Take a look at those dreams I have done, come and see if there is the same model

I wonder if you have dreamed of dreaming, what have you dreamed of?Let me talk about my dream.

When I was a kid, I often dreamed that a big snake chased myself, and I couldn’t run away.

Sometimes I dreamed of a road, but no matter how I walked, I couldn’t go.I can’t see light.

Sometimes I dream of walking in the maze, and I can’t find exit.

Sometimes I dreamed of a lot of floods …

Sometimes there are sun.

Sometimes you dream of monsters.

When I was a child, I have been circulating a dream for a long time. Every time I dreamed that I was chased by a very familiar old man when I went to cut the firewood, I was chased by the river every time.She won’t chase it.But in my dream, I never knew that she had died, and I thought of it after waking up.

I dreamed of dark paint every night. I walked on the road alone, and suddenly a child in pink clothes hugged my thigh.Looking like one year old, I just talked and kept calling my mother. My mother took me home. I said that I am not your mother. She said that you are my mother and take me home.I took off her hand and threw her away, and she desperately grabbed my clothes corner and didn’t let go.She also shouted in her mouth and said that my mother, I am my mother.Later, I saw that there was no one around, and she was still dark. I was afraid that she had any danger, so she brought her home.She was so happy.It didn’t take long for this dream to be pregnant.Give a daughter.

I had a dream two days ago. I dreamed that a sister who had played from childhood to big came to me and said that she would take me to play, and then I followed her and didn’t ask where to go.When I went to a three -bar intersection, I walked to the other road and didn’t follow her.After a while, maybe she saw that I didn’t leave with her and looked back at me again. I hid and didn’t want to go with her.At this time, a person came out, dragged me back, and dragged me back.Although I grew up with her in the same year, I grew up together, went to school together, and went to bed together.After I did n’t go to school, I became home for many years.The reality was that she had left due to illness in the past two years.Think about it after waking up, what would happen if I really went with her?

Another time is even more terrible. During that time, I was not very good. I always felt tired and had no energy.I had a dream that night.Dreaming that there was a black and one white, the two people were going to pull me away when I saw me. I refused, they tied me with an iron chain. I yelled, "Who are you? I don’t know youWhy do you want to go with you! "Then I struggled desperately and finally fled them.After I woke up, I thought it was black and white!horrible!But it ’s strange to say that since I escaped, the whole person has been mentally and no longer sick.

No matter whether you believe it or not, sometimes it is really spiritual, and sometimes it is really nonsense.

Welcome to leave a message to talk about your dreams.

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