Several items and precautions for pregnant women during pregnancy and their precautions. New mothers must carefully understand

During pregnancy, examinations during pregnancy can be said to be one of the indispensable processes. Pre -pregnancy examinations can not only judge which type of childbirth method suitable for pregnant women, but also determine whether the fetal development is normal.Because of a large part of pregnancy, because it is the first pregnancy, she does not understand matters that need attention during pregnancy, as well as what is the test time and project during pregnancy.

In fact, the various examination items during pregnancy are very important for the fetus and mothers. If the fetus is found abnormal during the examination, it can be prevented and treated in time.Appropriate assessment and so on.Let me introduce you in detail what the pregnancy test items are included.

Pregnancy examination items and precautions

1, 12 weeks (three months) do the first pregnancy examination.

Doctors will receive you a "pregnant woman health manual, and every time you go to check, you must bring this. At the same time, the doctor will register the test results, suggestions, medication and other situations after each check.Including: weight weight and blood pressure; doctors take a consultation, mainly asking about the situation before pregnancy for future reference; B -ultrasound (Doppler) examination; urine test; examination of other parts of the body; blood drawing; examination of uterine size;The fetal neck is transparent with screening.

It is estimated that there will be more blood for the first time, mainly to check the blood pigment and judge whether the expectant mothers are anemia.There are also check blood types to prepare for blood transfusion.Corresponding checks need to be performed.Of course, it also includes hemoglobin, liver function, hepatitis B, renal function, etc.The first B -ultrasound is to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, determine the number of embryos, and see if it is a single or twin; as well as determining whether the embryo has ectopic pregnancy, and the accurate time of pregnancy can be calculated.A transparent band scanning test of the fetal neck is mainly to evaluate the possibility of the baby suffering from the Chinatown syndrome.At this stage, pay attention to supplement folic acid, calcium and iron.

2. 13-16 weeks, the second birth check: Donaldiasis exposure

From the beginning of the second birth check, the basic routine examinations that expectant mothers must do at each time include: weighing; quantity blood pressure; urine test; quantity palace high; abdominal circumference; consultation and see the baby’s fetal heart sound.In addition, an important examination item in this inspection is the screening of the blood drawing as a Tang family syndrome, and compares the blood drawing report of the first birth check.At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to the correct posture.No position is to keep yourself in a very comfortable state.Remember to rest as much as possible. At this stage, you can live sexual life, but you must pay attention to the posture and strength of sexual life. Do not press the abdomen to avoid abortion.

3. 17-20 weeks, the third birth checkup

At this stage, it is mainly for some conventional basic routine inspections.But at this time, the B -ultrasound can accurately detect the gender of the fetus.False contractions will occur after 20 weeks, but most of them will be relieved within 30 minutes, but as the number of weeks of pregnancy increases, the frequency of the occurrence will become higher and higher.Pregnant women should pay attention to diet balance to avoid too much or insufficient weight gain, so they must replenish calcium iron in time; in order to make the pregnancy process smooth.

4, 21-24 weeks, the fourth birth of gestational diabetes

Most of the gestational diabetes are done in the 24th week of pregnancy. The hospital will allow expectant mothers to drink 50 grams of glucose water first and check blood after an hour.At this time, pregnant women are prone to constipation.It even causes hemorrhoids, so pregnant women should develop the habit of defecation in a fixed time.

Regarding what the pregnancy test items include, experts tell us that the examination during pregnancy is mainly divided into four major stages. The first examination time is when the third month of pregnancy is in the third month of pregnancy, and the second time is from 13 to 16 weeks.Three times is about 17 to 20 weeks, and the last time is from 21 to 24 weeks.The inspection items at different times are different, but it is also very important for expectant mothers. Remember to do a good job of checking!

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