Six weeks of pregnancy, there is no fetal heart bud during pregnancy, what should I do?

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Xiao Ya and her husband have been married for more than a year, and I wanted a child long ago.No, Xiao Ya learned that she was pregnant, and told her husband as soon as possible. The little couple were very happy.Xiaoya was in her early thirties. This was the first child. She was nervous and excited. She was careful about walking every day, for fear of moving the fetal gas.

Maybe what was afraid of coming. When Xiao Ya was pregnant for more than forty days, when she went to the toilet, she suddenly found that she had brown blood on her underwear.But frightened Xiaoya, she hurried to go to the hospital to check with her husband.The doctor gave her progesterone and HCG, as well as a B -ultrasound examination.The results of the examination came out soon. The doctor said that Xiao Ya’s progesterone was low, and the B -ultrasound examination had no fetal heart.

Xiaoya suddenly stunned. The doctor comforted her without worrying. It may be that the fetus was too small and did not develop the fetal heart.Come to check after a week.Xiaoya was suffering this week. As soon as the agreed time, Xiao Ya hurried to the hospital.The doctor first asked Xiaoya to do a B -ultrasound. As soon as the test results came out, there was still no fetal heart, and Xiao Ya felt that her heart was cold.The doctor said that the embryo may stop developing, so that Xiaoya is ready to induce labor.What should I do if Xiaoya discussed with her husband?Husband said, maybe the child is still young, he goes slowly, let’s wait for him.The doctor said that this is also possible. After 60 days of pregnancy, if there is no fetal heart bud, and the indicators of pregnant women are also very low, they can be diagnosed as embryos.

Sixty days have arrived, and Xiao Ya and her husband walked into the hospital again. She was worried that the baby was afraid that the baby would not develop.After the results of the inspection came out, there were 9 weeks of pregnancy with fetal heart.Xiao Ya took the inspection report. The joyful tears flowed out, her husband saw the report, and her eyes became red.The young couple hurriedly took the report to find the doctor. The doctor said that everything was normal and could raise the fetus with peace of mind.

Xiaoya asked the doctor, why did he always have no fetal heart to be a B -ultrasound before?Doctors say that this situation is also common. There is no fetal heart. It may be that some pregnant women’s holiday cycles are unstable and cause the ovulation cycle to be unstable.There are also some because the fertilized eggs are late, which causes the fetal heart to appear late.Generally speaking, most fetuses can be seen at 8 weeks of pregnancy, and fetal heart buds can be seen, and the latest ones are 9 weeks of pregnancy.

If there is no fetal heart buds in more than 9 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo may stop developing.Of course, if you are diagnosed, you need to check the hormone level of pregnant women and merge judgments.There is the principle of survival of the fittest. If the fertilized eggs are not developed well, they will be eliminated by nature.

Solemnly talk to the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy that pregnant mothers who are less than 8 weeks pregnant, during the first pregnancy examination, do not have fetal heart buds when doing B time. Do not induce labor prematurely. It is best to wait for it.After 9 weeks of pregnancy, it is confirmed that there is no fetal heart buds, and then induction of labor.The pregnant mother after the induction of labor should be well maintained, and the next time will be successful.

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