She was pregnant, but dare not let him know …

EssenceIn June, after Jincheng entered the summer, the outdoor sun was hot, the weather was sweltering, and the crushed people couldn’t breathe.This day is an unforgettable day for Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao was sitting on a chair in the fourth floor lobby, and the people around were noisy. Many young mothers who came to check were all her motherly love.Today, she is also a member of the expectant mother’s team.

She took the checklist and watched it eight times before and after.Her good friend was postponed for a week. She didn’t rest assured that she didn’t come to half a month before she suddenly remembered something.

Now she is stunned.

Think of the night of May.Zhou Xiulin was drunk, and she sent him back to the hotel.

She didn’t dare to think about what happened later.Like a dream, but she knew it was not a dream.

She is really pregnant, not gastroenteritis.

But the child came too unexpectedly, this time she made a big disaster.

Jiang Xiao was pale with a face, holding the paper tightly.How to do it?Her graduation ceremony last week has just ended, and she has not moved out of the school.

Her eyes slowly filled with tears, and tears dropped one drop.

The aunt on the side handed a piece of paper to her, "Little girl, what about crying? How big can it be solved."

The hospital is a place in life, and there is kindness and kindness.

Jiang Xiao pulled her nose and poked by the words of her aunt to the hardest part of her heart. She could no longer hide it, and her tears became more and more.Jiang Xiao didn’t like crying, because he was crying, no one would care.It’s just that pregnancy is a big deal after all. She is independent, and she is messy for a while.

The aunt sighed, "What are the problems and talk with your family."

family?Where is her family?

Jiang Xiao took the paper towels and wiped tears, "Auntie, thank you. I’m okay." I only asked for a long time today, and she had to go back to work.

Jiang Xiao folded the medical examination order into a small piece in the dark grid in the bag.Looking at the expectant mothers who were coming around, she quietly touched her belly, and couldn’t believe that there was already a child in the flat little belly now.

She was well -behaved since she was a child, and she was a good girl in the eyes of her teacher.When people are the most panic, they think of the one they believe most.She took out her mobile phone and called Lin Wu, a friend far away in the north.Lin Wu is the same table of her high school, and now she is a junior in the Budman Department of Medicine.

The phone was connected quickly, "Jiang Xiao–"

"Lin Wu, I’m pregnant." Jiang Xiao pressed his voice, full of disturbance in his tone.

After Lin Wu’s short silence, he asked, "… Zhou Xiulin knows?"

"I do not know what to do?"

"Jiang Xiao, ask Zhou Xiulin to talk about it, after all, he is the child’s father. He will take half of his responsibility."

"But that’s an accident. If …"

"Don’t you plan to ask this child?"


"Don’t be afraid, go to Zhou Xiulin, tell him clearly, you discuss your children’s affairs."

Jiang Xiao heard someone talking to Lin Wu over there, "I know, you’re busy."

Lin Wu was hesitant for a moment, and he breathed a sigh of relief, "Jiang Xiao, it can always be solved anyway. Don’t be afraid. He is the person you like, you have to believe him."

Jiang Xiao understands this principle. As the person in charge of "Little Life", Zhou Xiulin must have half of the responsibility, but the question is how she should speak with Zhou Xiulin.Besides, Zhou Xiulin was not something she could see.

Jiang Xiao’s mood was very messy. Even if Lin Wu repeatedly emphasized that let her go to Zhou Xiulin to make it clear, she still has no courage.She can talk very well with anyone, except for Zhou Xiulin.

Zhou Xiulin is not someone else, but the person she likes since the age of sixteen.

Two drunk men and women are naturally together.

Without dawn, she left.

She didn’t know how to face Zhou Xiulin next.Or she is timid, she is afraid, afraid to face a bad side.

Fortunately, the next day, she received a business trip in other places.

Since then, neither she and him have seen again.

Zhou Xiulin is the owner of Huaxia Film and Television, and she is just a trainee employee, a small assistant.

Think about it now, maybe Zhou Xiulin doesn’t care about the accident that night.

The company’s beauty is like a cloud, and there are several front -line actresses who will not care about her at all.

Jiang Xiao returned to the company in a tangled tangle, watched the elevator door in front of him, and shouted quickly, "Wait-"

The elevator door slowly opened again.

