She is healthy 丨 Emergency contraceptives will affect fertility?The answer to "Regret" is here!

The 38th Goddess Festival is connected to the weekend,

I believe those who have accompanied you have enjoyed "sweet moments"?

Single Wang, please skip …

Moon dark wind high night,

The atmosphere is created enough,

Passion -unbearable moment,

It is found that the "tool" is gone …

Go to the pharmacy of the old king’s house downstairs to buy a set,

The road is too far …

Spring Festival is worth thousands of dollars!

What is swollen?

Pass the level in front of you first,

Use emergency contraceptives to remedy afterwards!

I thought I had taken a "regret medicine"?


There will always be such concerns:

Will taking too much emergency contraceptive pills cause infertility?

After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant. Can the baby ask?

In order to help friends better understand the emergency contraceptive,

The medicine baby is popular!

How does emergency contraceptives work?

Emergency contraceptives are also called post -incident contraceptives. Sexual life for no protection or lack of proper protection measures is to prevent remedial measures to prevent possible pregnancy. The main mechanism is to interfere with normal ovulation.

Zuojinorine (LNG) is currently the most commonly used emergency contraceptive.

See the table below for common use of emergency contraception!

How is safety?

At present, it is believed that emergency contraceptives are quite safe and will not cause serious adverse medical reactions, but may cause side effects such as menstrual changes, nausea, headache, abdominal pain, and breast pain.

Will it affect women’s fertility?

Emergency contraceptives such as Zuo Nuo Genone are only one -time on ovarian function and endometrium.After a few days of medication, the drug is metabolized, and women can get pregnant in any subsequent one -time behavior, which will not affect future fertility.

After taking the medicine, I found that I was pregnant. Can the baby ask?

For women who take left germination or after pregnancy or after pregnancy or after pregnancy, the study found that the drug will not cause damage to pregnant women and fetuses, and will not increase miscarriage, childcare deformedness, pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnancy.Risk of complications.

Therefore, if you have taken a pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives, it doesn’t matter, you can continue pregnancy!

What precautions?

There is no medical taboos for taking emergency contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives can be used on demand. If there are no protective sexual life in 24 hours, no need to take medicine.

Although the emergency contraceptive pill is quite safe, it is not recommended for emergency contraceptives as a regular contraceptive method.

Emergency contraceptives do not have contraceptives for future sexual behaviors, so it is important to implement conventional contraceptive measures after using emergency contraceptives, which can minimize pregnancy risk.

Hormone contraceptives can be used immediately after taking emergency contraceptives, or after the next menstrual recovery.If you wait for the next menstrual recovery and then use conventional contraceptive measures, it is recommended to wait for time to use contraceptive contraceptives.

There is no need to arrange follow -up after taking emergency contraceptives, but if the menstruation is still future after taking the medicine more than 3 weeks, you need to pay attention to whether you are pregnant.

Taking other drugs at the same time can reduce the effectiveness of emergency contraceptives.

Even if the medicine is taken at the same time, the medication scheme of various emergency contraceptives remains unchanged.

This article is confessed by Chen Jizhi, the Pharmaceutical Discipline of the 908 Hospital of the Lianqin Security Force.

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