Sun Yan was rumored to be Huai Longfeng, and the studio’s humorous response: I have been pregnant for five years

There are rumors that Sun Yan has been pregnant with his third child and is a pair of dragons and phoenixes. Many netizens still believe in such rumors, but now Sun Yan has a very cute son.There is also a very lively daughter. The family of four can be said to be very happy. Deng Chao and Sun Yan often exposed their daily interaction with the children on their social Weibo.

It can be seen that the two children are very lively and cute, and their parents are also very educational. Many netizens are very envious of this family.It is undeniable that Deng Chao and Sun Yan must be a model family in the entertainment industry. After this news is passed, many netizens have questioned. Recently, on a short video website, he verified Sun Yan’s studio. ThenSun Yan’s studio personally responded that the fake would not be fake, and said that this rumor has been passed on for five years, and it has begun since 2017.

The studio’s humorous response also rejected such rumors on the other hand. Many netizens have said that the emotional intelligence in Sun Yan’s studio is really too high, but Sun Yan as a woman with a high position in the entertainment industry as a very high position in the entertainment industry is quite high in the entertainment industry.Actors, almost the box office of a TV series and the ratings of ratings. In the past two years when she gave birth to children and children, there were no classic works to meet us.

This period of time returned to the entertainment industry again. In 2020, she brought us the TV series "An Home". In 2021, she brought us the TV series "The Ideal City" as one year. The ratings are quite good.In addition, the "Zhen Huan Biography" that has been filmed a long time ago can be regarded as a very classic and difficult costume TV series.Netizens’ love.

What I have to admit is that Sun Yan is indeed very powerful in the aspect of the gas field. The TV series that appeared in such a high -coffee character can indeed drive the atmosphere of the entire TV series.The TV series and movie awards have been won. In the past two years, they mainly focus on the reputation of the TV series. The marriage with Deng Chao has also won the favor of many netizens in the entertainment industry.

And this time her new drama "Ideal City" is offline, but everyone is still very deeply impressed by her. During this time, Sun Yan was also photographed several times to go to school to pick up her son and daughter from school, and return to return to school, and return to return to the back.As a mother who appeared as a mother, she also seemed very attractive, and she often showed each other with Deng Chao on Weibo, and also made many netizens say that it really ate a mouth secretly ate a mouthful.Dog food!

However, a family member of a family of four, a family member like a daughter should also be regarded as everyone’s dream. The studio also said that if Sun Yan is pregnant, he will tell you the first time. For this news, how can you do?What about it?

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