Selina suffers from constipation, herpes, flatulence, and vomiting: every stage of pregnancy is difficult

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Oh my god, Selina is pregnant!

On March 13th, Selina sent offers to declare pregnancy, and the news appeared on the hot search for a while. Many netizens directly called: When is my sister’s marriage?

In fact, Selina is not married, just a boyfriend with a stable relationship.

Selina’s experience believes that many mothers know.

During the best career, Selina caused a large area of severe burns due to an accident. In the following years, Selina was carrying out painful skin grafts and reconstruction.

When life was underestimated, Selina and Zhang Chengzhong ended their five -year wedding.

This failed marriage brought a huge shadow to Selina.

The former Selina was very eager to be a housewife, but after experiencing a marriage with Zhang Chengzhong, although she still believed in love, she no longer believed that she would happen to herself.

Fortunately, after surviving the cold winter, Selina finally came out of the pain of divorce and disfigurement. Not only did they get love, they also ushered in the baby.

She and her boyfriend stated that they would no longer be married, and they could tell the world, but they did not register!

Her boyfriend also respects her decision.

After the official announcement, Selina received a full blessing, and she also shared her early pregnancy experience.

Because of the changes in progesterone, there are many, many discomforts during pregnancy.

Very serious constipation made her dare not go to the toilet at all, worried that eating drugs would affect the baby, so she didn’t dare to eat it.

Constipation is just one of them. After pregnancy, Selina also has sweat herpes, which is very uncomfortable.

The sense of smell has also become very sensitive, nausea, flatulence and frequent urination …

Because of severe flatulence, the stomach of 2 months of pregnancy looks like 5 or 6 months pregnant.

But like all pregnant mothers, although it has been hard -working, Selina is still full of joy: "I think the whole person is full of hope, this life is wonderful!"

Today, although Selina is beaten by various pregnancy unwell, it is still full of happiness and sweetness. She said: Women’s forty -one flowers, my spring is here!

Hope that this spring, Selina’s pregnancy can go smoothly!

"If anyone wants to know what pregnancy is like …

I urinate myself today!"

Many pregnant mothers, like Selina, have experienced many, many discomfort during pregnancy.

Searching on social platforms casually, you can see the uncomfortable screens shared by pregnant mothers.

"If anyone wants to know what pregnancy is like … Today I peeing myself."

"This time, my wife is really uncomfortable. Sometimes I can’t pull it out for several days.

"Pregnancy is beautiful, but it really hurts, because I have a back pain, I just cried for 30 minutes."

"Daily pregnancy: insomnia, pain, bear legs, ankle fat, puffy, constipation …"

"I lost 10 pounds because I spit for 10 pounds in the early pregnancy, I really couldn’t live at that time!"

"Food will always be blocked in the mouth of the throat, vomiting all kinds, and a while of cold!"

"Dissatisfaction, pregnancy vomiting, frequent urination, edema, blood pressure remains high, it is really thrilling to have a child!"

"Itchy belly, constipation, toe bone pain, walking like a duck, sour water in the middle of the night !!"

Bringing a baby’s growth is really not just a big belly. Many mothers suffer from pregnancy during pregnancy. The most collapsed is that in October, the birth of the month is different.

During the pregnancy, Zhu Dan experienced very severe pregnancy vomiting. What he ate to vomit, he could only lie down and unable to stand. He turned over the sea without paying attention.

The stomach acid burns the esophagus, and the pain can only seize the mother’s hand. When I feel uncomfortable, I feel that I can’t hold it every moment …

When Sun Yanzi was pregnant with a second child, because her stomach was too large, she was panting when she walked, her waist and back and bone pain were even more daily.

Madina also bluntly said in the second child: the third trimester is really too difficult.

"Burn your heart and stomach acid when you don’t move. You need to eat ice cream to relieve it.

"Insomnia, almost 1-2 o’clock every night, you can sleep, very tired, but you can’t sleep."

"Back pain, go to the limit for 20 minutes, back pain to persist!"

In October, when you gave birth, people who have not experienced see happiness, but for mothers, there are countless sweetness and bitterness hidden.

Today, my pregnancy mother said that the discomfort and response measures during pregnancy hopes to help pregnant mothers and make the road to pregnancy less difficult.

8 major discomfort during pregnancy

Do a good job of response!

Many discomforts during pregnancy make people’s color changes, and the correct response can make pregnant mothers suffer less.

01: nausea, pregnancy vomiting

According to statistics, 70%-80%of people will have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.Some are relatively mild, not affecting the supply of pregnant women and fetal nutrition, and some will be seriously affecting normal life.

When the baby starts to develop in the uterus, the brain will send a relaxation signal to the muscles of the whole body, and the peristalsis of the digestive tract will slow down, which will make gastric acid overflow the esophagus and throat.

Because of the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the taste of some mothers will become extremely sensitive, which will also cause nausea nausea.

Nausea and vomiting are a very common phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy. Usually starting in the sixth week of pregnancy, it can occur at any time of the day. For most mothers, pregnancy is stopped after the 12th week of pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting does not rule, but there is a way to relieve it!

