She achieved Fan Bingbing, and the scum male could not have children!But she is indeed the mother of many actresses!

When it comes to Fan Bingbing, everyone knows that she became famous overnight because of "Returning Pearls", and few people knew that she could get the role of Jin Suo because of a woman."" The stepmother of the professional "and" the queen mother ", she is Liu Xuehua, the role of the queen mother of" Zhen Huan ".

Liu Xuehua, born in Beijing on November 12, 1959, was born in Shandong. At the age of 5, he went to Hong Kong with his family. He was admitted to the Great Wall Film Company of Hong Kong in 1978 and soon transferred to Shaw Film Company.Taiwanese film and television actors are famous for playing "Qiong Yao Film".A recent work "Zhen Huan Biography" has gained a number of beautiful daughter -in -law!

In 1983, he became famous in Hong Kong for starring in the TV series "Girl Cixi". In 1986, he became popular in Taiwan due to the invitation of the famous female writer Qiong Yao to appear in the TV series "Several Sunset Red".In 1988, he won the Best Actress Award for Best Actress in the first Chinese Film and Television Golden Lion Award in Paris, France, and won the Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for Best Actress Award in 1992 with "Love in the Wind".Representative works include "Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl", "Silkworm Change", "Dragon Temple Dragon", "Biography of White Hair Witch" and so on.

Later, he fell in love with Taiwanese popular artist Liu Dekai. In fact, Liu Dekai already had his wife at that time. The first wife Wang Jingping. The two can be said to be a flash of love.I proposed on a taxi and got married within 60 days.When Liu Dekai chased Liu Xuehua at that time, he claimed to be divorced. In fact, he did not. Liu Xuehua did the primary three for many years without knowing it.

Time developed until 1996. Liu Xuehua was pregnant this year. She was happy to prepare a wedding with Liu Dekai, and the wedding invitations were sent out. Liu Dekai had to go to France because of the filming at this time.A 20 -year -old French woman Anqi, who was pregnant at home, fell in love, and finally ended as a couple.

The distinctive Liu Xuehua felt unreasonable. I didn’t expect that she accidentally slipped when she took a bath. Because of the abortion of the fetus, and in order to keep her life, she had to remove the uterus and could no longer have children.

Many years later, Liu Dekai also contacted Liu Xuehua many times, hoping to get her forgiveness, and many netizens said: You are not worthy!It’s so disgusting!

In 1999, 40 -year -old Liu Xuehua met 53 -year -old screenwriter Deng Yukun.Because of his talents, she was attracted by him by Bingqing Yujie. After a few months of love, the two got married.

The two after marriage were abnormal.In order to accompany her to shoot, he sold real estate in Hong Kong and Taiwan and came to Shanghai to take care of her diet.

And when she went out, she always brought his love poems and his clothes, as if he was with herself.

She was spoiled by his "life incompetence". She would not go to the bank by herself, dare not go shopping alone, would not cut apples, and would not use microwave oven. Without children, she was a child.

Because of his meticulous care, she could concentrate on filming.

However, this man who held her in the palm left her forever in 2011!Leave her alone and spend the rest of her life. How can others have a person who loves herself so much?

After four years of healing the wound, she appeared strongly on the screen, and there was a little woman with a little indifferent atmosphere.Participate in variety shows, boldly subvert and liberate nature.

A black yarn beam of a wide -sleeved skirt, wearing exaggerated ornaments (hats), dark nail polish, black boots.She no longer continues her bitter drama in Qiong Yao’s drama. Instead, she played a funny performance of Wu Mei Niang, singing and jumping to the audience.And a "intellectual queen" Wang Ji, who is red and purple in "Beijingers in New York", directly transformed into "Egyptian queen", which is comparable to Lady GAGA’s thunderstorms that almost did not recognize the audience, and the real tiger’s ""Portably dance" "seeing the palms of people’s palms and screaming.

Interactive and humorous with the host, there is no compression of the queen mother in the screen at all. The age of the flower is not avoided, and the bold and sexy that has lived 40 years ago was generously shared.

On the stage, the veteran artist who has been in the entertainment industry for many years was so nervous that he forgot his words.After the performance, Liu Xuehua said frankly: "This is the first time I am in a variety show, and I am really nervous. I kept shaking before I came to power. There was a word that originally said the" Cold Palace ‘, and I said it was the’ warm palace ‘.In the end, I simply missed the wrong sentence. I said wrong, it’s the cold palace ‘. I really thought about it before. "

During the interview, the host interacted with witty, and there was no compression of the queen mother in the screen at all. The age of Huajia did not avoid talking about age, and generously shared his self -precipitation and adjustment after suffering. Talking that Liu Dekai was already relieved.

Liu Xuehua bluntly informed that after her husband’s death, a person lived with her dog for several years with her husband during her lifetime. The dog became her only concern. LaterAccompany dogs and so on.Always getting along with pets, people will become much simpler, not being disturbed by the world, live and relax.

She likes her children when she likes her children. She wants to be with the child; if she wants to be a princess, she puts on a gauze skirt and returns to the princess;Except for the bumps in the first half of her life, she lived out all the women’s desires.

I just hope that time will no longer treat her, give her the best old age!

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