Sugar Mom’s Journey of Sugar Control | When "pregnancy" encounters "injections"

With the increasing incidence of diabetes, the screening diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) has been widely valued, and patients with gestational merging diabetes have continued to increase.Some special expectant mothers are inevitably put on a "sugar hat" even if they control the sugar in the food accurately, and insulin must be used when the living intervention control is not good.When "pregnancy" encounters "medication", expectant mothers will inevitably "master bells."Don’t worry too much, Li Fang, the Department of Production, summarizes the misunderstanding of insulin use during pregnancy.【Maternal and Child Health Popularization】

Question: "Nurses, all said that playing insulin will be addicted, can’t be hit or not, will it affect the fetus?"

I secretly tell you: insulin will not pass through the placenta, that is to say, the insulin injected under the skin will not enter the fetus through the placenta.It means that even a large amount of insulin will not hurt the fetus, so you can use insulin to protect your baby with confidence.

If you need to apply insulin, this just means that your body is not sensitive to your own insulin and requires exogenous insulin to help you adjust blood sugar levels.Under normal physiological conditions, in the middle and late pregnancy, the increase in insulin -like substances in pregnant women, which has reduced the sensitivity of pregnant women to insulin with the increase of gestational weeks.In order to maintain normal sugar metabolic level, the amount of insulin demand must increase accordingly. For pregnant women with limited or obesity of insulin delivery, or insulin resistance before pregnancy, exogenous insulin is needed to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.Intersection

Question: "Nurse, insulin injection is too painful, can you take it orally?"

Insulin is currently not taken orally.Insulin is protein. After orally, the destruction of gastric acid will cause insulin to lose its curative effect and not regulate blood sugar.The pain caused by insulin injection makes many patients scare.In fact, insulin injection pins are very small, and there is almost no pain when injection.Moreover, there is a layer of coating on the insulin injection needle, which can play a lubricating role, making the needle easier to pierce the skin.

Question: "How long does it take to replace the insulin pen needle?

All types of insulin injection needles should be used at one time. They must be changed one by one and one needle, and they cannot be reused!On the one hand, the residual medicinal solution in the needle affects the accuracy of the injection dose on the one hand, and on the other hand, the medicinal solution is easy to form a block to block the needle, hindering the next injection.The more repeated use of the needle, the easier the needle is bending, which causes the subcutaneous fat to hyperplasia. Even some needle with poor mass will break, and it will be left on the skin surface. It is very troublesome to deal with it.

Question: "Cotton swab disinfection needle is cleaner?"

This is the wrong concept.The cotton swab disinfection needle will be residial to the cotton wool that can not be seen. During the injection, the skin will be pierced into the skin. The injection process will cause infection with the cotton wool left on the insulin needle.Question: The needle size is only long?

The injection target is to transport insulin safely and reliably to the subcutaneous tissue to ensure that there is no leakage and no discomfort. The length of the needle needs to be individually selected. Considering the patient’s body shape, type of insulin, and physiological characteristics.

Under normal circumstances, our epidermal thickness is about 2mm, no more than 3mm.Therefore, in theory, as long as the length of the needle can pass through the epidermis to enter the skin, it is recommended to choose a 4mm needle.

Question: "Nurse, can I get an injection in the same part for a long time?"

Repeated injection of insulin in the same part can cause subcutaneous fat hyperplasia in this area, resulting in hard constraints, resulting in a decrease in the absorption rate of the drug, prolonged absorption time, and then led to blood sugar fluctuations.

The next three months of pregnancy should be avoided in the cord.Generally speaking, pregnant mothers who can choose abdominal injection in the early pregnancy (3 months of pregnancy), and the pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy choose to be injected from the outer position of the abdomen of the fetal skin.Only in the abdomen injection.If the pregnant mother has concerns about abdominal injection in the middle and late pregnancy, you can choose the thigh, upper arm or hip as the injection position.When the upper arm must be injected, it is recommended to use an ultra -fine and short pen needle (5 mm) or by the medical staff and the family to assist the injection.If there is a risk of cesarean section surgery in the late pregnancy, it is recommended to pin the skin in the stomach.

Question: Immediately after the injection, unplug the needle.

Because the needle of the insulin pen is relatively thin, the time required for the in -body to injected the body is relatively long, and the absorption rate is slower as the injection dose increases. Therefore, the needle stay for at least 10 seconds when the injection is recommended.

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