She said on the plane prematurely, "I don’t know she is pregnant", and I am fortunate to meet a professional doctor nurse

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On April 28, Lavinia "Lavi" Mounta and his family took a flight from the Salt Lake City of Utah to Hawaii Tanolul Mountain, looking forward to opening a journey to Hawaii.

A few hours after the flight settled, Lavania, who was above thousands of miles, suddenly felt an unbearable abdominal pain. She did not understand what was going on. She had to instinctively call for help.On the one hand, use a broadcast to inquire whether there is a doctor in the passengers in the seat, now there are emergencies to deal with …

Coincidentally, there were three nurses who worked in the intensive care unit of the neonatal treatment room in the Kansaas City Hospital on this flight: Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding, and Mimi Ho.

They heard the call for Lavania and went to check the situation, and found that the female passenger was holding a new baby in her hand, and she was very small.What is even more surprising is that the mother didn’t even know that she was pregnant, and she was at a loss with her child.

Years of experience made the three nurses immediately understand what happened -Lavania has giving birth to a premature babies that are obviously less than a month. The umbilical cord has not been cut, and the safety of the mother and child cannot be guaranteed. The situation is very critical ….

So the three moved immediately to prepare to help the mother who had just produced and a thin new baby boy.

Dale Glenn, a family doctor on the same flight, heard the emergency broadcast of the stewardess. He also met similar scenes before, but it sounded no emergency. Under the leadership of the stewardess, he also hurried the past to the past.Essence

But even the three pediatric nurses, a family doctor, will inevitably be difficult for the scene in front of you …

There are no professional equipment in the delivery room on the plane. Four professionals have to make an urgent use of cleverness and randomly strain. They use shoelaces to hold the umbilical cord, and use the water bottle heated by a microwave oven to warm them.Watches to measure the baby’s heart rate.

"We have two patients who need to take care. Not only are we trying to rescue the baby, to ensure that he breathe smoothly, making him feel warm. At the same time, he also needs to check his mother’s life signs and take care of his mother’s safety. This is a very complicated job.It is very challenging to cooperate with each other in a small space on the plane, but everyone has a team spirit. Including other passengers on the plane, they took the initiative to change their seats and gave us diaper.Come to help us, "Dell said.

After the condition of the mother and child became stable, Dell, who was finally idle, stared at the pointer of the watch, and wanted to land in the next second.The plane arrived at the Honolulu Mountain three hours later. As soon as the ground landed, the baby who was caring by everyone sent the first cry, and the medical response team of the Honolulu Mountain at the airport was already prepared.Ya’s mother and child took it up and sent it to the local children’s medical center.After inspection, the baby is currently only 29 weeks. Fortunately, the rescue is not in danger in time.

Last weekend, three nurses and Dell made a special trip to visit the mother and son. Lavania named the child Raymond.Everyone is grateful to everything that happens. "Lavania calls us a writer, saying that we are all Raymond’s aunts and uncle, and it is great to see them again."

"This baby was taken care of by a doctor and three neonatal intensive care rooms when he was born.Probability. "

At present, Mom Raviania has taken the lead in discharging, and Raymond still stays in the neonatal intensive care unit for observation until he becomes strong enough to explore this unknown world.

Then, I wish this little boy who is favored by the lucky god, you can grow up healthy and healthy!

Ref: news/2021/may/04/baby- on-plane-hapned-be-carrying -and-Neonatal-Nurseshtps: //


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