She rushed in, raised her face slightly, and smiled at the corner of her mouth, "Thank you–" The last word stuck.

There is only one person in the elevator, with a straight posture, wearing a fitted suit, holding the tie, standing straight there, and the aura is enough to shake her cold.

Jiang Xiaoran was there, and her eyes couldn’t be opened. She had to hold her hair and shouted, "President Zhou."

Zhou Xiulin looked at her eyes, her eyes were clear and gentle, and those eyes had a classic beauty, which looked particularly beautiful, "Come back?"

Jiang Xiao wondered, what does he mean?Did he know that he was going on a business trip?She whispered softly, at this moment she had a thousand words blocked in her throat.

He asked: "How many floors?"

Jiang Xiao confused: "What?" Then she reacted, quickly raised her hand, and pressed the 17th floor.

"Thank you." She worked hard to support it, as if she was a stranger and him.

Zhou Xiulin’s eyes moved.

During this period, the elevator was magical.The atmosphere is quiet and embarrassing.

Jiang Xiao’s nervous back sweated a layer of sweat. She didn’t even dare to look at him, and her heart beating strenuously.

The elevator quickly reached the 17th floor.

Jiang Xiao didn’t dare to look at him, and lowered his head and said, "President Zhou, I got it first." A polite tone.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, she secretly pursed the corner of her lips, and knew how he could care about a little assistant.

"After get off work, come to my office."

Jiang Xiao looked up sharply, his eyes were on Zhou Xiulin’s eyes, and he was as calm as water. As the elevator door slowly closed, he also retracted his eyes.

She was set in place and has been moving for a long time.

Jiang Xiao reads J ’s major in junior junior, and junior year began internships. Under the introduction of friends, he came to Huaxia and began to be an internship assistant for the company’s little stars. In short, it was miscellaneous.Half a year ago, by chance, Zhao Xinran asked her to come to her as an assistant. Her location was a section.Zhao Xinran is a newcomer just signed by the company. Because of the online drama starring, a small popularity is a small fire.

Jiang Xiao followed Zhao Xinran for three months, and the running -in was not bad. In July, she was about to turn right.

Zhao Xinran sat in the room, rolled over the script in his hand, and also circled painting, because it was a newcomer just started, and he was very serious about his acting career.

Jiang Xiao put the coffee on her hand, "Sister, your coffee."

Zhao Xinran raised his eyelids, "How is your body?"

Jiang Xiao was frightened or "pretty good."

Zhao Xinran looked at her, for a few seconds, and looked straight at her without talking, "Jiang Xiao, why don’t you be an artist?" With Jiang Xiao’s appearance, she was a actress who made her debut.Small assistant assistant.

Jiang Xiao smiled, "My personality is not suitable."

"How is there any suitable or not? You think people in this circle are naturally suitable. If you want to leave, I can help you recommend it."

Jiang Xiao shook his head, his tone was firm, "Sister, thank you, but I am not here. I will not be a star in my life."

Zhao Xinran frowned, and turned around, "You and President Zhou know? Is General Zhou."

Jiang Xiao stunned and waved his hand again, "No. I don’t know him."

Zhao Xinran closed the script, "Okay, you go back early. Aren’t you going to move? I have nothing else in the past two days and give you two days off."

Jiang Xiao thought of this headache again. After graduating from the senior year, he left school. For those who just graduated, Jincheng’s house prices were not cheap. It was not easy to stay here alone.Fortunately, in the past few years, she has contained some money part -time to reach the rent of three months.

But where can she go back, isn’t the big boss going to see her?

Jiang Xiao stood at the door of the elevator and didn’t know if she should go in.What do you want to say when you meet?Will Zhou Xiulin give her a sum of money as they performed in the TV series and do nothing that night.

If he really gives her money, she should consider it carefully.

After half an hour, she finally went to the 28th floor with a hard head.

She came up for the first time, and there was something quiet in the floor.Finally, I saw Zhou Xiulin’s assistant, Jiang Tiezu, and she knew him.

Jiang Te helped to look at her, frowned, "Which floor are you? How did you come here?"

Jiang Xiao quickly explained, "I’m here to find President Zhou."

