Small belly in early pregnancy?Perhaps it is caused by these 4 reasons.

During pregnancy, women are very important in their lives, and pregnant women will show different symptoms in each period after pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women have more symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. For women who are pregnant for the first time, because they do not understand these situations, they will be very nervous once they have abnormalities.In order to think about the health of pregnant women, it is necessary to learn more about pregnancy.Many pregnant women often feel flatulence after pregnancy, but they do not know why.

What is going on with a bloating in the early pregnancy?

1. Liech indicates that the digestive ability is poor, and most pregnant women will become the key protection target after pregnancy.The usual diet is dominated by physical nourishment, so it often causes flatulence due to too much food.Pregnant women do not need to deliberately avoid it, and the types of food eating are complicated, which will inevitably cause flatulence due to the increase in digestive burden.

2. With the development of the fetus, the uterus gradually increases to the stomach and stomach, hindering the digestive activities of the surrounding organs.Therefore, sometimes the stomach is affected, and it will feel flatulence, which is normal.Through research, it is found that pregnant women are most likely to have flatulence in the early days, because the stomach acid discharge ability is reduced, and the gastric acid content is high.

3. Pain and flatulence caused by fetal qi in the early pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy.Because the lutein changes after pregnancy, the gastrointestinal peristalsis ability is reduced, so it is very prone to flatulence.Under normal circumstances, changes in lutein can also affect the excretion function of pregnant women, prone to flatulence, and constipation. It is mainly the effect of hormones in the body. There is no need to worry too much.When the hormone secretion level in the body changes, the symptoms of flatulence will be relieved by itself.

4. The taste of the pregnant woman will change after pregnancy. She often eats a lot of gas -producing foods. After too much, they will not only have flatulence, but also have symptoms such as farting.Some changes in the body often lead to nausea, nausea and loss of appetite.This situation is caused by increased progesterone content. Under the action of progesterone, gastrointestinal peristalsis is reduced, and the secretion of gastric acid is not usually much, so it will occur.

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