Seeing crying, I hope that one day, the medical care of pregnancy will not be on the night shift

Foreword: Use your own health to be exchanged for other people’s health!How great, but what kind of grief is this with the children in their belly, what great, but how great it is!

Sina Weibo@A bit ideal reporter sent a sad news: On the evening of the 9th, at the Public Three Hospital in Dongguan, Guangdong, in Dongguan Houjie Hospital, Miao Lilin, a 35 -year -old doctor who was pregnant at 135, all nightSave a dangerous front placenta on duty, the uterine rupture, and the mothers who are bleeding after giving birth to the patient, and eventually rescue the patient back. Dr. Miao rescued the overnight overnight after more than 30 hours of exhaustion.Damn abortion.

As far as the obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital is concerned, there are almost no emergency children that night.For obstetricians, 24 hours a day before, treating maternals, and continuing to fight on duty at night, and continuing surgery the next day. This is the norm.

With the release of the second child policy in my country, the number of pregnant women has continued to increase, the number of second -term maternal women in the second child has also increased, and the hard work of obstetric colleagues is getting heavier.The number of doctors and nurses is indeed stretched.As a result, many pregnant medical staff are still working on the front line.A better hospital will be adjusted to the white class or a small workload position, and some hospitals are really "women are men’s envoys, men are as animals".

Check out the regulations of the labor law in our country:

Article 61 of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China: Do not arrange for female employees to engage in the national regulations of the third -level physical labor intensity during pregnancy and work during pregnancy (see the Fifth in the Regulations on the Scope of Women’s Taboo Labor Scope "Labor stipulated in Article 6 and 7).For female employees who are more than seven months pregnant, they must not arrange their working hours and night shifts.

Female employees who are more than 7 months pregnant shall not arrange their working hours and night shifts. That is to say, pregnant women below in July can not work overtime and night shifts. From this point of view, the hospital does not count the provisions of illegal labor law.

The National Labor Law also stipulates that pregnant female employees cannot arrange labor in the third level of physical labor.Let’s see what is the third level of physical labor intensity.

The average energy consumption value of the third level of physical labor intensity is 7310.2 thousand coke ear/person, and the labor time rate is 73%, that is, the net labor time is 350 minutes, which is equivalent to heavy intensity labor.

The net labor time is 350 minutes, which is nearly 6 hours.The 35 -year -old main doctor Miao Lilin, who is pregnant, has been rescued for more than 30 hours all night. He can’t take a break in the morning.Rescue patients are a continuous battle state, and there must be no time to rest at all, more than 30 hours.

I don’t know this labor with the intensity of physical labor in the third level?

Let’s take a look at the so -called "most beautiful photos" we often praise.

Ye Meifang, director of the Surgery of the Central Health Center of Qiantan Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang, performed two operations.After walking out of the operating room, she was so tired of falling asleep on the wall for 6 months.The day before, she had dyed night shifts overnight.

Nursing nurses who were pregnant at the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the General Hospital of the Air Force kneeling kneeling to infusion for patients.

The night shift of ordinary industries is actually a door, and you can go to bed early.The night shift of medical care is like a special battle. The spirit and body are highly tense. It is not a concept at all. Most other industries will take care of the night shift as much as possible after pregnancy.And can we not use life to change life as the most beautiful medical care?


@: Why should there be more than seven months to not be in the night shift?If you encounter a person with human nature, let’s put you a horse.This is the case, it is useless to go to where you go!Intersection

@User 5185680516: The hospital does stipulate this: I will not discharge the night shift for 7 months.This is not a female medical worker who does not care about pregnancy, but the hospital is short of people. If people are sufficient, how can there be such a strange rule?Therefore, starting from the actual situation and improving the treatment of medical workers, at least it must be directly proportional to the labor paid.

@Low Ai Kou: A sister of our department, the due date on September 2, August 31 is still at work. At night, she went to the toilet and broke the children who were born directly.Go back and forth to participate in the rescue, but feels distressed.

@At this moment, the wind blows: a classmate of my classmates is also an obstetrician and gynecologist. A person work in a foreign country. On the day of the night shift, a person went to the delivery for a person during the day. He found that the fetus had no fetal heart. There was no relative around me.Also endure the sad night shift, take care of the hospital for the hospital, and take birth.

@: Most of the pediatrician doctors in our hospital have experience of bleeding and tires, oh … when you say too much, you are tears!

@Jiangnan-Xinyu: Alas, how many people in this industry understand its sadness. I am anesthetic doctor, seven months of pregnancy on night shifts, encountering intubation first aid, I can’t run anymore, and I have to run desperately, because time is the time is, because time is the time.In life, I couldn’t squat when I interjected, so I kneeling to insert a custody there. Think about it, I don’t know how to come.

@: I don’t want to say more, disappointed with the Chinese medical duty system.My wife also obstetrics and gynecology. I was worthy of a night shift for two months and did not rest all night.And the hospital has no condolences.There is no night shift fee.When I was pregnant, I told the people who told the class not to be scheduled, but no, no one.

I still remember that the news reported that the female employees of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Tongzhou District, a news report a while ago, need to apply to the hospital before pregnancy, and the news of pregnancy within the 3 -month period set after the hospital approval has caused great heated discussions.If you want to get pregnant, you have to apply for a queue.After finally getting pregnant, I have to continue to work hard on the front line.

Postscript: It is said that the Health and Family Planning Commission has entrusted the comrades of the Guangdong Health Department to condolences to the female doctor who rescued the abortion of the patient overnight.However, we need to know that behind a "Dr. Miao Lilin", I don’t know how many pregnant "Miao Lilin" still has a big belly in front -line positions.If it is not fundamentally changed, this kind of thing will continue to happen in the future.

Those friends who say who make you do a doctor, those who say that they are tired and can not do, if you are a father, I don’t know if you want to be tired of your daughter; if you are a husband, I wo n’t I doKnow if you want your wife to work like this!

As a medical worker, the medical road is really hard!I sincerely hope that our female doctor and nurse can have normal daytime divisions after pregnancy!Don’t fight so much!

I just hope that one day, the pregnant woman should not be on the night shift.

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