Seeing the arrogance of Primary Three and Primary Three, I found that Xiaosan was pregnant. Why isn’t marriage a scam?

The picture comes from the Internet

(2) After sending children to school in the morning, Tang Ning passed.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw a woman wearing a sexy suspender pajama, with long yellow hair slightly curly, and put on her shoulders at will, but she was a little bit beautiful.

Tang Ning felt a little surprised, and did not expect that she moved in so soon.

Seeing her, Tang Ning thought of the sound he heard in the closet, and had a nausea in her heart.

The woman saw her over and didn’t panic, and shouted her sweetly: "Sister Ning."

He smiled again and said, "You came here so early. I moved it yesterday. Listening to President Lu said that you will come and get things, I put all your things into it."

That’s right, this annoying woman is Zhang Xiaole.

Tang Ning glanced at her. The figure was pretty good. The front and back were raised, and the skin was so tender as tofu, but let’s not say that she couldn’t help but look at it, let alone a man.

However, such a tender girl, why not go to a boyfriend well, but come to be a junior. Are the unmarried men in this world dead?

When Zhang Xiaole saw Tang Ning looked at her, she deliberately stood up and raised slightly. The corner of her mouth raised slightly.Is it envious, jealousy and hate?

Tang Ning looked at Zhang Xiaole’s proud smile, and couldn’t wait to rush up to catch the face of her fox Meisiko. "Miss Zhang wore so little and caught a cold."

"Thank you Sister Ning for your care, I am healthy and not cold." Zhang Xiaole said with a smile.

Tang Ning rolled a white eyes in her heart and walked towards the second lie. She was afraid she couldn’t help catching her hypocritical smile.

Originally, Tang Ning also wanted to find some stubbles, but the second bedroom cleaned very cleanly, and everything was neatly put.

I ca n’t find the stubble, Zhang Xiaole is at home again, how do I get a recorder?

Tang Ning was irritable.

Zhang Xiaole held his chest with both hands, deliberately exposed the diamond ring on the ring finger, leaned against the door frame, and watched Tang Ning packing things.

Tang Ning asked while packing the album and photo frame: "Do Miss Zhang not go to work today?"

"I am vacation today."

"Do Miss Zhang have a boyfriend?" Tang Ning asked intentionally.

"Yes." Zhang Xiaole said generously.

"Oh? Where is Miss Zhang’s boyfriend? Take him out after another day, sister invite you to dinner."

"Thank you Sister Ning, Sister Ning, you still call me Xiaole. You do n’t need to eat. He is very busy." Zhang Xiaole replied lightly, and he couldn’t hide his pride in his tone.

"He is very busy, where is he going to work? Why is it so hard, do you work in the construction site?" Tang Ning deliberately inspired her.

"Sister Ning, you really love to joke. My boyfriend is the boss. He has an endless thing every day, and he has no time to accompany me." Zhang Xiaole said.

After hearing the sound of pretentious, Tang Ning’s goosebumps came out and couldn’t help but shivered.

"It turns out that Miss Zhang’s boyfriend is the boss, what did he do? Since it is the boss, why not buy you a house? It’s really stingy." Tang Ning still called her Miss Zhang.

"Hurry up, he promised me, and he sent me a house when he got married."

"Oh? Then congratulate Miss Zhang, get married, remember to invite me to drink a happy wine, I will seal you a big red envelope." Tang Ning looked at Zhang Xiaole meaningfully.

Zhang Xiaole laughed at the corner of his mouth, "Yes, Sister Ning is assured that we get married, and we will definitely invite you to drink."

Tang Ning took a deep breath and resisted the urge to rush up to hit her. "I don’t know what Miss Zhang’s boyfriend looks like, is there any photos, let me see, what kind of man is worthy of you. "Such cheap goods.

"My boyfriend doesn’t like taking pictures, and I have the opportunity to introduce you to know it." Zhang Xiaole said with a smile.

"Don’t your boyfriend live with you?" Tang Ning asked again.

"No, he only has time to come over."

"Are you afraid of living alone?" Tang Ning put the albums and photo frames into the bag, ready to leave, and I couldn’t get the recording pen today.

"Hey, there is anything so scared. Besides, my boyfriend will come every day." Zhang Xiaole waved his hand, and the diamond ring on the unknown finger shone.

Tang Ning was flashed by the diamond ring. She froze, pointed at the diamond ring and asked, "This diamond ring is pretty, did the boyfriend send it?"

Zhang Xiaole and Tang Ning talked nonsense for so long, waiting for her sentence, and quickly said: "Yeah, this is sent by my boyfriend, 250,000, is it beautiful?"

She stretched her fingers to Tang Ning’s in front of her, and she couldn’t hide her pride in her eyes.

Tang Ning’s face was ugly. He glanced at the diamond ring and couldn’t speak.

Well you Lu Wenjie, have no money to buy a diamond ring, but have money to buy Xiaosan, and buy such a expensive one.

Seeing that Tang Ning was so angry, the purpose was achieved. Zhang Xiaole’s smile was even more brilliant. He twisted the waist of the snake and showed the diamond ring in his hand. "This diamond ring was customized by my boyfriend.I only love me in my life. "

"Really?" Tang Ning mocked: "You believe in men’s words? In this case, he doesn’t know how many women have said."

"Hee hee …" Zhang Xiaolejiao said with a smile: "No matter who he said to him before, now he only said to me, Sister Ning, I tell you a good news, I am pregnant, he saidMarry me. "

Tang Ning was shocked, her heart seemed to be pierced by sharp blades, and her breath was suffocated, "Really? Then I want to see, how can he marry you."

After speaking, Tang Ning squeezed Zhang Xiaole and left in anger. If she didn’t leave, she was going to be angry. The bitch, I would not divorce. See how Lu Wenjie marries you. I drag you two dogs and women.

… …

After returning home, Tang Ning opened a nanny, soaked a pot of coffee, and locked himself in the room.

The news that Primary Three was pregnant, like a blockbuster bomb, blew her six gods.

She leaned on the chair, and after a while, she slowed over. She took out her mobile phone and found that her hands were shaking well. She trembled, opened the monitoring software, and turned to the video a few days ago.

The pinhole camera bought by Tang Ning is the most expensive and the best. It can not only shoot videos, but also hear the sound.

