San, I’m pregnant

I was pregnant by my junior junior, my boyfriend broke up with me, what should I do?

First of all, it is a matter of time if you can’t let go of your boyfriend. When you let it go, you will find that there is actually nothing, but it takes a little time.Therefore, please give the emotional problem to time.

The most important, the most important thing now is the time, this matter cannot be dragged.It is recommended that you tell your parents as soon as possible (no friends or classmates, why are you follow -up), after all, you are their children, even if you scold you, you love you, don’t be afraid of being scolded or sadAnd hurt you.Whether it is for the sake of education or for life, let them accompany you to a regular hospital for people. Remember to go to a regular hospital!After the surgery is completed, only your parents will take care of you with your heart and care with you can your body better recover your health.Friends and classmates may accompany you to the Third Stream Clinic, and it is impossible to take care of you afterwards.

Finally, I hope you accept my suggestions, sincerely, and hope that for your body to not be injured, and to not give your parents a greater injury.For love, true love will give it, and love is also the heart communication that loves deeply. It is understandable, but you must pay attention to safety (contraception and disease prevention).

May all you go well and be good.

Sen junior, I am pregnant: junior junior is already an internship, but unexpectedly pregnancy, do children want to children?

Sen junior, I am pregnant: What should I do if my junior is pregnant

(1) Whether the two parties are ready for material preparations. If they are satisfied, whether the parents or their own;

(2) If it is an unmarried first, how to deal with the procedures of the child’s permit, hukou, birth certificate and other procedures;

(3) Whether the two sides have enough energy to raise the child, can they be able to take care of both academic and children, and have children and take care of children during the school study.

(4) Do you have enough psychological and accurate to welcome the child’s arrival. After all, college students will still be tapped by some people.

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