Society of pregnancy is lazy, do not "blind diligence" for five types of housework, don’t wait for the fetal treasure to regret it

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People say that women are the princess of one day, a ten -month queen, a month of queen queen, and a lifetime of work.

It means that wearing a beautiful wedding dress on the day of marriage is the focus of everyone. This day is a well -deserved princess.

In October, she was to be the queen. The people in the family had to turn around her. The confinement was the queen queen, and her body was comfortable.

After confinement, you must handle housework and raise your child into a lifetime nanny.

But now many women are more diligent, and they are very diligent when making girls at home, so when they were pregnant in October, they were obviously going to be the queen, but they still worked hard to do various housework.

But I don’t know that the queen of 10 months will not be the queen. Doing all kinds of housework will hurt our fetal treasure.

1st type: gardening

Some mothers plant various flowers and plants in the home. There is nothing to do when I am pregnant, which is to play with all kinds of flowers and plants, but there may often be bowworms in the soil of flowers and plants. If the mother contacts the soil with her handsinsect.

And when playing with flowers, the mother may also bend down and move the flower pots. At this time, the waist force used may also cause the uterus to contract strongly. In the early pregnancy, it may cause abortion, and the fetus may cause premature birth.

If the mother feels more happy, pay attention to putting on the gloves before getting it, and do not bend over to move the flower pot.

The second type: the big family is hygienic

Many families will be hygienic before the New Year or the holidays. In addition to sweeping the floor and mopping the floor, they will also clean up some of the edges and corners in the home.Clean glass or something else.

Some Basal disinfection or disinfectants will also be used.

This big project is not recommended to participate in pregnant mothers.

There are three reasons:

① When it comes to moving heavy objects, the waist force will be used when moving heavy objects, which is easy to hurt the fetus.

② When cleaning, there are still many dust on the corner of the corner, and there will even be a lot of mites, which will hurt the mother’s skin, causing the mother’s skin allergies.

③ When rubbing the high glass or the ceiling, you need to step on a stool or other ladders. For mothers with big belly, your body balance is not easy. Such a movement is very dangerous.

Third type: buy food and cook

When you buy food, you usually go to the market. There are various raw and raw fish in the market. Many mothers in the early pregnancy will want to vomit.

In addition, when buying vegetables, you may buy some heavier rice oil. When you mention these heavy objects, you can also use the waist force, which may lead to premature birth.

Now every family has a range hood, but the range hood cannot suck the oil fume 100%, and the oil fume will stimulate the mother’s respiratory tract. In the early pregnancy, mothers will easily smell the smell of oil fume and vomit.It will stimulate the mother’s respiratory tract, which is not conducive to health.

4th type: washing dishes

If there is no dishwasher in the home, you should wash the dishes with your hands, and the meal you eat may be greasy, and you should use the detergent, and these detergent may enter the mother’s body through the capillary of the skin, and then thenEntering the placenta affects the health of the fetus.

It is recommended that if you want to wash the dishes when you are pregnant, you need to wear gloves, and you should wear gloves as much as possible when you wash your clothes.

5th type: shovel officer

Although we recommend that the mother do not raise cats and dogs during pregnancy, if the mother has raised cats and dogs before, and often takes to take a prevention needle, and often takes them to clean them, they can still be raised when they are pregnant.

However, the mother should be cautious during pregnancy, and the feces of pets may often have bow -shaped worms. It is recommended that the shovel officer’s work will be handed over to the prospective father.

In addition to the above 5 household chores during pregnancy, it is not recommended to do it, and it is also very particular about eating and drinking, and some of the usual beauty that I usually do.

Because some unknown behaviors that may be ignorant of the mother will hurt the baby.

Therefore, it is recommended that my mother buys a "40 -week pregnancy encyclopedia".40 weeks of pregnancy Encyclopedia ¥ 49 Buy

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