Surprising story: There are no sons in the past seven years. In the middle of the night, I did not intend to hear the two female ghosts who spoke, and immediately resting their wives.

During the Song Dynasty, Qiantang had a member of Hu, and Hu staff was loyal and kind, kind and kind. He paved the way for the villagers to make a bridge and often given the poor.

It is said that great good people such as Hu staff should be full of children and grandchildren, and the family is prosperous, but Hu Waiwai and his wife Tian’s marriage for seven years, but there is no son and a half daughter under his knees.In order to hold the child as soon as possible, the couple also tried a lot of bias, but Tian’s belly had not moved.

Hutou was unwilling to have no one inherited by the family, so he successively affected a few rooms, and those rooms had not been pregnant.

The hair was so worried about his sons -in -law. He saw that his wife and concubine could not get pregnant, and even suspected that the problem appeared on himself. He secretly looked at the doctor, but after the doctor diagnosed the pulse, he said that his body did not have no body.In any problem, why is his wife and concubine not pregnant?

For this matter, the Hu staff was frowning all day, and it was difficult to sleep and food.It wasn’t until the middle of the night that the Hu worked out of the toilet and had no intention of hearing the dialogue between the two female ghosts.

That day and night, Hu lying was lying on the bed, turning over and overwhelming.In the middle of the night, Hu Wu suddenly felt a while, and he got up to go to the toilet. Unexpectedly, when he walked to the yard, he saw two female ghosts in a blue dress sitting under the eaves and talking.His wife Tian’s wife, Tian’s.

At that time, the Hu staff stood outside the dark. The two women had never seen her. The Hu staff stood outside and wondered the two female ghosts to speak. Therefore, they learned that they had no son for seven years, which turned out to be caused by his wife.

Hu staff learned from the dialogue of the two female ghosts that he had been doing good for many years, and his family should have been prosperous and his children were in groups.However, in the past few years, Tian’s habit of gambling money, and she still raised three or four lover outside, so the money in her hand was not enough.

In order to make more money, Tian’s monthly money was not only packed, but also the money of the subordinates in the government, but also put the money for the money. In order to make a debt, he did not dare to let the Hu people know that he had been hiding him.Because Tian did too much bad things, she endured her children and grandchildren, and she was not pregnant.

As for the rooms outside the Hu staff, their stomachs did not move, because when they first entered the door, Tian’s intimidation and seduce, forcing them to drink a large bowl of red flowers.Tian’s unwilling to let those children in life threatened their status, and then made the ruthless hands that made those rooms unable to get pregnant for a lifetime.

One of the female ghosts sighed: "Hugan did so many kinds of good things, but because such a vicious woman has no children, it is pitiful!"

The two female ghosts lamented for a while, and they did not become a green smoke disappearing until the day was bright.Hu staff stood in place. He thought of what the female ghost said in his mind, but felt extremely shocked. His wife always had gentle and dignified in front of him. She really betrayed herself and did so many evil things?

After dawn, Hu Wai arranged people to secretly investigate what Tian’s did. As a result, he found that Tian’s really raised a lover outside, and he also put the printed Qian to death.After learning about the truth, Hu Wu was angry, so he took the evidence to question Tian’s. Tian’s unable to confess in front of the evidence. He could only kneel on the ground and begged Hu to forgive him.

Naturally, Hu Wu would not forgive a ruthless woman like Tian’s. He immediately wrote a rest of Tian’s rest, decisively resting Tian’s, and sent Tian’s and those evidence to the government.Tian’s was sentenced to exile. Because of the suffering of the exile, she died of illness on the road of exile, and finally was retributed.

After the Hu Shi was retired, he sent the rooms to Zhuangzi for support, and arranged for the maid’s mother -in -law to serve them.

One year later, Hu Hui married a new wife. After less than three months of passing the door, her wife was pregnant. She gave birth to three sons. She saw that there was someone who succeeded in her successor and couldn’t get together.He lived a happy and stable life.

In order to thank the two female ghosts, Hu Wu invited Taoist priests to surpass them, so he never had strange things in his family.

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