She is a 30 -year -old leftover woman and is worried that it is difficult to get pregnant. The in -laws suggested that they wait for a child to get married again.

Ms. Jin regretted why she regretted why she did not listen to the dissuasion of her girlfriend and married the family who "eat people without vomiting".Now every day with this family who "contributes" more than who has "contributed", and who "contributes" less, it is necessary to have neurasthenia.

There was a relationship during Ms. Jin’s girl. The boyfriend was younger in the younger boyfriend. Families on both sides thought they would be married in the future.

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Ms. Jin got the "certification" of her mother -in -law’s family, and was even more attentive to her boyfriend. Before she married, she started to show her "good wife and mother" virtue -any delicious and delicious ones let her boyfriend taste first.The boyfriend had no money to spend, and divided him half of his money and saving money. Occasionally, he went to his house as a guest, and washed the clothes of his boyfriend …

She was only 19 years old and was on the college entrance examination.

Both of them did not go to the ideal school and entered the university college together, but they were not in the same school, so they started a long -distance love model.

Ms. Jin is still playing the role of "good wife and mother". There were not many living expenses per month. I also gave my boyfriend money to the past.melted.

When Ms. Jin was also obsessed with "sweet love", a stranger reposted a link to her and left a message "Go in and see if it is your boyfriend."This sentence quickly attracted the attention of Ms. Jin, and she immediately clicked in.It turned out that this was a woman’s QQ space. Her album actually stored intimate photos with Ms. Jin’s boyfriend, and the woman’s hand Shanghai wore a watch that Ms. Jin bought for her boyfriend (a watch for men and women).

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Ms. Lin was hit by anger every inch of skin. She quarreled with her boyfriend, and she naturally broke up, but she was deceived and played with the heartache that she was not cherished.Make her heart fragmented.She was seriously ill. After the disease was good, she directly became a "virgin" -the love, until she was 30 years old, becoming an elderly leftover woman.

Once a woman is not greedy, she will become the elite of the career.

When Ms. Jin was 30 years old, she had done the position of a small company, because she was single, capable and more gold, attracting the attention of several little milk dogs.

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One of the male colleagues, although it looks average, is quite honest, and ability is still okay. The age is only two years younger than Ms. Jin.Ms. Jin is quite satisfied with him.

I do n’t know if it ’s really old because the 30 -year -old is really old. No one wants. Mom called Ms. Jin for three days and introduced her to a man. She also forced her to go out of time to go on a blind date.You can’t marry! "This sentence.

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Ms. Jin was really afraid of her mother’s marriage, so she had to tell her mother that she had seen the company’s male colleagues so that she would not urge.

Once you lies, you will want to go to the lie and make it turn from lies to real, so although Ms. Jin just feels a little bit of a little bit of a male colleague, she still agreed to be his girlfriend.

Sometimes women are really strange. At first, they didn’t like it very much, but they had been together for a long time. They were used to his existence, and began to pay regardless of it.

After half a year with her boyfriend, she was under pressure from the parents of both men and women. The boyfriend brought Ms. Jin to see her parents.Ms. Jin did not notice what the man’s parents were dissatisfied with her, but the next day, her boyfriend told her that her parents felt that she was too old and worried that she would be difficult to get pregnant.Let’s live together for a while and wait for a child to get a remarriage.

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After listening to the fire, Ms. Jin felt that her boyfriend’s parents were unreasonable, so she quarreled with her boyfriend.Afterwards, she told her parents that she thought she could be supported by her parents, but they said that they were so old that it would be difficult to say whether she could get pregnant.Ms. Jin was stunned after listening to her parents, but on the one hand, she also agreed with her parents.She told her girlfriend again, and her girlfriend strongly opposed the solution of her so -called "waiting for marriage and removing".Is it necessary to turn their faces and don’t recognize others?This silly woman is suffering!Girlfriend also advised her to end this relationship as soon as possible, saying that even if she disrespects a woman, she will not be happy even if she marries.However, Ms. Jin chose to accommodate.

So Ms. Jin lived together.Within a few months, Ms. Jin was pregnant, and it was logical that the two sides began to discuss marriage matters.

Don’t expect families who do not respect women to make you feel good.The man’s parents have no house and buy it; there are many things to be arranged in preparing for marriage. The time is urging, and the woman’s belly is getting bigger and bigger.Come up and make up the wedding.

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It feels like a routine, step by step to death.

But Ms. Jin agreed again.

The money to buy a house, the man’s parents asked Ms. Jin to get half of it. Ms. Jin said that she didn’t have so much money, so she told Ms. Jin that she could not pay for the money to buy a house, but when the child was born, all the children’s costs were responsible for the child’s fee.Because the man wants to repay the mortgage.

Ms. Jin was shocked by the "eloquence of golden sentences" by the parents of the man. Although she was very angry, she could not refute it. It felt as if it was an emotional transaction, full of traps.

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When her husband bought a house signing contract, she found that only his husband’s name was on the real estate certificate, without her!She asked her husband why he didn’t add her name. Her husband said, "You have no money, why add your name?" At that moment, Ms. Jin really regretted that she hadn’t listened to the girlfriend’s dissuasion …

Women must learn to love themselves, don’t think that they don’t care about gains and losses, and they will cherish them sincerely.If others do not respect and cherish you, you still have to do it blindly, and you will only have the opportunity to give you a step step -by -step to death!Don’t be so stupid for women!


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