She watched the video in the bedroom. In the video, the two dogs and women embraced each other into the bedroom, took off their clothes while walking, and did something unspeakable … (here is a omitted 10,000 words.)

She thought her heart was numb, but when she saw such a picture, she was still abused.

At least Lu Wenjie never kissed her so hard.

Tang Ningqiang looked disgusting, looked at it with his scalp, and the woman’s snoring sound was heard in the video, and the man’s gasping.

For the first time, Tang Ning knew that there was so many postures that made her look at it.

They took a long time. Tang Ning had no patience to look at them. She scratched the screen with her fingers and pressed the fast forward. She didn’t stop until the end of the movement.

Lu Wenjie’s voice came out in the video: "Baby, I love you."

"This sentence, have you said to that old woman too?"

"No, I can’t afford to see the yellow -faced mother -in -law. Since I have you, I have never touched her again. You see how nice I am to you? My heart is not only yours, even me, even mePeople are also yours. "Lu Wenjie said praise.

"That’s almost the same, I love you the most …" Zhang Xiaole hugged Lu Wenjie and kissed his face, "Dear, when do you divorce the yellow -faced mother -in -law?"

"Baby, why did you mention this again? Didn’t I say it? Now the child is still young. When the child is bigger, I will divorce her again, rest assured, I will marry you." Lu Wenjie tenderly coaxedroad.

"Don’t." Zhang Xiaole pushed Lu Wenjie angrily, "When do you want me to wait for you to wait? Do you wait for the old pearl yellow? I still say you love me, I think you have no me in your heart, 嘤 …"

Zhang Xiaole cried with her face covering her face.

Lu Wenjie quickly coaxed: "Baby, don’t cry, crying my heart is broken. Well, I will divorce her as soon as possible, so don’t you cry again?"

"You lie, when you say as soon as possible, when is it as soon as possible? No, you must give me a certain time today." Zhang Xiaole was reluctant.

"Baby, don’t you make trouble? You are embarrassed me."

"Why did I embarrass you? If you don’t divorce the yellow -faced mother -in -law, don’t come to me again. Let’s break up. Go back to live a good life with your yellow -faced mother -in -law and be your good husband and father."

"Baby, do you want to make me sad? What do I mean without you? You know my heart, but say this to hurt my heart." Lu Wenjie covered his chest, his face was painfulSaid.

Tang Ning felt that Oscar owed Lu Wenjie a little golden man.

"Huh!" Zhang Xiaole’s proudly hummed, "I hurt your heart? Then why don’t you hurt my heart? You refuse to divorce the yellow -faced mother -in -law, just don’t love me."

"Baby, have you ever thought about it, I am now divorced from her, and half of my property will be given to her. I am not willing to give her so much. The woman is at home every day and does nothing. Why should I divide my half of my property?? "Lu Wenjie said unhappyly.

"What should I do? I can’t divorce her because I don’t want to divide her with the property? Then what should I do? I can’t always be with you in my life? My mother will kill me."

"Don’t worry, when I arrange it, I will divorce her. I don’t want to give her a penny, and the child’s custody right. I don’t want to give her one. It is best to let her go out of the house."Lu Wenjie said with yin.

Through the screen, Tang Ning felt the ruthlessness in Lu Wenjie’s eyes, making her shudder.

Tang Ning raised the coffee next to it, and drank a big sip, and the bitter taste spread instantly in the mouth. The taste was always bitter. She blinked and her eyes were astringent.

"How can that?" Zhang Xiaole screamed, "My dear, we don’t want children, you give her all the children, I will have two cute babies for you, can you say okay?"

"This …" Lu Wenjie hesitated not talking, telling the truth, he didn’t want to divide the property to Tang Ning, nor did he want to separate from his child, so he didn’t want to divorce. He said he wanted to marry Zhang Xiaole.He wanted the red flag at home, and the color flags were fluttering outside.

Which man does not raise a small honey now?Even his subordinates raised one -bedroom and two milk, not to mention a man with a successful career.There are few women around him, and he is embarrassed to go out.

"Um ~ OK, I’ll give you birth, how many children do you want, I will give you a child, and the child who belongs to the two of us." Zhang Xiaole posted Lu Wenjie and said coquettishly.

"Okay, you give me a life …" Lu Wenjie smiled and rushed to Zhang Xiaole.

Then (10,000 words are omitted here, you know.)

Tang Ning was too lazy to watch, and pulled a few more times on the screen, pressing fast forward.

Suddenly, she saw Lu Wenjie take out a diamond ring and put on Zhang Xiaole. Her hand paused, and the video returned to normal.

"Baby, happy birthday." Lu Wenjie said affectionately with Zhang Xiaole.

"Thank you dear, do you propose to me?" Zhang Xiaole asked shyly.

"Yes, baby, marry me." Lu Wenjie lowered his head and kissed Zhang Xiaole’s face gently.

Zhang Xiaole hugged Lu Wenjie’s head and returned to him a deep kiss.

"My dear, I want to give you a gift too."

"Baby, you are my biggest gift." Lu Wenjie couldn’t wait to pull her clothes.

"Hee hee hee …" Zhang Xiaole laughed and pushed Lu Wenjie, "Don’t make trouble, tell you the business."

"It’s not important to say what the business is." Lu Wenjie took Zhang Xiaole and his clothes *.

The two (omit 10,000 words here, you can refer to the island god film, and then make up for your own brain. In short, it is very fierce and fierce.)

Tang Ning was really disgusting by this pair of scumbags and daughters. She pressed the pause key and ran into the bathroom.

After a while, Tang Ning slowed down, ruling her mouth with water, and she came out of the bathroom.

After holding the cup, a sip of coffee, and took a deep breath, she pulled the curtains up, and then opened the air conditioner to the maximum. Open the video and watch patiently.

At this moment, she didn’t feel sad, maybe her heart was dead.

After the joy of fish and water, Zhang Xiaole was lying in Lu Wenjie’s arms, grabbing his hand on the flat belly, and said, "Dear, don’t move, what can you feel?"

Lu Wenjie went up and down his hand, very disturbed, and said cheaply, "What? Do you want to think?"

"I hate!" Zhang Xiaole shot the unrealistic hand and said, "The point is serious, people tell you the business."

"What is right?" Lu Wenjie finally became honest.