① Eat snacks before getting up, keep the air fresh, and odor. Many mothers have tried that ginger can relieve pregnancy.

② Get up slowly in the morning. After eating things, avoid brushing your teeth and brushing your tongue immediately. You must have enough rest to avoid physical overdraft.

③ Eat less and eat less, eat every two to three hours, don’t be hungry.

④ Those who are far away from smoking should be reduced as much as possible where there are more people and the turbid air.

⑤ Vomiting is the easiest to make people lose too much water, so be sure to drink plenty of water.If you don’t want to drink water, you can use milk, fruit milkshake, soup, juice to replace, and also supplement vitamins and minerals by the way.

Note: Dangerous danger is also hidden under severe pregnancy. If the pregnancy vomiting is severe for 24 hours, it cannot be eaten, weight loss, weakness, abdominal pain, vomiting blood, and seek medical treatment in time.

02: Burning heart and stomach burning

The old saying: pregnant women return flow, ten or six.

During pregnancy, the change of the body’s hormone and the change of the body will cause the stomach burning. The progesterone produced by the placenta can not only relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, but also relax the valve from the esophagus and gastric.Burning sensation.

What mothers can rest assured that the stomach burns are generally not very harmful, and its biggest harm is that it will make people uncomfortable.

Stomach burning usually appears in the early and third trimester. It automatically disappears after childbirth. Moms can take the following measures to relieve:

① Eat less meals and chew food slowly, avoid too anxiously to promote food.

② Avoid eating stimulus and spicy food.

③ Avoid lying down or bending within one to two hours after eating.Grow your head when you sleep.Wear loose clothes everyday.

④ Remember not to take gastric medicine randomly.You should ask a doctor before taking any medicine.

03: Short chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, dizziness

In the third trimester of pregnancy, some of the most daily breathing will become difficult and often feel short.

The seriousness is even more affected by sleeping: "The twins have the pain of supporting the belly, and it is difficult to die in flatness and hypoxia." "I dare not lie flat …Sleep. "

This is because the tissue of the uterus and the stomach is pressed the abdominal diaphragm in the upper top, which reduces the volume of the thorax, causing a short breathing, and a sense of suffocation.

For this situation, mothers should not worry too much, maintain a good mood, and take the following measures to relieve:

① Keep your waist rod straight when sitting, because bending over will cause the organs to squeeze more.

② If you feel short, you can sit down and breathe steadily, or consciously make your lungs up or down.

③ Pregnant mothers who often hold their breath can prepare oxygen -absorbing devices.

If you suddenly feel severe hypoxia and pain, you need to seek medical treatment.

04: Constipation, hemorrhoids

About 1.40 % of small pregnant women will have constipation problems. It is common for a few days without shit. It is easy to have a sense of shit. I ca n’t pull it out for a long time, and the hemorrhoids are stunned.

The constipation is mainly because the luteum hormone’s smooth muscle relaxation and the normal peristalsis of the intestine is reduced. In addition, intestinal cells will absorb more water than usual, so pregnant women are prone to constipation.

The following methods can prevent constipation and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids at the same time:

① Drink 8 to 12 cups of liquid daily (such as water, soup or milk), which is better warm or hot.

② Increase foods with rich fiber such as whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits and beans.

③ Maintain an appropriate amount of exercise, such as walking and swimming.

④ Remember not to take laxatives randomly.

05: low back pain, rib pain, sciatica

As the fetus grows grows, the weight of the uterus and fetus will gradually increase, and the pressure on the spine and pelvis of pregnant women will gradually increase, which will cause the waist spine and pelvic bone to sore.

The increasingly increasing uterus will always compress the ribs. Coupled with some pregnant mothers sleep on the left for a long time, dozens of pounds of big balls are pressed on the left rib on the left.It’s right.

The pain of this series, mothers can try the following methods:

① Wear comfortable casual shoes and try to avoid wearing high heels.

② Pay attention to the posture of standing and sitting, keep the spine straight.

③ Use a pregnant woman’s pillow to support the body when lying down.

④ Sit straight, do not hump, give yourself enough space, and support your back at the same time.

⑤ Avoid sitting for a long time, get up, rest, or take a walk every two hours.

⑥ Avoid standing for a long time to slow the sciatic nerve pain, and the hip or waist with hot compress pain also has certain benefits.

06: frequent urination, urinary incontinence

During the pregnancy, the blood flow in the mother’s body is double and a half of the normal. In addition, the luteum hormone makes the smooth muscle relaxation of the ureter, and pregnant women often have frequent urination.

In addition, the baby continues to grow in the uterus, oppressing Baoma’s basin muscle, which will cause damage over time. When the basin muscle cannot support the sphincter, there will also be leakage of urine.When laughing, urinary incontinence is easier to happen.

Urinary incontinence can be prevented. Exercise in the basis of the basin muscle during pregnancy is the most effective method. It is also the first to do. Because prevention is better than postpartum repair effect, the prevention method starts from these three points:

① perineal massage.It is recommended to start a perineal massage start at 34-35 weeks of pregnancy.Practice 1.5 times a week for 5 minutes. Clean your hands before massage and do not need to use massage oil.

