Symptoms of five weeks of pregnancy, baby form, and diet recommendation, full of dry goods!

Fetal Baby Development

At this time, the baby’s baby is still embryonic, and the embryo cells are very fast, and the "three embryo" gradually forms. Each layer of cells will form different organs of the body.During this period, the basic tissue of the nervous system and circulatory system began to differentiate first.The baby’s brain formed a brain hemisphere and increased rapidly, and the initial brain sac was formed.Heart beating began to appear.At this time, the small embryo is about 0.6 cm long, the size is like an apple seed, and the appearance is very similar to a "small hippocampus".

During the change of expectant mothers

Most expectant mothers still have no symptoms, and their weight and size have not changed.The uterine texture becomes soft and the size has not changed.For prospective mothers, menopause may be the first signal for the fetus.If you have a menstrual rule in the past, menstruation is now discontinued, it is a typical symptom of pregnancy.

Mommoma must know

1. Protect the embryo, stay away from the rays: In the first two pregnancy months, the baby in the body cannot be called a fetus, but can only be called embryo or fetal buds.The embryo period is a period of differentiation and development of the human body. Many factors that cause malformations are very active. Most people’s congenital malformations occur in the embryo period. In the 4-5 weeks, the heart and vascular system are the most sensitive and most vulnerable to damage.During this stage, it is forbidden to contact X -ray and other rays.

2. Early pregnancy reactions: Many expectant mothers will feel nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite from this month.The large increase in HCG is one of the reasons, and there is also a saying that the baby is that the baby is reminding her mother to be pregnant to protect her.In addition, there are dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, easy fatigue, anxiety, etc. These early pregnancy reactions generally disappear from about 12 to 14 weeks, and a few expectant mothers will continue the entire pregnancy period.

3. Supplement folic acid to prevent fetal nerve tube defect: In the 5th week, the foundation of the baby’s nervous system and circulation system began to differentiate, so it is especially important to supplement folic acid during this period.Lack of folic acid in early pregnancy will affect the development of the fetal nervous system, leading to nerve tube malformations such as spinal bales or brainless children.At the same time, the prospective mother’s red blood cells will cause disorders, leading to anemia in giant red blood cells.

Special attention this week: prospective mother who loves to lose her temper

Once the pregnancy is determined, the prospective mother is often very excited and happy, full of happiness for the future.But after a while, the temperament of expectant mothers often changes.It was originally lively and cheerful, and became depressed; originally gentle and quiet, became anxious and restless; those who were very active and became melancholy and lazy.Moreover, many expectant mothers often live in the liver due to small things in life.Why is this?

In fact, there are two physiological and psychological reasons.

In terms of physiological, the cerebral cortex function is temporarily disordered after pregnancy, excitement and suppression of imbalance, and weakening self -control; the increase in estrogen during pregnancy affects emotions; pregnancy reactions, constipation, etc. cause expectant mothers to discomfort.Psychologically, the situation of expectant mothers is more complicated.During the physical and mental changes, various problems often emerge.For example, is baby healthy?What should I do if I get sick during pregnancy?Will your career development be affected after pregnancy?Who will bring the baby after birth?What should I do if the baby is too high after birth?

Therefore, the expectant mothers are particularly picky due to emotional influence, some of them are irritable, and some are sad.At this time, the family of expectant mothers, especially the prospective dad, should be more considerate and understand the expectant mother, and give the expectant mother more comfort and care.


Copy response from early pregnancy -light and easy to digest food

This week, some expectant mothers have begun to have loss of appetite, sourness, and hate greasy. Don’t worry. These are the changes that have caused the body to adapt to the baby.

You can eat some foods that are easy to digest and light, especially in accordance with your own taste, and avoid excessive greasy and irritating foods.Eat more milk and dairy products, you can add enough calcium; eat more foods such as coarse grains, sweet potatoes, etc., which can increase blood sugar and reduce ketone body; fish is rich in nutrition, delicious, easy to digest, especially suitable for early pregnancy.edible.When the early morning pregnancy response is serious every morning, eat some easy -to -digest foods such as roasted bread, steamed buns, porridge, soy milk, etc., drink plenty of water, and insist on eating to ensure the nutritional needs of early pregnancy.

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