Selina is 8 months pregnant: The pregnant belly is exposed, and netizens praised it!

Selina’s 8 months pregnant status

Time, in a blink of an eye, Selina has been pregnant for 8 months.Her elegant posture seemed extremely charming at this special moment, exuding a maternal glory.Although her face was slightly pale, the happiness and expectations revealed in her eyes were moving.

Every day, Selina takes care of the babies in their belly.She maintains a regular schedule, and she will get up in the morning to make some gently pregnant women to help her maintain a flexible body.Then, she will prepare a nutritious breakfast to provide her and her baby with sufficient nutrition.She often stroked her belly with her hands and shared her mother’s love with her baby.

Selina’s smile is always full of happiness.She uses every idle time to prepare various supplies for her baby.From the baby’s clothing to the bedding, she all chose it by herself to ensure the safety and comfort of the baby.Whenever I see these small clothes and toys, Selina’s heart is full of joy and expectations.

Although physical discomfort and fatigue made Selina feel a little tired, she never complained.She knew that all this was a sacrifice for a small life.She tells stories to her baby every day and tells him the beauty and warmth of this world.Her voice is gentle and full of love, as if she can make the baby feel the care of her mother.

During the period of pregnancy, Selina also spent many warm moments with her husband.Every night, her husband will stroke her belly and communicate intimately with the baby.They prepare for the baby’s arrival and plan for his future.Selina looked at her husband’s eyes, full of gratitude and love.

Although Selina’s body became bulky, she never stopped her love for life.She often enters nature and feels the warmth and tranquility of the earth.Whenever she sees a blooming flower or a cheerful bird, her heart will be full of joy.She wants her baby to have endless surprises and happiness in this beautiful world.

In the process of breeding, Selina is not only a pregnant woman, but also an emerging writer.She used her stroke to turn this special time into text.She recorded her feelings and thinking and shared it with the world.Her article warms the hearts of each reader, and it has also become the spiritual support of many expectant mothers.

Over time, Selina’s baby is about to come to this world.Her heart was full of joy and expectations.She knew that she was going to be a mother, carrying endless love and responsibility.She hopes that the baby can come healthily and safely, and she will also use her own strength to give the baby the best growth environment and education.

Selina’s 8 months of pregnancy is not only a change in the body, but also a growth of inner strength.With her strength and love, she wrote a warm chapter, showing the greatness and selflessness of maternal love.She believes that love babies will grow into an excellent person in the future and bring more good and hope to the world.

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