Shaanxi Shangluo 18 -year -old college candidate lost contact for 20 days.

Recently, a tracing notice has attracted attention online. Tian Xiangpei, a 18 -year -old boy in Shangluo, Shaanxi, lost his stairs at the left stairs on the left side of the new station on the left side of Zhen’an County.On June 30, Tian Xiangpei’s mother told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that his son had just taken the college entrance examination on June 8.On the afternoon of June 10, his son went out to watch a movie. He has not been home so far. He has lost contact for 20 days.He did not bring an ID card, and his phone could not be connected."I hope he saw the news of the tracing home early. If he had anything to tell me, don’t bear so much pressure alone."

The founding of the person showed that the 18 -year -old boy Tian Xiangpei was 180cm tall and weighed about 110 pounds. He wore light green short sleeves, black trousers, light green canvas shoes on the day of the loss, wearing glasses, gray duck tongue caps, and mental state.Low, at 19:20 on June 10th at the left of the stairs on the left side of the new station (An County, Shangluo Zhenxian, Shangluo, Shaanxi).Mother and his family are very worried. Please contact your family if you have clues.

On June 30, Tian Xiangpei’s mother told Beiqing Daily that the above -mentioned tracing notes were true, and the family members called the police on June 11.At present, the child has not been found, and it has been 20 days after the loss."He didn’t bring his ID card when he went out, but he had been bringing the phone, but the phone could not be connected. I don’t know if he had cash on his body, and the mobile phone was rich, but I didn’t know if the mobile phone could be used. The family was very anxious during this time.He still has no clues. "

Tian Xiangpei’s mother said that her son was 18 years old and just took the college entrance examination on June 8.On the afternoon of June 10, he said before going out and said that he would go to the movie with his classmates, and his mood was a bit low."Later, when he didn’t go home, we asked after asking that the classmates had no time. He went to Heyun Building (near the countyhe new station) and watched the movie. After checking the monitoring, he found that he went downstairs after watching the movie.On the chair in the corner. Later, I took a taxi to the Qinghe Bridge near the Jinhe Bridge and the Qinghe community. "

Tian Xiangpei’s mother told the North Youth Daily reporter that her son’s usually scores are okay, but after the college entrance examination, she did not talk to her family. She did not conflict with her family before she lost."He must have a pressure in his heart, but he hasn’t told us. We checked it, he took more than 400 points, which was lower than usual. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t take a good emotion.I couldn’t contact him, and I didn’t know if he had a score. "

The staff of the Yunzhen Police Station told the reporter of the Beiqing Daily that the police station had been helping to find people after receiving Tian Xiangpei’s family members, but no one has been found yet.If citizens have related clues, they can contact police or family members.

Tian Xiangpei’s mother told Beiqing Daily that after the child was lost, they also asked the children’s teachers and classmates, but there were no effective clues."If he sees the news of people, I want to say to him, our family is thinking about him, looking for him every day, hoping that he will go home early. If you have any matter. No matter what happens, we will not dislike him. We will always love him and care about him. "

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Dai Youqing

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