Zhang Xiaole grabbed Lu Wenjie’s hand again, put back on his belly again, and said, "Dear, you can feel it."

Lu Wenjie felt a bit with heart, and said confusedly, "Are you hungry?"

Zhang Xiaole glanced at him and said, "I’m pregnant."

"What?" Lu Wenjie was frightened and looked at Zhang Xiaole incredible, "Are you talking about it?"

Zhang Xiaole glanced at Lu Wenjie, "Can you still be fake? Well, this is my inspection report I went to the hospital yesterday."

Having said that Zhang Xiaole sat up and took out a check report from the bag and handed it to Lu Wenjie.

Lu Wenjie took a look, and his face became extremely ugly.

Seeing Lu Wenjie’s reaction, Zhang Xiaoling was so angry that he cried, "Hey … Do you not love our children? This is the crystallization of our love …"

"No …" Lu Wenjie said stutteringly: "Didn’t I wear a raincoat? Will it be wrong? How can I …"

"Have you forgotten? Once last month, the sleeve was used up, I asked you to buy it, you forgot, but didn’t wear it." Zhang Xiaole glanced at it.

Lu Wenjie stunned for a while, and then said, "This child, don’t let it go first."

"What?" Zhang Xiaole cried and complained: "You don’t love me at all, and said that you want to marry me, you liar … alas … I won’t live…… "…"

Lu Wenjie was annoyed by Zhang Xiaole. "Baby, don’t cry, how can I not love you? If I don’t love you, how can I buy such a expensive diamond ring? This diamond ring is specifically customized for you.It’s 250,000. "

Zhang Xiaole touched the diamond ring wearing the ring finger. I didn’t expect that this diamond ring was so expensive, but she still had a hard mouth. "Don’t think you give a broken diamond ring, I forgive you, if you don’t want this child, then I will break up with you to break up with youThen give birth to the child, let your child call another man to call his father. "

Lu Wenjie was the first two big. He did not expect Zhang Xiaoying to be pregnant. He didn’t want to divorce now. "Don’t make trouble. Now the time is immature. I can’t divorce. This child ……. "

"Wen Jie, how much money you can divorce, I don’t care at all. I care about it, but you, even if you are a poor egg, I have to be with you. As long as our family of three is together, I will I will be together, I will I will beI am very satisfied. Ask you, just divorce her, okay? Or, let me talk about it? "

"Don’t mess up, this will break my business. If I have nothing, how can I give you a good life with your children? Besides, that’s the money I earned hard, why should I give it to others? I am not reconciled… Baby, can you wait? I promise you, we will have many children in the future. "

"No, Wen Jie, you are too cruel, that’s our child, how can you bear to kill him? I don’t want to kill the child." Zhang Xiaole hugged his stomach, his angry voice was crying.

"You can not beat your child, but I really can’t divorce now. I can’t give your name now. You think it is possible, then you will give birth."

"Alas … Lu Wenjie, you liar, your bastard, you cheated my feelings, you said you will marry me, you don’t talk about it." Zhang Xiaole cried.

"Okay, don’t cry, I believe me, I will compensate you and children. The gambler of the gamblers has a few ladies. You are my second room wife, and I will not lose you."

"You say nicely. Even if the gambler has a lot of lady, it is legal. Does our country not support the second -bedroom wife. Do you make our children be illegitimate?"

"What happened to the illegitimate child? The illegitimate child has the same right to inherit." Lu Wenjie said without care.

"No, I don’t want my child to be an illegitimate child. If you want to tell her, I’ll go." Zhang Xiaole shouted hysterically.

Lu Wenjie exhausted patiently and said bored, "Don’t you make trouble? If let her know that you are pregnant, you said, how much property can I get? Why do I have to divorce?Give her the property, and you can spend much money, isn’t this good? "

"Don’t divorce, that’s it is good for you, there is no benefit to me. Even if she divorces you, at least she can get a house, and I? If you don’t want me, I can’t get anything, I can’t get anything","

For the first time, the two dogs and women were scattered, but the next day, the two reconciled again. Lu Wenjie proposed that Zhang Xiaole moved over to live, and agreed to wait for her to have a child, and then bought her a house., Write her own name, Zhang Xiaole will not make trouble.

After Tang Ning watched the video, he probably knew Lu Wenjie’s thoughts. He didn’t want to divide her with the property, so he didn’t want to divorce. He imagined that there were a few rooms like a gambler, huh!It’s pretty beautiful.

Tang Ning saved all the videos.

… …

In the afternoon, Tang Ning asked Liu Jianan to come out again and told her Lu Wenjie’s plan.

Liu Jianan heard the words and scolded a scumbag, which said, "This depends on you. If you don’t want to divorce, then go with him like this. If you want to divorce, then wait for his child to give birth.In this way, your victory is even greater. "

Tang Ning held his cheeks with one hand and stirred coffee unconsciously with a small spoon in the other hand. "Divorce must be separated. When I see him now, I feel sick, but I just divorce like this, and I feel unwilling.Thinking of the slut’s proud face, I wanted to drag her. As long as I did not divorce, she couldn’t turn right in her life. Her child, all the illegitimate children who couldn’t see light in her life. "

Liu Jianan smiled, "Then drag her to death, as long as Lu Wenjie doesn’t mention, you open your eyes and close your eyes. The fox essence can’t wait, and he will definitely act."

"But Lu Wenjie promised to buy her a house, what should I do?"

"What else can I do? Grasp the evidence first, you can chase it when you divorce, don’t worry." Liu Jianan thought about it, and said, "Let him buy it, this house can’t run, it is your property in your marriageIt is equivalent to helping you save money. If he does n’t buy a house, you do n’t know how much private house money he has. After all, the money is made by him. How much money he made, I think you have no bottom? "

She did not have the bottom. Although she checked his WeChat and bank cards, she knew how much money he had, but she did n’t know how much money can the clothing factory make in a month. She never asked about the shopping clothing factory.As much as she gave, how much she took, and she took the child at home. If she hadn’t found that sleeve, she was still covered in the drum, thinking that her marriage was not broken, and she thought she was very happy.

Think about it now, I think the previous thoughts are really ridiculous.

In fact, Lu Wenjie didn’t want to divorce her because she never asked him about him, and kept her peacefully, raised her, and divorced her than to divorce her. After all, she didn’t have any money before., Saving money than inviting a nanny, as long as this man is not stupid, he will not choose to divorce her.