② Do the Kiger movement.Kiger can do it from the beginning of pregnancy. In addition to preventing urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids, it can also reduce the degree of tearing of the delivery, but remember that the Kiger exercise must make the pot bottom muscle reaches a considerable amount of training.efficient.

It can be implemented by reference to the following methods: Continuously shrinking the bottom muscle of the basin (the movement of urination during urination) is not less than 3 s, relaxed 2 to 6 s, 15-30 min continuously, 3 times a day; or 150 ~ 200 per day;Second-rate.It lasts for more than 8 weeks or longer. Note: Go to the toilet before you do Cagel!

③ Make weight.The overweight during pregnancy will put greater pressure on the bottom muscle. We must control your weight and the weight of the fetus, and remember the normal weight gain range during pregnancy.

● The BMI value before pregnancy is less than 18.5, and the weight recommendation of the entire pregnancy is 12-18kg.

● The BIM value before pregnancy is greater than equal to 18.5 less than 26, and the weight recommendation of the entire pregnancy is 11-16kg.

● The BIM value before pregnancy is greater than equal to 26 less than 29, and the weight recommendation of the entire pregnancy is 7-11kg.

● The BIM value before pregnancy is greater than equal to 29, and the weight recommendation of the entire pregnancy is 7-9kg.

07: edema, foot swelling

The rapid increase in estrogen in the third trimester greatly increases the body’s moisture. Due to the inhalation of the ground, most of the moisture will accumulate in the ankle, so 80 % of pregnant women will have swelling.

After production, as the estrogen in the body returns to normal level, the stagnant water in the body will soon decrease.

Pregnant mothers should safely relieve edema, and can start from daily life:

① Wearing comfortable casual shoes, the size must be slightly larger than when you are not pregnant.

② Lift your legs when you sit down.When you sleep at night, you can also use a pillow to put it on the feet, raising the position of the feet to make the blood return better.

③ Sleeping sideways.When sleeping, turning your body’s focus to one side can help reduce the symptoms of swelling.The lower cavity vein is a large vein that helps blood flowing throughout the body.Sleeping on the side can reduce the pressure of the vein.This helps promote blood flow and prevent swelling.

④ Strengthen exercise.Exercise is particularly important for the swelling of the legs. Simple walking, making mild Pratei, yoga and bodybuilding are good choices. Ask the doctor before exercise, if there are high -risk factors, follow the doctor’s advice.

Note: Do not take water -removing medicines to avoid lowering blood pressure, reduce the blood supply of placenta, and affect the fetus to absorb oxygen points and nutrition.

At the same time, the condition of fruit swelling, hand swelling, or facial swelling suddenly appeared or became severe in the short term (such as a few days). It may be one of the symptoms of pregnancy toxia. You must see a doctor as soon as possible.

08: The skin becomes poor and black

Pregnancy is amazing. Some mothers have better skin due to pregnancy, and some people become pregnant, darkened, and rough.

A series of skin problems such as sensitivity, relaxation, dark yellow.

Care skin care during pregnancy, and eating and drinking can improve the state of the skin:

① Do a good job of foundation.Use mild facial cleanser and warm water twice a day.

② Apply lotion to moisturize.Lotion is a necessary moisturizing agent. Don’t apply anything because you are pregnant, and it will only make the skin worse.

③ Apply sunscreen.Choose sunscreen with a sun protection index of 30 or more. The safest sunscreen measures during pregnancy are physical or mineral sunscreen.

④ Eat healthy food.Drink more fresh fruit juice and eat more green vegetables, and your face will look young and energetic.

Pregnancy, full of various challenges!

What challenges will mothers go through?How difficult will be?

If you have a good appetite, you will burn your heart and nausea …

Daily insomnia, overwhelming and overwhelming …

It’s very easy to get tired, sitting and lying down and lying tired …

The pain of the belly supports, lying down in flat hypoxia and breathing difficulty in dying

The pubic bone hurts, lying down can not turn over, the pain is really sour …

Frequent urination, and the toilet has become the best friend …

Edema, swollen legs into wooden pillars, swollen feet to shoes can’t be worn …

Each of this is tormented for ordinary people, but pregnant mothers have to face multiple at the same time.

Those who have not experienced can never feel the same, and others cannot share them.

But as a netizen’s mother said: the pressure and pain of suffering during pregnancy can be tolerated. The only thing that can’t stand is the care and support of her husband and family. This is something more terrible than the pregnancy itself.

Pregnancy is not a matter of pregnant mothers. Everyone in the family must not be absent. They must give pregnant mothers sufficient understanding and support.

Because only with the company’s companionship and understanding, can they help them eliminate the pain caused by pregnancy and support them to spend a long nostalgia October.

Only love and companionship can only give them sufficient strength and courage to give them sufficient strength and courage!

I hope that every mother can spend the whole pregnancy comfortably!

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