"Find Mr. Zhou? Is there any appointment? Which company are you from?"

"President Zhou asked me to come to him."

Jiang Teu seemed to think of something, "Jiang Xiao?"

"Yes! I am. How do you know me?"

Jiang Tei smiled, "President Zhou is in a meeting, you go to his office for a while."

"No, I’m waiting outside."

Jiang Te helped open the door, "Come in. No one inside."

Jiang Xiao was forced to go in.

Jiang Te helped look at the time, "I’m going to pick up people, you sit for a while."

Jiang Xiao entered the office at a loss.

The office is spacious and bright, simple decoration, and black and white wind.She walked to the bookcase aside, with neat books on it, from economics to film and television, which attracted her attention.

Jiang Xiaoqing couldn’t help watching.

There is a family portrait in the middle, and the people in the photo should be taken recently.Zhou’s father and Zhou mother stood in the middle, Zhou Xiulin and his sister stood on both sides.Mother Zhou is a beauty. Zhou Xiulin’s appearance is more like a mother, and his sister Monday Yan is more like Zhou Yan.

At this point of view, Zhou Xiulin is obviously better than Monday Yan. With such a brother, I wonder if it will be jealous on Monday Yan?

Jiang Xiao stomped his toes and wanted to see a little clear, but he heard that there was movement behind him, and someone came in.She was nervous and hit the bookcase with a bang.

In the quiet office, a sound was a bit abrupt, and Zhou Xiulin looked around.

Jiang Xiao turned quickly, stood there stiffly, panicked, "President Zhou-"

Zhou Xiulin turned back and the people behind him and said, "Press to do it at the first meeting, let’s go first."

He closed the door and walked to the desk step by step.

Jiang Xiao held his fist tightly and explained: "I just met Jiang Tiezu outside the door …"

Zhou Xiulin responded, "Look at the photo?"

Jiang Xiao nodded embarrassedly, "Sorry, I don’t want to see it intentionally."

"The photos are placed, everyone who comes in will see. What do you want to say?"

Jiang Xiao gritted his teeth, "Your family is very beautiful."

He smiled, "Thank you for the compliment."

Jiang Xiao was silent. She was not a person who was good at words, especially in the face of Zhou Xiulin, she didn’t know what to say. She was nervous, shy, and had ghosts in her heart, making her dare not open easily.

In fact, if she is familiar, she will find that she is a very cute girl.

Zhou Xiulin pursed the corner of his lips, "Jiang Xiao, let’s talk about it." He had a little meals, "About that night." Jiang Xiao dingled in place, and his tongue seemed to be knotted.

Zhou Xiulin started, and there seemed to be a breeze blowing slowly in the air.He walked on the side of the sand and sat down slowly, and said, "You come here." He smiled at her and smiled mildly.

Jiang Xiao’s brain was blank, as if he was bewildered, and walked straight.Just stopped at a distance from him, she looked at her toes.In the morning, she went to the hospital, and she wore a small white shoes I just bought a few days ago. At this moment, the small white shoes were stepped on several black marks.This pair of shoes spent her six or seven hundred or seven hundred, and the intern’s salary was not high. The shoes spent a quarter of her salary. Fortunately, she would turn right next month.She worn for the second time, and she was distressed.Yu Guang looked at him quietly. The pair of black leather shoes on his feet were clean, and he felt like he felt.

Zhou Xiulin twisted his lips slightly, "Are you nervous?"

Jiang Xiao took a sigh of breath and shook his head.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Jiang Xiao shook his head.

Zhou Xiulin made a moment, "sit down and speak." His tone was still consistent, not light.

Jiang Xiao took his palm with his strength and finally looked at his eyes."What are you going to talk about?"

She spoke slightly, her voice was slightly dumb, and her tail sound trembled.Isn’t she afraid of him?Zhou Xiu Lin Meixin moved slightly, patting the sofa, the meaning was obvious, Jiang Xiao sat down obediently.

He cleared his throat and finally spoke, "I was drunk that night."

Jiang Xiao’s embarrassing cheeks were hot, and she swallowed her throat subconsciously, "I–"

"Although I was drunk, I still consciously happened. Waking up in the morning, you are gone." This script completely exceeded his control range.

Jiang Xiao: "… That’s an accident."