Tang Ning sighed and felt very confused. Should she keep the position of the palace for the child, or to divorce Lu Wenjie for herself?

She suddenly wanted to go out to work. If she had a source of economic sources, she would not consume it with Lu Wenjie for money. She could smash him with a lot of money, and then pointed at his nose and said, "Divorce, slag,Male, without you, I will live better. "

"Jianan, I want to make money." Tang Ning suddenly jumped out of such a sentence.

Liu Jianan laughed, "You, it’s time to make money. No one rely on herself, no one is worse than yourself. In fact, it is easy to make money. It depends on you and you are willing to do it. Now there are 20,000 to 30,000 a month. "

Tang Ning was dazzling. She knew that the live broadcast was very hot now, and she knew that the live broadcast made money, but she did not expect that the people around her really made so much by live broadcast.

"Oh my god, Jianan, are you too powerful? Live cooking, really someone sees it?"

Liu Jianan laughed: "Why no one watched? Many women now can’t cook, and I live broadcast live, just let those women who can’t cook learn how to cook."

Tang Ning was excited and eager to try, "You said, can I do it?"

"Yes, why can’t you do it? By the way, have you ever learned to bake? You can broadcast live cakes, desserts, biscuits and the like. This kind of live broadcast will definitely watch."

Liu Jianan’s words gave Tang Ning a lot of confidence. She liked baking and learned for a while. Since having a child, she has paid great attention to the health of the child’s diet. The child likes to eat cake desserts and bought too many additives outside. SheDon’t worry, just do it for your children at home.

When she was not married, she was a coquettish woman who did not stick to the spring water. After her marriage, she not only learned to cook, but also learned to bake and marriage. She can really change a woman.

"Okay, what should I do, Jianan, you teach me, what should I prepare now?"

Just between the two of them, the mobile phone on the table suddenly sounded. Tang Ning picked up the phone and opened it. It turned out that Lu Wenjie turned to her and looked at the 30,000 yuan of the account. Tang Ning exposed the bitterness.With a smile, her husband spent 250,000 to buy a diamond ring to discuss the joy of Xiao San, but she wanted to buy a diamond ring, but was accused of spending money. What kind of way is this?

"What’s wrong? Who sent you a message?" Liu Jianan asked with concern to see Tang Ning’s face change.

"Nothing, Lu Wenjie transferred me to me, I stabbed him 110,000, and said that I wanted to buy a diamond ring."

"Haha … really have you, then you really plan to buy a diamond ring?"

"Well, what diamond ring is bought, the fool will buy that thing. I want to save money. Now only money can soothe my injured heart."

"Look at you, let’s go, let me take you to buy the equipment." Liu Jianan recruited the waiter to pay.

"Come, I come, I have a change here." Tang Ning quickly took out the money from the bag and rushed to buy the bill.

Liu Jianan did not compete with her. The two went out of the coffee shop and drove on their own car.

Liu Jianan took Tang Ning to the computer city, bought a mobile phone support, a high -definition camera, a capacitive microphone, an independent sound card, and a fill light. He also bought a latest version of Apple phone.

Looking at a bunch of equipment, Tang Ning feels unable to start, "How to use these things?"

"Go, go back to my house, I teach you how to use it."

The two returned to the car holding a bunch of equipment.

Liu Jianan’s house is in an ordinary community in the old town. Although the house here is a bit old, there is a very good elementary school next to it. It is a standard school district house. Liu Jianan’s daughter is going to school next to elementary school.

Back to Liu Jianan’s house, although the house was not large, it was only eighty -five square meters, but it was clean and tidy, and it was very warm. A red rose was inserted on the coffee table in the living room.

"Yo, your mother’s little life is good, this rose looks good."

"This flower is sent by my fans." Liu Jianan said with a smile: "Leaving the scum man, don’t mention the moisturizing of the days of our mother, the current life is people who live."

"Fans sent? Is it a male fan or a female fan?" Tang Ning blinked his eyes and laughed narrowly.

"Look at you like an eight -woman, this was sent by a male fan, but now I am like a water -stopd water and I am not interested in men." Liu Jianan said to walk into the kitchen.

Tang Ning was interested in this male fan and chased Liu Jianan into the kitchen. "Hurry up, who is this male fan? What do you do? When did he start to be interested in you?"

Faced with a series of questions from Tang Ning, Liu Jianan couldn’t cry and laugh, "Are you a hukou? All said, I am not interested in him."

"Jianan, you are bitten by a snake, for ten years, you are afraid of well rope? For the scum man, you are going to keep your body like a jade for a lifetime?"

Liu Jianan took out two cans of beverages from the refrigerator and handed a bottle to Tang Ning. "I think my life is good now, and I don’t have thought about it again, but I don’t want my daughter to become a drag bottle.I can regenerate, I dare not guarantee that after the regeneration, I will be as good as my daughter as ever. In addition, I often see the news of her stepfather assaulting the successor, which makes me dare not remarry.Trouble. "

Tang Ning sat down at the dining table, thinking about Liu Jianan’s words, and felt that women were really not easy.However, if she divorced, she would not plan to marry again, because she lost confidence in men completely.

Men in the world are generally black.

Seeing Tang Ning didn’t speak, Liu Jianan laughed: "Okay, let’s not talk about such a heavy topic, come, I will teach you how to live."

Liu Jianan took out his mobile phone, taught Tang Ning where to live broadcast, how to shoot videos, and asked her to register a few social software accounts. "You will post you on these social platforms for baking videos.You push, wait for you to accumulate a certain fan, and start the live broadcast by yourself. "

Liu Jianan also took out her live broadcast equipment, how to use Tang Ning with hand.

Tang Ning is not confident in his image. "Do you have to show your face when shooting a video?"

"It is also possible to not show your face." Liu Jianan said.

Tang Ning took down and asked Liu Jianan some live broadcast questions.

… …

For a few days, Tang Ning was shooting a small video of making cakes, but at first she was not very skilled, and the angle of the shooting was not very good. After watching Liu Jianan, she gave her some opinions, and picked up a piece of her to shoot more.Good video, help her push.

Slowly, Tang Ning’s fans increased at the speed of visible to the naked eye, and it seemed to break through 5,000 people, which greatly increased Tang Ning’s confidence.

