Sisters. Control weight. Don’t think too much. Every mother has the opportunity to work hard. Add …

Don’t think too much after 37 weeks, hold your mouth and open your legs.

This mother was almost unloaded after 37 weeks. One of the most worried problems was that when she was born with a baby, she did not discuss with him or told him, or even giving her a chance to cut this piece.not like this.

Now everyone must know when the side cutting is cut.The side cut is when the baby’s head is about to come out, that is, you can see it in the early stage.The head is stuck in this place.At this time, if you do n’t give this strength, or the child ’s fetal heart has appeared, we may help you cut it.At this stage, it was not cut as soon as it came up.

Isn’t hard force in two stages?After you are full, you want to work hard.In the early stage, everyone was lying on the bed and separated their legs, and they couldn’t see anything underneath. How could you cut you?At this time you think, you can’t see it, you say that you cut it without any meaning, the baby can’t come out.So in the early stage, every mother has a chance to have a strong chance.Be sure to learn the right force.

As long as you are working hard, our baby is particularly good, and the children’s heads are drilled out. You can see that the human drill is so good.Why cut?If you have been working hard for two hours, at this time, there is no energy, right?Every time you work hard, the baby is not obvious. After a long time, the child will lose your fetal heart. At this time, you must get the baby out.

So for each mother, when you are working hard in the later period, as long as you control the weight in the early stage, try to raise a bowl of about 6 catties.Then the other is that you have to use your strength, that is, you have to use every time, save time, and go smoothly, right?This will not do side -cut.

In the later period, everyone must control the weight. Is the baby in 37 weeks more than 6 pounds?If you reach 41st, you think you don’t control this month, and your baby may really be more than a pound.So hold your mouth and open your legs, cold drinks, and ice cream.

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