She suddenly got angry?Don’t misunderstand, her red is not an accident!

"When I Flying to You" ended,

Since the broadcast, the topic has not decreased,

Whether it is "Zhang Lulang" and "Su is in" romance from campus to wedding dresses,

Still the friendship of the Jiangyi team,

Or is the tear the purpose line,

Under the blessing of the atmosphere,

Multiple aspects accurately grasp audience preferences,

Created a explosive youth campus drama.

The so -called "effective broadcast drama",

Maybe this is the most intuitive feedback. ↓

As the heroine, Zhang Miaoyi has also received extensive attention,

The number of Weibo fans from the day before the broadcast 338,000 ↓

After the membership ended, the number of fans who broke the million ↓

During the drama broadcast, the superior rising powder was 319,000 ↓

(As of the day of the membership)

Douyin ↓

Xiaohongshu ↓

Comparison of the number of works on multiple platforms, comparison,

You can obviously feel that this character’s bonus to Zhang Miaoyi.

Looking at the role she starred in her debut,

From the beginning of "The Master of the Family", the loved girl "auspicious",

The temperament is soft, not much, because of the identity of my own person,

Dare to look at the people who they like far away from far away.

Go to "Dreaming of Lions" and the little girl "dream into the magic machine",

Guling and weird,

Then to the first web drama "Come on, Don’t Pet Me", the novel author "Yan Yiyi", "Yan Yiyi",

In order to return to the real world, he fights wisdom in the harem.

It is probably because of the first debut, so the role you choose has a high degree of fit compared to yourself.

After that, I also tried in step by step, transformed,

Until I met the vitality girl "Fu Tian" in "Meeting Meet",

Under the appearance that is full of youth,

A little proud and idiot’s cute person,

At the same time, with the partner Fang Xiaodong’s innate CP sense,

Let the name "Zhang Miaoyi" no longer unfamiliar.

Help again, it is Su in "When I Rush to You",

Different from the uniform silly white sweet heroine’s image,

When she is framed,

She said, "Please come up with evidence to prove it, not to let me find evidence to prove itself."

When others apologize,

She said, "Sorry and it doesn’t matter. It is sincere to make mistakes and injuries caused by correction, instead of saying a few sentences that make mistakes never happened. If this is the case, I am sorry, I do n’t accept it."

When mentioning dreams,

She said: "Whether we can admit to the same university, we must pursue our own goals. Don’t give up our dreams for others. It is the coolest thing to become a better talent together."

San Guanzheng, mind -like, little sun -like healing female lead,

Campus ceiling man sets +1!

It is not difficult to see from the experience experience,

In the interpretation of roles, she gradually clarified her positioning,

The choice of characters is also more accurate,

The supporting role from only a few minutes at the beginning can be provoked,

From a small cost online drama to the present, it is well -made,

From short dramas to long dramas, it is indispensable to choose and work hard.

So there will be more courage to try a role that is less similar to yourself.

The achievements and reputation also intuitively reflect that all the efforts are correct.

At the same time as "Su is in" harvesting more attention, while

Focus on the keywords on Zhang Miaoyi,

It is undoubtedly "Sweet Girl" and "Sky Selection Campus Female Lord",

Indeed, the appearance of pure vitality,

A sense of youth overflowing from the inside,

Don’t pretend, don’t do it, not embarrassed,

Even a slightly exaggerated expression is sweet but not greasy.

So it is not difficult to understand why it has become the new "Internet female goose".

Because of love and adaptation,

Therefore, "locking in youth dramas" has also become a correlation word with a high frequency.

But according to the orange opinion, is it a pity if it is only in the campus drama?

As an actor, if you always step by in the comfort zone,

On the one hand, we must be alert to the audience’s enthusiasm to be disappeared,

On the one hand, there must be a sense of crisis of aesthetic fatigue.

For Zhang Miaoyi himself, he also mentioned many times to try different roles.

Can be villain ↓

Family Ethics Drama ↓

Rebellious girl ↓

Moreover, from the perspective of orange, Zhang Miaoyi’s competitiveness and plasticity are absolutely there.

Sweet girl is her label, but it will not be the only label.

▶ The styling is hundreds of 型 型 型 型

Is it just a single style?Not.

Black long straight can be Cool Girl,

Can also be a cold beauty,

Double ponytail can be a little witch that is hidden,

It can also be a quiet and gentle school sister,

The bangs will not reduce the points,

Instead, there is a trace of intellectual.

The ancient costumes are also quiet and handsome, without disagreement,



Can be controlled.

I have clearly stated that it is not a particularly sweet personality in private,

Therefore, in terms of style, you can try boldly, maybe there will be unexpected results.

▶ Reiki performance 气

What about acting?Most of the received are positive feedback,

This is coquettish,

This is difficult to hide excitement,

This is jealous and angry,

This is wet eyes for comfort after being frightened.

This is a further disappointment after trying to deceive yourself.

Basically can digest the emotions of the character and pull the audience to substitute.

Smart is naturally available, and there is natural room for progress.

In the past characters, basically everything uses the original sound, so as not to have a sense of splitting.

The lines are clear and smooth, cute and not clipped, which is a comfortable state.

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