Sanfu Tianfan will not, eat less ice cream, eat 6 more dishes, appetizers, eat, healthy too much

It seems that we have just entered the summer, and in a blink of an eye, we are about to enter Sanfu Tian.As we all know, San Futian is the hottest time of the year, and the days are particularly difficult.Especially this year’s Sanfu Tian, for 50 days, it is even more difficult for everyone to.According to the forecast of meteorologists, this year will be hotter than ever.The older generations said that their diet should be inaner of the solar terms, so we must make good supplements before the coming of Sanfu Tian.

What should San Futian eat?It is recommended to eat less ice cream and eat 6 more dishes.Ice cream is a cold ingredient. Eating it can easily cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Try not to eat or eat less.Everyone may wish to eat more dishes below to make up for summer loss.

Ingredients: 300 grams of potatoes, 400 grams of burdock, 1 hawthorn, 1 carrot, pepper, garlic, ginger, salt, edible oil, green onion, flour, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, old soy sauce

① We cut off the skin of the potatoes and rinse it.Cut into small pieces and soak it in water to prevent oxidation and hairstyle.

② Rinse the burdock, cut into small pieces, and soak in cold water for 40 minutes.Add a spoonful of flour and knead to remove the impurities on the surface of the burdock.Wash multiple times and drain the water.

③ Boil oil in the pot and pour in burdock fry.Stir -fry the water on the surface of the burdock, and then put it in raw soy sauce and old soy sauce.Stir fry evenly and simmer for 3 minutes.Add garlic, ginger, hawthorn, pepper to fishy and fragrant, add water without ingredients.Boil high heat and change it to small and medium -sized heat stew.

④ When the burdock can be inserted with chopsticks, put in the potato pieces, season with salt, and continue to cook.

⑤ When the potatoes can also be inserted with chopsticks, sprinkle some green onions, and the high fire will be ready.

Ingredients: 100 grams of sauerkraut, 100 grams of lean meat, 200 grams of tofu, peppers, shallots, salt, sweet potato starch, edible oil

① Wash the lean meat and chop it into minced meat.Add raw soy sauce, sweet potato starch, a little onion ginger water, and stir in clockwise for a while.Soak the sauerkraut into the water for 10 minutes, scrub it, and cut it into a broken end.

② Boil oil in the pan and stir -fry the minced meat.After the minced meat is discolored, put sauerkraut and peppers and stir -fry together.

③ Pour in boiling water and cook until the state of water acidic acid in the pan.

④ Tofu is soaked in light salt water for 30 minutes, washed and washed, cut into small pieces and cooks in a pot.When there are a lot of small holes on the surface of the tofu, add a little salt to season, and continue to cook for 3 minutes.

④ Pour in water starch and thicken, and then sprinkle some green onions to get out of the pot.

Ingredients: 2 eggplant, raw soy sauce, pepper, garlic, green onion, salt, edible oil, starch

① Cut off the pattern of the eggplant, wash it, cut it into a roller.Put the eggplant in a bowl, pour 1 spoon of starch, mix, and let each piece of eggplant wrap the flour on it.

② Brush oil at the bottom of the pot and pour in eggplant fried.Wait for the eggplant skin to fry until the wrinkled.

③ Boil oil in the pot and stir -fry the garlic and pepper.Pour the eggplant, add some soy sauce, and stir fry for a while.

④ Season with salt, pour in water starch, stir fry a few times, sprinkle some onion flowers on the table.

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 4 eggs, salt, edible oil, shallots, a little boiling water

① We inserted the tomatoes with chopsticks and grilled it on the fire.After the skin of the tomato is broken, the skin is torn off and cut into small pieces.

② Put the eggs into the bowl and stir well.Cold oil in the hot pot, pour the egg liquid and fry.After the egg liquid solidifies, the eggs are strong.

③ Cold oil in the hot pot, pour the tomatoes and fry.After stir -fry the juice, put the eggs, add a little boiling water, and boil low heat.

④ After the soup is thick, add some salt and season, and then sprinkle some shallots.

Ingredients: 500 grams of shrimp, green onions, cooking wine, ginger, onion, salt, edible oil, small crispy meat powder, eggs

① We picked the shrimp line from the third joint of the shrimp with a toothpick, and then 45 degrees along the shrimp head to remove the internal organs.Soak the shrimp into the water and wash it a few times.Drain the water and change the knife behind the shrimp to make it easy to taste.

② Pour a spoonful of small crispy meat powder into the shrimp, and then pour one egg and mix.Add onion ginger salt to fishy, marinate for a while.

③ Boil oil in the pot, and add shrimp frying when the oil temperature reaches 60 % heat.The surface of the shrimp is golden, removed and drained the oil.

④ Add a little oil to the pot and stir -fry the onions and onions.Pour in the prawns, add a little salt, stir fry a few times to get out of the pot.

Ingredients: 350 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 1 green and red pepper, salt, edible oil, oyster sauce

① Cut off the stems of the shiitake mushroom and soak the bacterium hat in the water for 10 minutes.Rub clean and cut into slices.

② Cut off the ethics of the green pepper, wash it and cut the small pieces.

③ Cold oil in the hot pot, pour in green and red pepper and fry.Put in shiitake mushrooms and stir -fry.

④ After the shiitake mushrooms are fried in water, add salt and oyster sauce to season, and you can eat it a few times.


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