Selina is 8 months pregnant, sharing travel photos abroad before giving birth, and the glory of motherly love in the eyes

On the afternoon of July 11, the pregnant mother Selina shared a group of photos of traveling with her boyfriend Xiaoxu on her personal social platform. She also posted that it was the last trip before giving birth.It can be seen that the due date of Selina is coming soon, and I am looking forward to her baby small waist fruit!Selina also admits that in the few days of travel, the whole person was very casual and relaxed. She also expressed that there should be a lot of feeling between her boyfriend Xiao Xu and the baby in the belly. The words are full of happiness and sweetness.EssenceIn the end, Selina said that she was thinking about it now, and what she wanted to complete before giving birth is really good.

In the travel photos, Selina smiled with a smile on the whole process, and she could feel her good mood through the screen.In the photo, Selina wears a hollow -style fisherman hat and turns into light makeup.Because of her pregnancy, her face became more rounded, but her overall complexion was very good.She smiled sweetly at the mirror with her drink, and she looked cute and moving.At first glance, Selina is really not like a pregnant mother who is about to produce.

Moreover, after pregnancy, Selina’s status seems to be better, and the whole person looks younger.If you don’t tell you, can you guess that Selina is 40 years old?

This time Selina shared a number of beautiful selfie photos, and each angle showed her vitality.It can be seen that in this trip, although the stomach is already large, Selina’s condition is very good, and there is no fatigue and nervousness before giving birth.

It is worth mentioning that Selina also rarely released a beautiful photo of pregnant women wearing a swimsuit.In the photo, Selina, who has been pregnant in the late pregnancy, wears a green checkered swimsuit and a white tulle clothes outside.She stood in front of the glass door and placed POSE in the posture of scissors, full of girlishness.

Selina, who has been pregnant for several months, has a large and round pregnancy belly and cannot be hidden.Her raising her hands revealed a strong smell of pregnancy, and the smile showed the pleasant mood of pregnant mothers like Jesus.In addition, from this perspective, Selina seems to have increased a lot of weight during pregnancy, and the small legs have become thicker. Maternal love is really great.

Speaking, since she was pregnant with small cashews, Selina has become a surfing expert. She shared her daily life during her pregnancy from time to time.Looking back at her previous beautiful photos with her and her boyfriend Xiaoxu, there are many photos.

From the perspective of her boyfriend, Selina always smiles and feels very good.She never concealed the scars of her leg burns and showed it in the photo.It can be seen that Selina is now fully relieved.She has her boyfriend and a baby who is about to be born, which is undoubtedly the happiest person.

In addition to traveling with her boyfriend Xiaoxu, Selina’s daily life is quite full.Not long ago, she also accompanied her good sister Ella to celebrate the birth of her big belly. The three sisters in the same frame were pleasing to the eye.Many years have passed, and the feelings of Selina and Ella and Hebe are still as deep as before.Such friendly, who is not envious?

During pregnancy, SELINA not only travels and meets with good sisters, but also follows the fitness teacher to learn basic exercise.Seeing her chin and belly because she became pregnant, she was really cute.

Seeing Selina’s current good state, she couldn’t help but feel sorry, she was not knocked down by suffering!

When her career reached its peak, Selina suffered a fire, causing severe burns.

However, life joked with this poor woman.Last summer, Selina found unable to control his voice.This is a terrible thing for a singer.It means that the unstoppable sound means that you can’t sing anymore anymore.Her career will also come to the end.

When ordinary people encounter these difficulties, they may choose to give up because of the pain and the most important thing in life disappear in an instant.But Selina is not like this.She still had a stage dream in her heart, and she still hoped to sing She’s song again.

If it wasn’t for this career, who would choose to stand on the stage again and bear the cold words of others?Selina’s heart is extremely strong.

For Selina, the burning incident is a disaster in her life.Even if things have passed, the kind of pain remains in memory.That painful experience may never be forgotten by Selina.

For a female star, appearance plays a decisive role in career.Selina’s face was completely destroyed due to burns, and the skin became uneven.Even after Selina burns, many people still say what hurts people.Theoretically, it is difficult for those who have experienced such things to return to the original place.

Especially in the entertainment industry, does Selina do not know how many people will face the discussion of the entertainment industry again?She knew in her heart that even after the burns, some people were scolding her on the Internet, and she saw the news.

These remarks did hurt Selina’s heart.In the show, Selina often can’t help crying.After all, for a person who has not experienced too much difficulties since childhood, when he grows up, he has never experienced the hardships of life with his beautiful appearance and beautiful singing.

Some people say that Selina has always used this to hype, hoping to enhance their popularity.I think this guess is very vicious.Who would be willing to treat his suffering as a driving force for career?Is there any reason for Selina to do this?

Moreover, her family conditions are not poor. From her variety show "The Love of Daughter", it can be seen that Selina’s father is a very cultivated person, and the economic situation of their family is also good.

Selina is fully capable of re -developing herself to go to a strange place after burning and recovery. She has such capital and strength.After all, she graduated from Taipei Normal University and obtained a master’s degree in the School of Design.If she wants to re -develop, it can be done.

However, she did not give up.Selina chose to return to the entertainment industry.There, someone laughed at her burns.From the moment she decided to return to the entertainment industry, it meant that she had to face her abuse and guess on the Internet.If she did not really release the burns, it would be difficult to face all of this frankly.

I don’t know how many people will start to treat life actively because of Selina’s experience.In this world, many people are incompatible with others because of various accidents.Selina is really surprising to have such a life attitude.

However, behind this incident, we can also see the discrimination that people who are defective in the society, and some people always use the pain of others as a laughing stock.

For those who are hurt, they should maintain a positive attitude towards life and do not give up their lives; for bystanders, since the onlookers cannot feel the same, then do not hurt others.

Now Selina’s due date is getting closer and closer. I believe she and her boyfriend Xiaoxu are looking forward to the birth of the son of the son in the belly.I hope that Selina will continue to maintain a good mood and state during the next pregnancy, and we also look forward to the birth of our custard baby safely.

Through Selina’s experience, we can’t help but start thinking: when you meet the right person, you can really feel it.Her happiness and satisfaction are not only reflected in the appearance, but also from her heart.This further confirms the positive impact of love and happiness on individuals.Therefore, when choosing a partner, you should consider it carefully, do not tolerate yourself, and find the person who truly loves you and is loved by you.

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