Still staying up late to play mobile phones during pregnancy?I didn’t discuss the injury, and there are these taboos

The woman after pregnancy not only changes in the diet, but also the constitution is different from the past.But no matter how uncomfortable it is, no matter how dangerous it is, you will face it yourself. Looking down at the baby who grows up in the belly day, I believe that every mother is painful and happy. They will believe that everything is paid.worth it.

The reason why I want to tell you this is to tell modern female friends that after we are pregnant, any wrong lifestyle and habit may hurt the fetus in the abdomen.Try to change your bad habits, for your own health, it is also for the fetus in our belly to be born safely and develop smoothly.

Dor is a typical post -90s mother. Don’t look at him, he is not old, he is small and exquisite, but the boss is four years old, and at this moment his belly is pregnant with a second child.

Two weeks ago, Dabao caught a cold and diarrhea, and he took care of the big belly day and night.Dabao’s illness was better, but he calmed down but found that the second treasure in his stomach had problems.

The little guy originally loved it, but I was not working warmly at the moment.Duer was still worried, so he went to the doctor for a check.The answer is that he stayed too late, and the doctor suggested that he don’t look at the phone at night.Duer explained that he didn’t look at his mobile phone, but the boss was sick and he couldn’t sleep well at night.We brought for more examples to tell the expectant mothers that pregnant women often stay up late at night and do not sleep. What harm would they have to fetch?

Harm 1. Fetal development is slow.

Pregnant women who stay up late for a long time will release a substance called prolactin in their bodies. It has a strong effect on progesterone and estrogen. Its excessive secretion will directly lead to sufficient blood supply to the placenta.EssenceThe development of a fetus is naturally inseparable from the nutrition and blood and oxygen of the placenta supply.When the placenta cannot supply sufficient blood of the fetus, since the fetal development is slow and dysplasia.

Harm 2. Pregnant women’s immunity decrease

With often staying up late, pregnant women will not only be malnourished, but also lose blood.This is the main reason for the decline in physical immunity.Therefore, I don’t want to be able to get epidemic easily. It is recommended that pregnant mothers go to bed early to avoid often staying up late.

Harm 3, the fetus is easy to cry.

Moms who stay up late during pregnancy will find that their children are particularly difficult to bring after their babies are born.This is also due to bad work and schedules.

Even if the baby is born smoothly and safely, they will become particularly energetic at night, and they will not be able to change their sleep rhythm for a while.But children are sleeping a lot after birth. They can only ensure the normal brain development through long -term sleep.

The poor life habits during pregnancy have caused their sleep quality to not be high, so they will cry because of their fatigue, but the mother can’t sleep. In this case, the mothers and babies are generally guilty.Therefore, smart mothers must develop good sleep habits during pregnancy, so as not to suffer from the baby and child after birth.

On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of children better, we can pay attention to me, and discuss those things on the childcare road with me.

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