Zhou Xiulin’s face was a little bit, "That night, the incident suddenly, I did not take measures."

Jiang Xiao gritted his teeth and returned subconsciously, "I took medicine."

Zhou Xiulin stunned for a short time, "Jiang Xiao, are you not going to find me -talk?"

"What is talking about?"

Zhou Xiulin was asked by her, and he looked at the eyes, light, as simple as cat eye stones.At this moment, she was so nervous and uneasy, and she was so calm.

"President Zhou, it was an accident that night, I-" She was a little anxious, "I didn’t want to ask you what to do with you."

"If I want to give it?"

"… you want to give me money?"

He smiled and said.

Jiang Xiao was in depression, and even suppressed anger.Although she was not good at arguing with others, she also had a temper.Who did he treat her.

"Jiang Xiao, I am 28 years old, single, you should know the work situation."

Jiang Xiao blinked suspiciously.

"My family is pretty simple. There is a sister who is six years younger than me. She is studying abroad. Her parents will accompany her. Recently, they will return to China."

Jiang Xiao’s belly, is the Zhou family that is quite simple, then the world is not complicated.

"What else do you want to know?"

Jiang Xiao alert: "What do I know?"

Zhou Xiulin was a little bit, "We can associate as a male and female friends."

In a word, a thousand waves are raised.

Jiang Xiao stood up sharply, "What are you joking?"

Zhou Xiulin raised his eyebrows, "You are 22 years old and are about to graduate from college. The difference between you and me is six years old. I think this should not be a problem."

Jiang Xiao pointed to himself, "Do you know who I am?"

Zhou Xiu Lin’s head, "You are Jiang Xiao, Jiang Ziya’s ginger, at dawn, 22 years old, J University Media Department. High school graduated from Jincheng No. 1 Middle School." Speaking of his elementary school girl.

"You investigate me?"

Zhou Xiulin did not explain, "What do you think of that night, that’s it?"

Jiang Xiao’s brain turned quickly, "President Zhou, what do you want to do?"

"I need a girlfriend. I am next month, my mother returns from abroad."

Jiang Xiao understands, "Do you let me preferably take your girlfriend?"

Zhou Xiulin did not reply to her, and the corner of her mouth was shallow.

Jiang Xiao’s face became white, just looking straight at him.The curtain of the office was not fully opened, and a few beams of light came in, against the light. She couldn’t see his face. Only those eyes were quiet but shining, like the lighthouse lit in the late night.

"No, I can’t. It’s an accident that night, forget it …" She held away her eyes and held back, and he proposed the temptation.Be his girlfriend, although she wants to think.The thin light spots outside the window are sprinkled with a half -bedroom space, and the gloss is like a phantom.

At this time, there were two knocks outside the door.

"Please enter-"

A middle -aged lady pushed open the door, "President Zhou, sister is here."

Zhou Xiulin raised his hand and looked at the time, "Soaking her cup of coffee, saying to her, I will come over for a while."


The office restored peace again.

The company’s sister can call only one sister Cheng Ying.Cheng Ying and Zhou Xiulin have a lot of relationships. There are speculations on the Internet that Cheng Ying’s boyfriend is actually Zhou Xiulin.

Cheng Ying can come to this day, and it is inseparable from the Zhou family.

Zhou Xiulin’s low and gentle voice sounded again, Jiang Xiaoyan thought something, lowered his eyes, and said, "Sorry, I don’t want to."

Zhou Xiulin looked at her face and asked patiently, "Why?"

Jiang Xiao was lost in his heart. Although the woman was suffering, she didn’t want to be too reluctant."You are too older than me."

Six years old … too much …

Rao Zhou Xiulin, who had taken the best debate, met Jiang Xiao for nothing to say.He sighed slightly, "So what do you want?"

Jiang Xiao shook his hand tightly, shook his head, and looked since to work, "I just want to work well now."

Work hard, this reason is really good.

His boss can’t fight her enthusiasm for work 丨.

"If you have something, you can hit my phone." His voice was still stable, and he handed a card with his personal number written above.

Jiang Xiao took it over and squeezed her in her hand. She glanced at the card and read on it:

Zhou Xiulin


The handwritten pen type, neat handwriting.Not like a business card, Jiang Xiao put the card into the bag.

