Symptoms during pregnancy: When will edema occur during pregnancy?

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By the third trimester, many pregnant women will find that their legs seem to have become thicker, and the shoes that have been closed before can not be worn. What is going on?

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women are prone to fat body but rarely get fat. When the shoes cannot be worn, they may be edema in the body.

When will edema appear more?

Under normal circumstances, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, due to the increasing uterine compression of the lower cavity veins, the blood flow is blocked, and the pregnant woman will gradually experience physiological edema.In addition, endocrine levels during pregnancy have changed, and the increase in estrogen hormones will cause water sodium to stay and cause edema.

Physiological edema during pregnancy is more common in pregnant women with sedentary, pre -pregnancy obesity, and high -salt diet.Physiological edema is common during pregnancy, and pregnant women can be relieved after rest.

What needs to be alert is pathological edema. If the edema appears too early (early pregnancy), you need to be alert to the pathological edema and seek medical treatment in time.

The manifestation of edema during pregnancy

After the edema during pregnancy, pregnant women feel that the calves, ankles, and foot are swollen and uncomfortable, and the swelling parts are pressed by hand, and the skin will be sunken and will not rebound immediately.

It is important to note that some pathological factors can also cause edema during pregnancy, such as pregnancy hypertension, pregnancy and kidney disease.Pregnant women need to make corresponding judgments in combination with their own situation.

How to distinguish physiological and pathological edema?

Pathological edema generally occurs early, mostly occurs in the early pregnancy, and the degree is more serious. The parts of the spread of edema are relatively wide, which can affect the facial facial.

If edema is accompanied by low back pain, kidney area pain, or urine output changes, such as miniuria (urine output <400ml/day), no urine (urine output <100ml/day), etc., you need to be alert to whether there is a urinary system disease.In addition, if the weight increases too fast (1500g a week can increase) per week, you need to be alert to whether the pathological edema occurs.

Pathological edema occurs, you need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner and treat them early.

What are the relieving measures for physiological edema?

1. Change position

Standing or sedentary for a long time will increase the poor blood circulation of the lower limbs. Therefore, pay attention to changing the position from time to time to rest.

At the same time, avoid supine when lying flat, and try to take the left side position as much as possible to avoid increasing uterine compressive blood vessels to alleviate edema.

2. Wear comfortable clothing

Pregnant women try not to wear too tight clothing and try to focus on comfort.Pregnant women who need to stand for a long time or sit for a long time can choose dedicated socks and pants to reduce edema.In addition, comfortable shoes are also essential.

3. Reasonable diet

Pregnant women should consume enough high -quality protein daily, including meat, eggs, milk, and soy products. On the one hand, they ensure the growth needs of the fetus, and on the other hand, they can also reduce edema due to physiological blood dilution.

In addition, pregnant women should try to avoid excessive salty foods, especially pickles, to prevent water sodium sodium retention and aggravate edema.When edema occurs, pregnant women should still drink water appropriately, about 1500ml per day to maintain normal physiological metabolism.

4. Moderate exercise

Appropriate walks can accelerate the blood circulation of the lower limbs and reduce edema.In addition, pregnant women yoga, swimming, etc. are more suitable for exercise during pregnancy.


Physiological edema is common during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers need not worry too much.In addition, as long as the pregnant mother cooperates with the doctor’s examination and discover abnormalities in time, the pathological edema is nowhere to hide.

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