After having fans, Tang Ning started broadcasting. She taught everyone to make small desserts every day. There are fast -handed cakes, small biscuits, cheese cakes, pudding and pizza. Some desserts have undergone her improvement. The method is simple and good.Eat, soon attracted a group of loyal powder.

Because she had to shoot a small video every day, she adjusted her time again. The time to go to the gym in the morning was controlled within an hour. After the fitness came back, she started making small videos.

After shooting small videos, editing to modify, and then sending them to various social platforms.

Doing live, unlike shooting small videos, she can not show her face. At the beginning, she was very nervous. She would dress herself carefully before live broadcast every day. She did not make up for many years, and she also started to make makeup.

Fortunately, after a month of fitness, the small fat on her waist was obviously tightened a lot, and her complexion became better and better. She became more confident in front of the camera.

Tang Ning’s foundation was good, and with careful dressing, it was even better.

Fans rose. One month later, Tang Ning had got yellow V, and there were more than 10,000 fans.

She has opened the window of the product, and her income is increasing. Although she has not made much money, she has unprecedented practicality.

It turned out that she could live well without relying on her husband.

If you can make money, the idea of divorce becomes stronger, but when he thinks of Zhang Xiaole, Tang Ning’s heart can not swallow. Zhang Xiaole’s stomach starts to show his arms. If she is divorced at this time, the happiest person is Zhang Xiaole.She didn’t want to make her happy, so she decided to bear it again.

In fact, she looks at monitoring every day. There is no new trick for dogs and women during this time, but Lu Wenjie has given Zhang Xiaole’s more and more money. This month, Lu Wenjie gave her 50,000 houses.The month must give her 100,000.

Ask him why he gave so little, he poured that the efficiency of the clothing factory was not good and could not make any money.

In order to prevent Lu Wenjie from raising the money, Tang Ning reported his son a tennis class and the violin class, and reported the piano class and ballet dance class to his daughter.The piano spent 60,000, a violin of 50,000, and the tuition fee, and it took nearly 200,000.

However, the money was spent on the child. Although Lu Wenjie hurt, he also gave it.

Zhang Xiaole learned that Tang Ning spent nearly 200,000 for the child, and he almost moved his fetal gas, as if Tang Ning spent her money. "The child is still young, what can you buy such a expensive instrument? I don’t know if I can learn whether I can learnGo on, just start, just buy a cheap one. You also love them too much, so you will spoil the child. "

Lu Wenjie loved his child very much. He heard Zhang Xiaole said so unhappy, "They are my children, I am happy to spend how much money they spend on them."

"Yes, are you happy, what about me? Didn’t you say you want to buy a house for me? When can such a flower be given to me?" Zhang Xiaole grievant and shed tears, and her belly became bigger and bigger.She dared not go home, afraid of people at home scolding her.

When it comes to the house, Lu Wenjie was also upset. Originally, he wanted to buy a house for a house for Zhang Xiaole, but Tang Ning didn’t know what was going

Did this lady take the wrong medicine?I did n’t see her buying such expensive things for her child. Now I ’m not only expensive to buy, but even the fruits are all expensive to buy, more than a hundred pounds of cherry, buy three pounds as soon as you buy, and every daypurchase.There is also the durian. She was reluctant to buy it before, but now she bought it every day. She also bought the most expensive Matshan King, a hundred dollars.

The more Lu Wenjie thought, the more wrong, did she find anything?

Thinking of Tang Ning has come here, he asked Zhang Xiaole: "Tang Ning came here that day, did you say something to her?"

Zhang Xiaole’s eyes flashed and said, "I didn’t say anything to her, what happened? Did she find it?"

If it was really found, it was best to find it, and then ran to hit her. She stimulated her and Lu Wenjie to divorce. In this way, Lu Wenjie had no longer willing to leave, and had to leave.

She would rather be divided into half of the property by Tang Ning, and she did not want to be unknown in her name, and she didn’t want her child to have an illegitimate child in her life.

Besides, no divorce is no longer divorced. At the speed of spending money like Tang Ning, don’t want to buy her house.

Lu Wenjie looked at Zhang Xiaole and warned: "I can warn you, don’t talk in front of her."

Zhang Xiaole said no, but he was very unwilling.

In the evening, after Lu Wenjie coaxed Xi Yan to fall asleep, he returned to the room and saw Tang Ning applying the mask. He suddenly found that he didn’t know when it started, Tang Ning started skin care. Before, she never worn the maskof.

He walked to Tang Ning and saw a variety of skin care products and cosmetics on the dressing table.

He also knows these skin care products, because he bought Zhang Xiaole. The skin care products of this brand are very expensive, and a set of foundations must be tens of thousands of pieces. The series bought by Tang Ning is anti -aging, more expensive, and one must be one.More than 10,000 yuan.

He was suddenly unhappy. It was really a loser girl, "I said you are really panic? What are you doing? Look at you, make it like a ghost, how old you are,? Two children, who do you dress up? How do you want to find another one? "

Tang Ning rolled his eyes and ignored him, because she didn’t want to talk to him because she applied the mask.

Seeing that Tang Ning didn’t speak, Lu Wenjie became even more hot, and raised the volume and said, "Talk to you, are you deaf? Look at you, what’s the use of buying these things? Can you eat it or wear it?The money was made by your prodigal girls. Do you think my money is scraped by a strong wind? Wait for you to make this? "

Tang Ning whispered: "Don’t quarrel with me, I don’t want to quarrel with you."

"How to drop it? I still say something wrong? Look at the things you bought, do you don’t feel bad for my money?"

When Tang Ning saw that Lu Wenjie was getting stronger, he torn off the mask and said to him, "What? I marry you, can’t even use skin care products? Are you marrying a nanny or a wife or a wife.Yeah? Even a nanny, people still have wages, how about me? How much can you give a month? So, from today, you also calculated the salary of me.Eight thousand, how about it? "

"You … I will give you 50,000 a month, isn’t it less?" Lu Wenjie touched Tang Ning’s fingers with his fingers, his face flushed.

"50,000 a month, is that all of them? That is the cost of living, the living expenses of your son and daughter. Is your son and daughter not need to eat or wear? Do you grow up in the northwest wind?"

Lu Wenjie was dumbly speechless, and his face was very difficult to see.

