Take more rest, different rooms, early construction, about 9 weeks of pregnancy, 7 precautions!

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Recently, many netizens privately consulted various problems in the early pregnancy, low progesterone, double HCG, fetal stop, threatened abortion, pregnancy vomiting, etc., and they are indeed a common problem.The most frequent stage of inspection is before 8 weeks of pregnancy, so what else do you need to do about 9 weeks of pregnancy?What are the precautions for this gestational week? Today, the Beijing mothers discussed with expectant mothers.

Generally, when you are pregnant, you will have a blood test, check the progesterone and HCG, and may check it two or three times in a row to see the double situation of HCG.

When you are about 7 weeks of pregnancy, you will be a B -ultrasound. At this time, most fetuses can see the fetal buds and fetal hearts, which is "beating the fetal heart tube" displayed on the B -ultrasound.

PS: When you see the fetal baby with fetal heart buds, HCG doubles, generally there is no need to check it. You can wait for 12 weeks to do the production inspection.

But if there is bleeding or brown secretions, if you are large or uneasy, go to a doctor.

1. Avoid having a lot of rest

About 9 weeks of pregnancy, you can see that after you can see the fetal heart buds, it is best not to take it lightly, or take as much rest as possible. After all, the embryo is not very stable, and you still need to pay more attention.

2. Avoid the same room

This also needs to pay special attention. After all, early pregnancy embryos are not stable, and accidents may occur in the same room. We must avoid the same room.

3. Relax and ensure sleep

Although you can see the fetal heart buds, many expectant mothers will still worry and nervous, especially the early pregnancy response is not obvious. The expectant mothers who have stopped fetal stop before, unclear what the fetus is or worry about the fetal stop again, and will be nervous and will be nervous.Anxiety, in fact, as long as the embryo is high quality, don’t worry too much, just relax and raise it.

Some expectant mothers will be worried about anxiety and affect sleep. If you think so, expectant mothers are good, relax, rest, and ensure sufficient sleep. In this way, the conditions for all aspects of the baby are good, and the baby can develop better.Essence

4. The diet is light and diverse

Generally, about 9 weeks of pregnancy, it is a peak period for early pregnancy reactions. The response of nausea and vomiting may increase significantly. Therefore, the diet should be light and easy to digest, but it is also as diverse as possible to ensure the balanced supply of nutrition.In order to prevent fetal ketone acid poisoning.

5. Moderate exercise

In the early stages of pregnancy, if there is no brown secretion or mental state, it is okay. You can take a walk every day and breathe fresh air, but it is best to accompany your family to avoid going out by yourself.OK

However, if brown discharge appears, it is best to walk less and stay in bed as much as possible; or if you have a bad mental state, dizziness and nausea, then pay more attention to rest and reduce going out.

6. Construction file

The establishment of files after pregnancy is a very important project. Different areas and different hospitals have different time.

Many hospitals in Beijing most of them need to be built 9 weeks ago, otherwise it will not be built; therefore, which hospital is determined to check and give birth to babies after pregnancy, to consult the time for the establishment of the file in advance, and the archives to build files in advance, and the establishment of the files, and the establishment of the file.What materials are needed, prepare in advance, and build files on time.

7. Reservations for 12 -week production inspection items

After the file was established, some of the 12 -week production inspection items may need to make an appointment in advance. For example, when NT examinations, it is best to ask the relevant population of the hospital when the file is also built. Those who can make an appointment should make an appointment in advance. It is very simple to go to the check -up during the appointment time.It’s right.

Don’t have no files. By 12 weeks, you have to go directly to the production inspection, because you have to build a file, because you can’t make an appointment in advance, you can’t do it.

Jingma said: The above points are the precautions of about 9 weeks of pregnancy, hoping to help expectant mothers in the early pregnancy.What are the problems of early pregnancy and the early pregnancy.

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