Skin always feel itchy during pregnancy. If these three types, be vigilant!It may cause premature birth!

Specific mothers will encounter various conditions during pregnancy, constipation during pregnancy, hemorrhoids, gum pain … These problems all trouble the pregnant mothers.In addition, many mothers will cause itching in the skin during pregnancy. Some skin itching also makes expectant mothers restless.

Girlfriend Lulu has recently been troubled by itching of skin itching during pregnancy. She is wondering why she has always had good skin before pregnancy. But after pregnancy, why do you feel itchy skin?What has actually happened?

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, because of the changes in hormones and hormones in the body, the expectant mothers’ bodies will change various changes, the skin will become very sensitive, it is easy to feel itching, and even rash.Especially in dry winter, skin is prone to problems.

As long as it is not a pathological skin itching problem, you don’t have to worry too much about expectant mothers, you can use the following methods to relieve:

*Wearing cotton, loose clothes, chemical fiber clothes are prone to friction and static electricity, which stimulates the skin;

*Don’t be too hot in bathing water, do not use bath products;

*Usually do a good job of moisturizing, it is best to apply the dedicated moisturizing cream for pregnant women immediately after taking a shower.Especially in the dry winter, the steps of moisturizing are usually essential. Do not wait for the skin to dry the skin, and then think of using a moisturizing cream.

Sipped Mom Tips: Itchy skin related to pregnancy usually continues until postpartum.Many pregnant mothers will think that itchy skin will be fine for a while, but in fact it is not so simple!If the skin itching has affected the normal life of pregnant mothers, you must consult a doctor, otherwise it will be lost because itching affects the mood during pregnancy.

Although itching during pregnancy is generally no problem, if it is caused by the following reasons, itching of the skin must be treated in a timely manner.

*Tophytes during pregnancy during pregnancy

Symptoms: Generally, it feels itchy in the skin in the third trimester. When you are scattered during the day, you feel itchy and tolerate, but it feels particularly uncomfortable at night.This itching generally starts from the palm and foot, and even feel itchy on the face.Along with itching, there are often insomnia, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, etc. Some pregnant mothers also appear mild jaundice within a few days or weeks after itching.

Cause: This disease is a type of pregnancy combined with liver disease, and the specific cause is not clear.However, if it is accompanied by severe jaundice, abnormal liver function, and high bile acid rise, it is likely to cause premature birth and death, so pregnant mothers must be particularly careful.

Copy method: If it is found that it is a cholecotic stasis during pregnancy, the doctor will treat drug treatment on the premise of minimizing the adverse effects.In addition, prenatal custody is carried out every week, observing the fetal indicators, and the close fetal movement must be carried out regularly.If pregnant women have jaundice and fetal distress, they should consider termination of pregnancy and choose a cesarean section.

Many pregnant mothers are afraid that medication will affect the fetus during pregnancy. In fact, as long as they follow the doctor’s advice, there will be no problems, especially in the late pregnancy period, the effect of drugs on the fetus is relatively small, and the expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

In addition, there are two types of itching that need to be vigilant:

*Pregnancy -oriented mob: A very itchy rash or blisters appear in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, which belongs to autoimmune diseases.This itching can easily cause premature birth or fetal weight of the fetus, and be careful.

*Herpes -like pustules: There will be pustules on the skin of pregnant mothers, and fever and coldness may occur. When blood testing, it is found that blood calcium decreases, and it is also easy to cause premature birth and miscarriage.

If the pregnant mothers are itchy and affect the normal life, then don’t care about it. You must seek medical treatment in time to avoid accidents.

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