This woman has really changed. She never talked to him like this before. Where did something go wrong?

Seeing that Lu Wenjie didn’t speak, Tang Ning also said, "Why? Isn’t I right? Lu Wenjie, you are also a boss anyway. You said, let others know that you do n’t even give your wife to buy skin care products. What would others think of you?Didn’t you say that I wouldn’t dress up before? Now I think about it. I did make mistakes before, so from now on, I have to maintain myself well, 欸, I will tell you, what is maintained, what is it?It’s not too late at the beginning, I am beautiful, don’t you have face? "

Lu Wenjie took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions. "Tang Ning, what did you do? I feel that you have changed. You really did not happen before."

Tang Ning asked funnyly: "I changed? What did I look like before? Didn’t I listen to you, dressed up myself? Why do you say that I have changed?Your words are also said, you said, our women are suffering? I also say that men and women are equal. I see, after a hundred years, I can’t be equal. "

After Tang Ning said, she twisted her butt to wash her face, leaving Lu Wenjie who was speechless for a long time.

In the early morning of the next day, Lu Wenjie got up and saw Tang Ning’s makeup. In the past, he used Tang Ning as an invisible person. After getting up breakfast, he went to work. Today he saw Tang Ning’s makeup, and he looked at her more.Different.

Tang Ning who made her makeup was exquisite and beautiful, just like changing a person. She smiled at the mirror and looked back and saw Lu Wenjie sitting in bed watching her.

Tang Ning smiled at him, "You wake up."

Lu Wenjie was a little stunned, as if he had returned to many years ago, he saw Tang Ning for the first time. At that time, Tang Ning was so delicate and beautiful.

The first time he saw her, at a job fair of a unit. He was the manager of the personnel department and was responsible for recruitment. Tang Ning University had just graduated and was looking for a job.

That day, Tang Ning wore an apple -green suit with a hip skirt, revealing a pair of long legs, exquisite and elegant makeup on his face, fresh and sweet like a green apple. At that time, Lu Wenjie looked at it and forgot what she asked.I just remember her named Tang Ning, and the fresh graduates of the University, and he hired her on the spot.

In fact, their company wants work experience, but he has an exception for her.

In order to chase Tang Ning, he made a lot of effort and transferred her to the most fragrant and fastest sector.He confessed to Tang Ning, Tang Ning refused him, and told him that she had a boyfriend, her college classmate, and she loved him very much.

Lu Wenjie did not give up, in order to get Tang Ning, he made a despicable means.

On that day, with the rain, Lu Wenjie found an excuse and left Tang Ning to work overtime alone. In the company, there were only two of them.

At seven o’clock in the evening, he called for takeaway. He was a steak of a western restaurant and a bottle of wine.Take the takeaway, he greeted Tang Ning for dinner, "Tang Ning, hungry, come over for dinner, I also give you a copy, don’t waste it."

"No manager Lu, you can eat it yourself, I finish it." Tang Ning said without lift his head.

"Nothing is more important than eating. Come over, do it after eating, and let’s talk about it. I have ordered it.

Lu Wenjie continued to persuade by Tang Ning’s side. Tang Ning couldn’t hold back, so he had to get up to follow Lu Wenjie to eat in his office.

He poured a glass of wine to Tang Ning enthusiastically. "Tang Ning, so cold, drink some wine to get cold. This is a low -number wine. Don’t worry about drunk."

"I can’t drink, thank you." Tang Ning refused politely.

Tang Ning didn’t drink, and Lu Wenjie no longer forced her, so he had to drink alone, "Tang Ning, I really envy your boyfriend."

Tang Ning was eating, Leng Buding heard such a sentence, and stunned, "My boyfriend is just a small staff, what is so envious."

"I envy him for such a beautiful girlfriend. If I also have such a beautiful girlfriend, even if I want me, I would like it." Lu Wenjie said a sip of wine.

Tang Ning laughed at all, "Manager Lu, you are handsome and capable, you will definitely find a girlfriend who loves you."

"Oh!" Lu Wenjie sighed, "Unfortunately, the person I love does not love me."

Tang Ning heard him say so and didn’t speak, and kept pulling the rice into his mouth, and wanted to leave here quickly.

As soon as Lu Wenjie raised his head, a glass of wine entered his stomach. He poured another cup and drank another sip.

Tang Ning was afraid that Lu Wenjie was drunk and quickly said, "Manager Lu, don’t drink so much, what if you are drunk?"

"It’s good to get drunk. When you get drunk, I won’t be so painful."

After speaking, Lu Wenjie raised his head and did another large cup, just like drinking water.

Tang Ning quickly reached out to grab his cup, "Manager Lu, you can’t drink anymore, you are drunk."

"Give me the cup, don’t care about me, you let me drink, you won’t think so much when you are drunk, oh oh …" Lu Wenjie cried like a child, cryingstand up.

If a man uses a strong one, even if he gets a woman’s body, he will not get the heart of a woman. Maybe it will make a woman hate you, but if a man properly shows weakness, it will arouse women’s natural motherly love.Show weak.

Tang Ning was at a loss, "Manager Lu, don’t cry, you are drunk, wait for my boyfriend to come, let me send you home."

"No, I don’t go home, let’s go first, don’t care about me, let me be calm alone, the family is empty, I am afraid of myself … oh …Lu Wenjie was lying on the table, his shoulders trembled gently, and his sobbing sound overflowed from his throat.

Tang Ning saw Lu Wenjie like this and wanted to walk away, but felt something wrong.Because Lu Wenjie seemed to be drunk.

If she walked away at the time, it was a pity that she was too young. She just came out of society and didn’t know that people were sinister.

Lu Wenjie struggled to stand up, Tang Ning quickly stood up and wanted to help him. He took her into his arms. "Tang Ning, let me hug me, just take it, I will not do anything to you.I just want to hold you like this, please, don’t refuse me, let me hug this way. I know you have a boyfriend, I really envious him, he just knows you earlier than meFair, really unfair … "

Tang Ning was scared and panickedly to push Lu Wenjie away, but the power of his arm was so great. Tang Ning struggled a few times, and he couldn’t push him.

