San San forced the palace for three months, how did the original match make Xiao San take the initiative to leave the derailed man and no longer entangle

A few days ago, Lan Fang just handled a man derailment for a man’s derailment.

In the end, this case was actively miscarriage and derailed men’s relationships, and the derailed men returned to the family to end.

Why is a small three who forced the palace to actively abortion and no longer continue to entangle with the derailed man?

In this case, Ms. Wu and her husband have been married for 25 years. There is a son studying in a university in a foreign country.

Ms. Wu and her husband are both rural, but both of them are down -to -earth. They went out to work together soon after they got married.

Later, Ms. Wu returned to her hometown to give birth to her pregnancy. It didn’t take long after giving birth to a child, she gave the child to her in -laws and continued to work with her husband.

It saved in foreign countries, and has saved hundreds of thousands in ten years, and after a certain deposit.

They settled in their hometown to start a business. After 10 years of hard work and struggle, they had their own house and bought a good car.

I bought a large facade in the urban area, and the monthly income was stable at more than 100,000, which was more than that of the top.

Ms. Wu feels that good days are not easy, so cherish, good to her in -laws, and take care of her husband all the way.

But I still didn’t expect her husband to be derailed. Xiao San was a female cashier hired by her facade.

Young girls who didn’t graduate from a higher vocational school were only one year older than their son. When her husband and Xiao San were in contact with,

It’s good to Xiaosan, Ms. Wu didn’t think about it, and felt that her husband might feel like a daughter.

Ms. Wu never thought that there would be such a day. The other clerk said to her that her husband and Xiao San seemed to have a leg.

She secretly followed the two people and saw two people enter the hotel together. She rushed up to catch the bed, and she collapsed.

In the ladder behind, she and her husband had made trouble, and her husband agreed to have a relationship with Primary Three, and she actually believed.

It wasn’t until a year later that Xiao San took the pregnancy checklist and told her that she was in her belly, Ms. Wu’s husband, and she knew how stupid she was.

At this time, it ’s useless to scold Xiao San.

Primary Three also mocked her, saying that she was a fool as someone else, and gave birth to the money that the child could get much more than Ms. Wu.

Ms. Wu couldn’t persuade Primary Three. She could only go to her husband. As a result, the derailed man always perfunctory Ms. Wu.

Ms. Wu and Lan Fang said that Xiao San did not hide her for property. She was afraid that Xiao San gave birth to a child and influenced her child in the future.

So come to Lanfang, hoping that Lan Fang can help her solve the problem of this primary three.

Ms. Wu’s situation is nothing more than two choices. Now divorce finds ways to get more property. After she got her son, she was all from her son.

The part of the derailed man can be divided into part, but the third and the illegitimate son will definitely get a part.

Another choice is that without divorce is completely separated from Primary Three, and the illegitimate children are not allowed to land, so that Ms. Wu’s worried property problem is completely resolved.

The first choice is better to operate, and the second one is more difficult. Ms. Wu needs to be prepared for psychological preparations and firm cooperation.

Ms. Wu said that she didn’t want to divorce. She didn’t want to give Xiaosan and illegitimate children at a penny, so she chose not to divorce.

Lan Fang told Ms. Wu that she had to separate Primary Three without wanting to divorce, so the time was very urgent, because the illegitimate child could not land on the ground, otherwise Xiao San and the derailed man will always be broken.

Lan Fang suggested that it is best to solve the problem within one month. The first step is to show the derailment man who shows that he will not divorce, making derailment men more firm and not divorced.

Xiao San’s pregnancy is for the sake of the top. If the man who forced the palace to derail the man is indifferent, Xiaosan will start hesitation.

And if Xiao San insists on having a child, most of them have given their hopes because of the words and deeds of the original and derailed men.

Let them feel that children will become their superior chips. What Ms. Wu has to do is to completely break the hope of Primary Three.

Ms. Wu firmly told Xiaosan that she would not divorce, and she would dominate her property in her family.

And letting the derailed men and Primary Three also said that they were resolutely unwilling to divorce with the original match. Xiaosan wanted to be halved by the awakening of the child.

The second step is to find a way to make Xiaosan a bad life now, whether it is material or spiritual.

The original match does not divorce, and the long -term intended to be blocked by Primary Three.

Then the idea of wanting to have a child to force the palace will reduce half of the idea. When you are pregnant, you are more difficult than you have never been pregnant.

The original match does not allow the derailed men to spend money on Xiao San, and to prevent the derailed men see Primary Three.

Women who are pregnant were easy to think about it. Emotional fluctuations were relatively large. The derailed men said that they would not divorce, and then they did not see Primary Three.

No one cares for a person, and has no money to spend. He must also insist on it for more than half a year. Xiaosan must be very painful and complain about derailed men.

The third step is to find a way to force Primary Three to come to the door, find troubles to derailed men, and make derailment men resent Xiaosan.

The intimidation of the derailed men did not go to see Xiao San in half a month. After not giving Xiaosan money, the original match began to appoint some relatives and friends to come home every day.

On the one hand, the derailed man can go home to accompany him. There is no time to find Xiao San and Xiaosan to communicate.

On the other hand, Xiao San endured for half a month. It’s almost time to come to the door again. Sure enough,

Xiao San came to the door within a few days, just to derail the man’s sister’s family, Xiao San was derailed, the man lost his face,

Naturally, there are also complaints about Xiao San’s psychology. Not only did they yell in the face of the small three roar in front of everyone, they also called at night to say that not the child should be broken with Xiao San.

Xiao San must be completely cold, and pregnancy does not attract the preferential treatment of a derailed man.

If you have a child, you may not be in the top. Xiao San must not want to continue to entangle the man with derailment. At this time, the original match came forward again.

With Xiao San, when the child flows off at this time, he can compensate Xiao San’s spiritual compensation. Xiao San took the money to work in a place to work and would not investigate it.

Xiaosan was originally like a miscarriage. The original match was willing to give good benefits. Of course, he took the money to make the child and left directly.

Lan Fang emphasized that Lan Fang said that the following paragraph was not to blame the original match and throw the original match, but hoped that the original match would be able to save itself.

Although no matter what derailment man is derailed, derailment itself has nothing to do, and the derailed man must be wrong.

In any case, the derailed original match is the deepest injury. Lan Fang also felt very distressed and was willing to help the original match.

Lan Fang always stood at the original match, hoping that the original match could hear the loyalty of Lan Fang.

However, many found that their husbands are derailed and they do not want to divorce, but they have always been inadequate.

Just like the case of Ms. Wu, her husband did not get Xiaosan pregnant with Primary Three.

She didn’t know that her husband was derailed when she was pregnant. She knew a year ago. She did nothing. She did nothing.

Just wait until Xiao San was pregnant and took the initiative to force the palace before she began to be forced to deal with extramarital affairs.

Xiao San spent a year, and the feelings of the man who warmed and derailed men could find a way to increase the chips to understand the original match.

I made full preparations to be able to force the palace to succeed in one fell swoop and replace the original match. Xiao San really worked hard for the upper position.

Many of the original match found in the past few years, in addition to crying and complaining, and occasionally conflicting with the derailed men, how can I fight with Xiao San?

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Lanfang and talk about your situation privately.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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