Take a bath during pregnancy and try to avoid these 4 major thunder areas, otherwise it may endanger mother and child health

In the third trimester of pregnancy, there may be various changes in the body of pregnant women. Many pregnant women find that they have a difficult taste on their bodies. For example, milk and sweaty taste are unbearable, so they always take a bath for personal hygiene.In fact, bathing has many benefits to the mother and child, but you must pay attention to the following points in the process of bathing, otherwise it may be very harmful to the health of the fetus.

1. Try to use shower as much as possible

Some pregnant mothers like to take baths while taking a bath. They think that this is more comfortable and efficient. In fact, it is best to use shower.Because the pregnant woman’s own resistance will decrease after pregnancy, if the bath water in the basin bath is likely to flow into the vagina, causing bacterial infections and bringing various adverseness to the mother and child’s health.Pay attention to the anti -slip measures when washing the shower.

2. Time must not be too long

Many women may keep scrubbing when they take a bath, and even have to be washed for an hour to be satisfied.In fact, the taste may be very large after pregnancy, so you should scrub it carefully when taking a bath, but for pregnant women, because it is in a special period, you must pay attention to stay within 15 minutes. If the time is too long, it is likely that it is possible to be too long.Dizziness and hypoxic discomfort occur.

3. After dinner or empty stomach, take a bath

Many pregnant women like to take a shower after eating, so that they can lie in bed and watch various TV series.In fact, it is very bad to take a bath after eating. It is not only unfavorable to normal digestion, but it is also likely that fainting is likely to occur, and it is more dangerous.And it is best not to take a shower on an empty stomach, because you may have various discomforts in the empty stomach, and even a bath.

4. Prevent abdominal force

For pregnant women, when taking a bath, you may always have to rub it hard, especially when you look at the very dirty belly button, and always want to clean it.In fact, pregnant women must pay attention not to work too much during bathing, prevent the shower head from rushing to their belly, and do not directly pick up the navel eyes to prevent adverseness to the fetal development.

Summary: During pregnancy, you may be mixed with a variety of unpleasant odors. At this time, you can take a regular bath, but you must pay attention to the above matters when bathing, so as to ensure that it is safe enough.

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