Just then, Tang Ning’s boyfriend Luo Xiaodong came.At that time, in order to avoid suspicion, the door of the office was not related. Luo Xiaodong saw Tang Ning and Lu Wenjie holding together, and he suddenly lost his sense of rationality. Several steps rushed forward to pull Lu Wenjie and hit his face heavy. Lu WenjieHe was hit by this punch a few steps and fell to the ground.

Luo Xiaodong, who was so angry that he lost his rational, did not let him go. He stepped forward and sat on him. The fist fell like a rain. "I kill you, the bastard …"

Lu Wenjie did not return his hands, so he was gritted.

"Stop, Xiaodong …" Tang Ning stepped forward to Larro Xiaodong.

"Go away, let me kill this bastard." Luo Xiaodong pushed Tang Ning, his fists hit Lu Wenjie one after another, and he was fast and fierce.

"Well …" Lu Wenjie hugged his head and moaned painfully.

"Stopping, Xiaodong, I asked you to stop, and I heard it …" Tang Ning shouted loudly, and rushed to Larrow Xiaodong again.

Luo Xiaodong turned red, no matter how Tang Ning pulled him, he kept his hands.

Tang Ning saw Luo Xiaodong fighting Lu Wenjie in his life, and was afraid of making a lives. She picked up the files on the desk and smashed into Luo Xiaodong.

Luo Xiaodong snorted, looking at Tang Ning incredible, his eyes became red instantly, "Sugar, you hit me for him?"

The cry of crying is full of grievances, which makes people feel inexplicable.

Tang Ning panicked, shook his head and hurriedly explained: "No, Xiaodong, you misunderstood, I’m afraid you will kill him."

"He deserved him to kill him. Did you feel bad for him? Did you like him? He hugged you, why don’t you resist? Why?" Luo Xiaodong asked angrily like a injured lion.

"It’s not like this, Xiaodong, you misunderstood, it’s not what you think, we …" At that time … "Tang Ning was so anxious that his tongue was knotted. I don’t know how to explain it.I believe they are innocent.

"What did you do at the time? Say, don’t you say it? I saw it all, you still have to lie to me, sugar, why, why do you lie to me? Why …" Luo Xiaodong yelled painfullyOn the forehead, the blue tendons were stunned, and her eyes were red.

"Xiaodong, I don’t, really don’t, you have to believe me … don’t you like this?" Tang Ning tried to approach Luo Xiaodong, but Luo Xiaodong was pushed away.

"You let me believe you, how can I believe you? Okay, then you go with me now, you go home with me, I believe you." Luo Xiaodong stood up and pulled up Tang Ning and walked out.

"Wait, Xiaodong, we can’t go now. Manager Lu is injured. We can’t just leave like this." Tang Ning said to Luo Xiaodong’s hand.

Lu Wenjie was lying on the ground motionless, and she didn’t know how it was. How could she go like this?What if he died?Did the two of them become murderers?

"Rest assured, he can’t die, I know the weight." Luo Xiaodong went to Tang Ning again.

Tang Ning shook his head and shrank, avoiding Luo Xiaodong’s hand that stretched out. "I don’t leave, I can’t just leave the manager Lu like this. I will be sure that he is fine before going back."

"Huh, I think you can’t bear to him? I also said that you have nothing. Ghost believes that sugar sugar, I let you choose now, do you go with me, or stay with him." Luo Xiaodong pointed to Wenjie.

Tang Ning was angry and annoyed, and his face flushed. "Xiao Dong, I’m in your heart, is this such a person?"

"If you want me to believe you, you will go home with me." Luo Xiaodong shouted towards Tang Ning.

"I don’t go back, I want to go back to yourself, Luo Xiaodong, can you tell me some reason?" Tang Ning shouted back.

"Okay, sugar, I know, this is your choice. I did not expect that you are also such a woman."

After Luo Xiaodong finished speaking, he left without returning.

Tang Ning was on his head and saw that Luo Xiaodong was gone, and did not chase him. She stomped and walked towards Lu Wenjie.

"Manager Lu, you wake up …" Tang Ning shook lightly landing.

Lu Wenjie’s face was dark, his eyes were swollen into a seam, and the corner of the blue mouth and his nose still had blood stains.It looked shocking, as if very serious, which made Tang Ning very worried.

Lu Wenjie did not faint. He was just pretending. Although Luo Xiaodong was very painful, he felt very worthwhile. At least, he successfully provoked their misunderstandings. Once the relationship was suspicious, it was difficult to go down again.It’s right.

"Oh …" Lu Wenjie snorted painfully, and slowly opened the red and swollen eyes. "Tang Ning, I’m sorry, it’s not good for me, let you quarrel."

"Don’t say so much, manager Lu, are you okay?" Tang Ning was upset now and didn’t want to talk about this topic.

"Oh … I’m okay." Lu Wenjie struggled to sit up.

Tang Ning quickly helped him.

"I’m okay, go and go, go back to find your boyfriend, don’t let him misunderstand." Lu Wenjie bowed his body and said hoarsely.

It’s all like this, it’s okay yet?

"Don’t say so much, let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital."

Lu Wenjie struggled a bit, and he helped him with Tang Ning, and the two left the company together.

Lu Wenjie had a second -hand Audi car, which was 5 % new. This was bought for picking up girls, but let’s not say, with this car, he really soaked in a few women.

Tang Ning drove landing on the car. Lu Wenjie sat on the co -pilot. The two had their own thoughts and did not speak along the way.

At the hospital, after Tang Ning ran before running, he registered, queued, and bought medicine for Lu Wenjie was as intimate as his girlfriend.Of course, this is what Lu Wenjie believes. In fact, Tang Ning has no way. Do you ask a patient to queue up and register yourself?

Although Tang Ning knew that Lu Wenjie was beaten, he deserved it, but he had paid the price for his behavior.

When Lu Wenjie saw Tang Ning so intimate, he felt that this meal was too worthwhile. He even felt that Luo Xiaodong was too light.He has been a few days.

At the time of the examination, Lu Wenjie deliberately pretended to be uncomfortable. The doctor was afraid that he had any internal injuries, so he asked him to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Tang Ning saw that Lu Wenjie was so injured and felt more guilty. After running, he ran for the hospitalization procedure for Lu Wenjie.

Lu Wenjie handed her a card and asked her to pay the hospitalization fee. Tang Ning pushed his hand away. "I’ll come, after all, I hurt you."