Zhou Xiulin stared at her, and saw her face firmly, and suddenly laughed.It turned out that she was so charming in her eyes.

"Jiang Xiao, we can start with friends."

Jiang Xiao said "Oh".

Jiang Xiao came out of his office, just came out, her legs were soft, and she leaned on the wall and barely supported.

She just refused Zhou Xiulin.

She rejected Zhou Xiulin.

She gave up a large forest.However, after the two people talked, she still didn’t say the point.For example, what should I do if the small seeds in the belly?

In the evening, Jiang Xiao returned to school and briefly ate dinner and returned to the dormitory in the cafeteria.

Their dormitory boss and the fourth child have returned to their hometown, and the second child has not left in this school.

"Well, Jiang Xiao, you are back! Notice in the courtyard, we have to move away this weekend at the latest weekend, do you find the place where you live?"

"I found it, I moved on weekends."

"Where do you live?"

"Near Line 2 subway."

"What’s wrong with you? Heat stroke? The face looks not very good."

Jiang Xiao patted his face, "It’s hot." She took out a signature photo from the bag, "Well, your idol."

"Yeah, thank you." Huang Ya took a kiss with excitement, "My family is handsome. You are in the set, have you been in contact with him?"

"He invited us to eat cold drinks, and people are very good." Jiang Xiao said nothing, and he was very intimate in one month.

"When the star assistant is good, you can see your favorite star."

Jiang Xiao smiled.

"By the way, Xiaoxiao, Li Li is going to get married in early July, and give us a few invitations."

"Marry?" They just graduated.

"Li Li is pregnant for three months."

Jiang Xiao opened his mouth, "This is too fast."

"She and her boyfriend have been talking for four years, and marriage is also a matter of time."

"How do I mean Li Li pregnant?"

Huang Ya laughed, "You are stupid! Isn’t she with her boyfriend together with early residence? But Li Li can also hide it, hiding us for three months. We must make trouble for her marriage."

Jiang Xiaoxin responded, and hurriedly packed his luggage.

On Friday evening, Zhou Xiulin attended the dinner, and Jiang Tiezu also invited Zhao Xinran to attend in advance.

Zhao Xinran has recently risen. Several directors and producers have just discussed with her that they will pick up the TV series they want to shoot.Her humility and serious attitude left a good impression on people.

Not far away, Zhou Xiulin and Xingmei’s Shaodong family Mo Yiheng stood in one place.

Mo Heng’s handsome beauty is completely different from Zhou Xiulin. He didn’t know how much winks throwing out the actresses present all night.And Zhou Xiulin’s woman will also think about it, but she is just a distance.

"Xiu Lin, you seem to like this very much recently, where to take it." Mo Yiheng fingered from Zhao Xinran in the distance.

Zhou Xiulin was holding a cup in his hands, "You think too much."

Mo Yiheng held him jokingly, "I heard that you didn’t go home that night?"

"You know so much."

Mo Yiheng suddenly snorted, "What are you in your hand? Being biting? The wound has been looking for a long time. What is going on? Dog bites?"

Zhou Xiulin glanced coldly and gently sideways.

"Don’t look at me with your peach blossom eyes. Why? Isn’t it your heart? I said you really taste it too."

Zhou Xiulin put down the cup, "I’m back."

"Hey, don’t go. It’s rare to gather together, two games in the evening." Mo Yigong took his shoulder.

Zhou Xiulin won his arm, "No interest."


Zhou Xiulin walked to the hotel lobby, but did not expect to see Jiang Xiao sitting at the corner of the sofa.There was this dark bag next to her, bulging.

Jiang Xiao was stunned. In the past two days, she always felt sleepy, and she would dream at night.It was either dreaming about Zhou Xiulin, or a bare baby, and even one night, she also dreamed that a little doll called her mother.Later, she was awakened by dreams and did not sleep overnight.

She quietly went online and checked online, as if she was not good for pregnancy after drinking.She was even more scared.

Jiang Xiao was not sleeping deeply, and when she noticed that she was looking at her, she narrowed her eyes and said confused: "It’s you!"

Zhou Xiulin stood in front of her, seemed to laugh, "It’s me.

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