Tang Yixin: Breast milk Mother Love

During this time, I was chasing Tang Yixin’s new drama.

She plays a novice mother who has mastitis,

Even though her temperature did not drop 38 degrees, half of the bottle of milk was blood, her mother -in -law and mother still insisted on breastfeeding her baby.

I feel suffocated for her across the screen,

The reason why I was impressed by this clip was because her painful expression reminds me of my friend Abong,

She also had mild depression because of breastfeeding.


When A Tong was in confinement, I went to visit her,

Prior to this, I imagined that she should be shrouded in the soft light filter of the first mother, and it was joy and peace.

However, A Tong was visible to the naked eye. At that time, she was experiencing a painful course called "blocking milk".

Her original soft chest was as hard as two stones, and her nipples were absorbed by the baby. Each bite was painful to grit her teeth.

I have not experienced fertility, and I can’t imagine her pain,

Isn’t breastfeeding the instinct of women?Is there any pain in the pain?

A Tong can only laugh bitter,

"Giveting a child is a level 10 pain, and breastfeeding is level 11."

For A Tong, breastfeeding is not an instinct.

After she really became a mother, she knew that breastfeeding was not just to simply let the child hold the nipples.

Instead, it contains a series of knowledge skills, such as how to maintain a comfortable breastfeeding posture, how to make the baby correct milk, how to judge that the baby is full …

After becoming a mother, she realized that many mothers’ breastfeeding experiences were not as intimate and beautiful as expected.

It turns out that after breastfeeding, the nipples will break the skin, bleed, and purulent;

It turns out that the newborn babies have to feed milk every 3 hours. Being a mother without consciousness;

It turns out that many mothers finish breastfeeding, and their breasts will be pulled to my belly …

Many experts and public health institutions will tell their mothers that breast milk is more nutritious than milk powder. Baby must be fed with pure breast milk within 6 months. It is best to feed to 2 years old.

But these words have never been about the mother itself.


"Why not feed milk powder for your baby?"

As a child who grew up eating milk powder early, I raised this question.

A Tong leaned on the bedside and explained the reason for me.

For example, the nutritional value of breast milk, for example, our generation of trust in milk powder collapses,

More importantly, after giving birth, everyone around me feels,

Breast milk is equivalent to maternal love.

A Tong saw my face, and told me a story.

At that time, she was still in the hospital and met her sister sister in the same ward.

My sister finally had the breasts, but she had no milk. The child cried in her arms, and the family members on the side were also anxious.

Maybe the child’s crying is gone. A Tong heard the aunt next to him whispered,

"Bai is two big, no milk."

My sister said nothing, but just cared for the baby.

A Tong sounds like it is not a taste, and as a mother, she can imagine how much grievances are when she gets her sister.

Until the same thing happened again on A Tong, A Tong realized that her sister’s silence at the time was not because of grievances, but helplessness and blame.

Where is the child uncomfortable, she will subconsciously reflect on what she eats and what she drinks to make the milk problem.

As soon as the child cried, she had to expose her breasts and let her body become a public space.

lose weight?The child is still eating milk, and she cannot lose weight, so everyone will blame her too selfish, with herself.

It seems that as long as the mission of fertility is completed, women’s body will be inevitable.

She is no longer herself, but XXX’s mother.


After discharge, A Tong’s complete sleep was officially announced.

She was used to this process, feeding, coaxing, sucking, insomnia, and then slowly waiting for the first rays of morning light.

Fortunately, the child’s father is very reliable. He will change the diapers for his baby. He will tears when he is in pain. In the eyes of relatives and friends, he is a qualified husband and father.

A Tong knew that he had done a good job, but every night when he got up alone, she would still feel lonely.

If it is a feeding powder, you can also take turns to take turns to take care of your baby, but breastfeeding can only be provided by the mother.

As a result, breastfeeding made the night and coax sleep becoming a mother alone.

Such a lonely experience, accompanied by A Tong’s pregnancy and childbirth, like a fertilized egg,

Every day and night, she ate her energy and happiness.

She looks like an island called "Mother",

The partner around, I don’t understand why she is hysterical because of a trivial matter,

The close friends who are also women, do not understand why she can be in public, so naturally revealing her body,

I think of what Rachel said in the book "Become a Mother",

Pregnancy and child not only distinguish between men and women, but also women and women.

After pregnancy, a woman’s understanding of the meaning of existence has undergone tremendous changes.When the child is around, she can’t do herself; she can’t do herself when the child is not.

Every member of the human beings will go through the extremely difficult process from birth to independence.

And this process must be requisitioned for a woman’s life.

At the end

I remembered that after quarreling with my mother, she sent me a lot of words,

There is a sentence in it, I always remember,

"Even if you have grown up now, I am still learning how to be a mother."

This sentence successfully provoked me, and also overturned me that she would always love me and understand me like a Superman.

Women are not born to mother,

She will make mistakes, she will not know what to do, she will be patient, she will regret it, she will repeat self -blame.

She also needs to learn how to become a mother in each fetal movement, every sentence, every hug, and every hug.

On the issue of breeding and breastfeeding, I think what she lacks is not a praise like "mother is a superman".

It is the common paid parenting leave of parents,

Baby breastfeeding room with sufficient public places,

Seeing, understanding, and support from the family and partners,

And, control the freedom of your body.

Special thanks

Every mother

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