At the request of Lu Wenjie, Tang Ning took a single ward, because Lu Wenjie said that too many people would affect his rest. In fact, he didn’t want people to disturb him and Tang Ning.

When the nurse came to get an injection, Lu Wenjie fainted, and closed his eyes. The nurse patted his back of his hand and saw his muscles tight, so he said, "A little relaxed, don’t be nervous."

When Tang Ning heard his words, he stepped forward to comfort, "Don’t be nervous, just be fine soon."

Miss Nurse laughed softly, "Your girlfriend is here, a big man, brave."

Tang Ning rolled his eyes helplessly in his heart, and quickly returned to the stool to sit.

Lu Wenjie’s mouth raised slightly and was in a good mood.

After the nurse took the needle, the ward was quiet at once.

Tang Ning was sitting on a needle felt. She wanted to leave, but she was embarrassed to leave Lu Wenjie alone here.

Lu Wenjie saw her uncomfortable, and said hoarsely: "Tang Ning, go back first, I’m okay."

Tang Ning glanced at the needle water and said, "Wait for any bit, let me go again."

Lu Wenjie knew that he could not be in a hurry, so he stopped saying anything, and he was tired, and closed his eyes.

I don’t know how long I slept. When he woke up, it was already bright, and he was the only one in the ward.

Seeing a note on the lunch box on the bedside table, he reached out and took it up. I saw the handwriting of Juanxiu on it: "The box in the box is lean porridge and barbecued pork bun.You asked for leave, got off work at night, and came to see you again. "

Lu Wenjie was warm in his heart and put the note into his pocket. It was better to ask for leave. His face was like this, and he was embarrassed to go back to work.

After sleeping, Lu Wenjie felt a lot better. He wanted to discharge, but when he thought of Tang Ning to come to see him at night, he dispelled the idea.

It was so boring for a day. It was difficult to get back to the evening. He didn’t wait for Tang Ning, but he came to Tang Ning’s phone. "I’m sorry for the manager of Lu, I have something to go tonight, you don’t feel better now. You feel better now.Yet?"

"It’s much better, thank you." Lu Wenjie said.

Tang Ning said another sentence: "Then you take a good rest." He hung up the phone.

Lu Wenjie didn’t know how Tang Ning and Luo Xiaodong were, but he felt that Luo Xiaodong would not let Tang Ning come over.

The next day, Lu Wenjie was discharged from the hospital.

Lu Wenjie rested at home for three days, and the bruises of his eyes almost disappeared, so he went back to work.

After returning to work, he knew that Tang Ning and Luo Xiaodong broke up. The news made him spiritual. Without Luo Xiaodong, he was more attentive to Tang Ning.

But Tang Ning had always avoided him. He gave flowers and breakfast Chinese dinner, and sang downstairs in Tang Ning’s house at night. He couldn’t move Tang Ning. He tried everything, and Tang Ning refused to give him a chance.He asked Tang Ning to work overtime, and Tang Ning asked her good friends to accompany her. He had no chance at all.

After a year, when Lu Wenjie was about to give up, he did not expect that the turning point came.That morning, Lu Wenjie went to work and looked at Tang Ning habitually, but found that Tang Ning’s position was empty. He asked his colleagues and colleagues said that Tang Ning had not come to work.

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch. It was almost 9:30. Tang Ning was never late. What would happen?

Back in the office, he called Tang Ning with a landline, and the phone kept rang, but no one answered.

Lu Wenjie made several calls in a row, and no one answered.

The more he thought, the more he felt wrong. He always felt that Tang Ning had an accident. He quickly asked the company to leave with the company.

The light car came to Tang Ning’s house. This was an old -fashioned residential building. Tang Ning lived on the third floor.He patted the door: "Tang Ning, are you at home? Tang Ning …"

He patted the door for a long time, there was no sound inside.Put your ears on the door without hearing any movement, there seems to be no one in the room.

He called Tang Ning again. At this time, he heard a call ringing in the room.He was surprised for a while, but the phone rang for a long time, and no one answered.

He went on to call again, but no one had been answered.

Will Tang Ning go to work, and the phone fell at home?

He called the company, and the company in the company said that Tang Ning had not come to work yet.

At this time, he panicked, Tang Ning must have happened!

But he couldn’t get in, and he didn’t know what to do with Tang Ning’s call?

Broken directly?

No, what if people treat him as a thief.

After thinking about it, he decided to call the police.

The police came soon, and he told the police that he was Tang Ning’s boss. Tang Ning did not come to work and didn’t answer the phone. He was worried about Tang Ning and came to see it. He found that there was a phone call inside.Suspected Tang Ning had an accident.

The police checked his documents and proved that what he said was true, so he let the unlocked company unlocked.

The door lock opened quickly. Lu Wenjie followed the police into the house. This was a single room. Tang Ning lay on the bed and motionless.

Lu Wenjie was frightened and rushed directly, and found that Tang Ning’s body was scary.

The police also found out, and quickly said, "Quickly send her to the hospital, we open the way."

Lu Wenjie hurriedly picked up Tang Ning and left.

With a police officer, you don’t have to wait for the traffic lights, and soon go to the hospital.

Tang Ning’s fever was 41 degrees, which also caused pneumonia, and later, the consequences were unimaginable.The doctor criticized Lu Wenjie fiercely, saying that he did not know how to care about his wife, and everyone had a coma, and now he was sent to the hospital.

Lu Wenjie didn’t speak, the doctor’s wife made him very happy.

Seeing that Lu Wenjie was not sad, he was also happy.

Tang Ning lived in the hospital for a week. Lu Wenjie asked for a week of leave. He took care of her in the hospital. In this week, Tang Ning was moved by him, and finally nodded and promised to be his girlfriend.

… …

"What are you going to stay?" Tang Ning stretched out his hand in front of Lu Wenjie’s eyes.

"Hmm!" Lu Wenjie returned to God and rubbed his face. "Suddenly I thought of when I first met you, my wife, you are still as beautiful as before."

Suddenly he heard Lu Wenjie calling her wife, and Tang Ning’s goosebumps came out.

She rubbed her arms and said, "Come up and eat breakfast."

After speaking, she turned and left the room.

Which muscle is Lu Wenjie?She even called her wife, this name, she didn’t shout a few hundred years ago, she was still used to calling her name.

to be continued

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