a commonly used contraceptive method, and there are vaginal septum and cervical hats. There are no related products in my country; there are also external kill agents, male contraceptives, progesterone contraceptives, etc.; Lice and ligation of the vascular tube; in short, there are various methods of contraception, different methods of different methods, refusing unreliable methods, adopting reasonable contraception methods, and consulting in the hospital for consultation if necessary.Behind the flow of people is the irresponsible parties and women who are injured in physical and mental injuries. It is the common responsibility of both sides while enjoying life while enjoying life.


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