Swell leg during pregnancy?Dr. Fatal Blood Thomat reminds pregnant mothers: more activities, eat less salt

Many pregnant mothers will find "thicker legs" after pregnancy. In fact, the swelling of the lower limbs is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, but there is a kind of leg swelling during pregnancy but dangerous -deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lower limbs.life.

The 30 -year -old second -born mother Linlin (a pseudonym) encountered deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs at 13 weeks of pregnancy. She had to perform interventional treatment and surgery.The risks of radiation and contrast agents used by traditional intervention technology can eventually bring the risk of radiation, and finally the mother’s fetal fetus is safe and the pregnancy continues.

Yang Chengyu, director of the vascular surgery of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, has a minimally invasive thrombosis treatment for patients with color Doppler ultrasound guidance and ultrasound assistance for patients with ultrasound assistance.

In 13 weeks of pregnancy, swelling of the calf swelling second child pregnant mother encountered deep venous thrombosis

The quasi -second -child mother Linlin is 30 years old. Two weeks ago, she suddenly found that she had edema and pain in the left lower limb. She thought it was a normal reaction during pregnancy, but after a few days of rest, the swelling of the left lower limb was not obviously relieved.Essence

Lin Lin felt that the situation was wrong and went to the nearby hospital for treatment. As a result, she took a deep breath: the color Doppler reminder was formed by deep venous thrombosis of the left lower limb.Linlin was immediately hospitalized in the hospital for conservative treatment such as anticoagulation and swelling, but her lower limb swelling has not significantly improved.In order to further treat blood emboli, Linlin accompanied the family members of the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University with her family.

Yang Chengyu, director of the vascular surgery of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, introduced that combined with the inspection of admission, considering Linlin diagnosis as a deep vein thrombosis (mixed type) of the left lower limb deep vein (mixed), which accumulated the iliac vein and femoral vein, etc.The risk of loosening caused a high risk of severe pulmonary embolism, threatening the safety of mothers and fetuses.

"During the special period of pregnancy, blood is in a high -coordinated state, and thrombosis is prone to occur. Sudden swelling, pain or cramps in the lower limbs, tenderness in the thrombus parts. These are common symptoms of lower limb thrombosis during pregnancy." Yang Chengyu introduced.

Radiation and contrast agents are harmful to traditional intervention.

In my country, the incidence of pregnancy and deep venous thrombosis has continued to rise, while standard, full, and sufficient anticoagulation is a basic treatment formed by pregnancy with deep venous thrombosis, which can avoid thrombosis and spread.

However, patients like Linlin’s extensive deep venous thrombosis like Linlin can simply anticoagulation cannot effectively dissolve blood thrombus and achieve the effect of rehabilitation of blood vessels. In particular, under high -risk factors such as pregnancy, it is necessary to consider involvement in minimally invasive surgery to remove thrombosis.

"Do surgery? Will it affect the baby in my stomach?" Lin Lin was a little hesitant to hear surgery.Linlin’s concerns are not difficult to understand, because the formation of deeply deep veins of the traditional lower limbs is usually placed in Anjiojet mechanical catheter to remove thrombosis under the guidance of X -ray in the intervention room.The fetus is exposed to radiation for a certain time, which may cause abnormal or even miscarriage in the fetal development in the early stage, and the iodine -made agent will affect the patient’s renal function, and may induce some patients with allergic reactions.

How to help patients get rid of the distress of deep venous thrombosis, but also ensure that they do not affect the normal development of the fetus, and completely eliminate the patient’s concerns?Yang Chengyu’s vascular surgery team of the Third Hospital of Guangyi decided to use "new moves" for Lin Lin: the treatment of minimally invasive thrombosis of deep venous thrombosis of the left lower limbs under the ultrasound assistance of the color Doppler ultrasound.

Under the guidance of color Doppler ultrasound, mechanical clearing deep vein thrombosis mother fetus is safe

In recent years, with the advancement of minimally invasive therapy technology and equipment innovation in vascular surgery in vascular surgery, ultrasonic guidance intervention in minimally invasive treatment has been routinely used in diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity venous thrombosis.

After fully communicating with the patients and family members and preparing preoperative preparation, the team of chief physician Yang Chengyu successfully implemented a minimally invasive thrombosis treatment of deep left lower limb thrombosis under the ultrasound assistance of color Doppler ultrasound and ultrasound assistance in the blood vessels.

During the operation, the doctor accurately set the thrombosis site and operation under the guidance of the in vitro ultrasound. At the same time, the ultrasonic auxiliary doctor in the vascular internal vascular auxiliary doctors dynamically detect changes in the capacity of the thrombosis. Finally, the thrombus in Linlin was effectively cleared.

The surgery is very smooth, and the amount of bleeding is about 50ml.After surgery, Linlin’s life signs were stable, and the swelling of her left leg was significantly reduced.Review the fetal color Doppler ultrasound reminder that the fetal development is normal, which is in line with the performance of the gestational week. Deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs can be seen significantly.The degree of extent can continue pregnancy.

One week after surgery, Linlin returned well and was discharged smoothly.In the future, Linlin still needs to conduct regular anticoagulant treatment and wearing elastic socks during pregnancy, and regularly follow -up to follow -up.

Doctors remind: During the pregnancy, the state of "easy -boring" is expected mothers to move more and eat less salt

Yang Chengyu reminded that the formation element of venous thrombosis is blood stagnation, vascular injury and high coagulation state.The high -coordination state and uterus of pregnant women have gradually increased the decrease in compression of backloping veins and downward activity. The risk of venous thrombosis is 4 to 5 times that of ordinary people.

In order to prevent the occurrence of venous thrombosis, Director Yang reminded her mother:

1. Pay attention to rest, avoid tiredness, avoid sedentary, long stand;

2. Appropriate activities, you can do some relatively gentle exercises according to the situation during pregnancy, such as walking, yoga, pregnant women’s exercises, etc.;

3. You can choose to raise your lower limbs by 15-30 degrees during sleep;

4. Control the intake of salt;

5. Wear appropriate medical elastic socks under the guidance of a specialist;

6. If you find that your lower limbs are swollen and painful, you should go to the vascular surgery in time.

Yang Chengyu introduced that this special technology of the Third Hospital of Guangyi requires the surgeon not only has a high level and rich experience in interventional technology, but also requires doctors to familiarize with the ability to read pictures and thrombosis. The two are indispensable.

"At present, our hospital’s vascular surgery team has matured mechanical thrombosis treatment for deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs, and the technical level has reached the level of domestic advanced level." According to reports, in recent years, the specialist advantage of the hospital in the diagnosis and treatment of the maternal maternity and blood vessels in the hospital hasThe surgeon team has successfully carried out more than 20 patients with this special technical treatment. All of them have achieved good therapeutic effects. No pregnancy caused by surgical treatment was not found during the follow -up.

At the same time, relying on the hospital of the Guangzhou Severe Pregnancy Maternal Maternal Capture Center, through the core role of the VTE prevention and control area during the perinatal period, the Guangzhou Medical Third Hospital has become the three comprehensive hospitals with the largest number of patients with deep venous thrombosis in the province.

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Wen correspondent Bai Tian

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