Samoyed sneaked out and became pregnant. After the owner saw the birth cub: The dog’s gene is too strong

Family, if the hairy child you raised reaches the estrus period, do you choose to let them fall in love, or do you find someone in person?

Presumably, most shoveling officers will choose the latter.

The shovel officer in the following story has caused "disaster" because he is not optimistic about his own dog.

My own white dog is "good" with the black dog outside

The story takes place in Zhejiang.

On February 26, netizens showed the video of their own dogs. Speaking of which, it was a tear.

There was only Samoye in his house, which was carefully cared for and raised. He never slipped out of the door and ran around, but for some time before, netizens found that the dog always sneaked out.

In order to figure out what it goes out, netizens followed, but the scene of "own dog and unknown little black dog" shocked itself. It turned out that it would come out.

Netizens think that whether it is the variety of two dogs, or the appearance, it is not good, and the dogs born are definitely not good, so they have stopped them. Since then, they will never let them meet again.Even if the black dog often comes to the door, netizens refused to get involved. At the same time, he also agitated his dog. In the future, he was found to find a reliable object.

Give it to "surprise" after 2 months

Netizens thought that the story was over, but what he didn’t expect was that during the period when two dogs were stopped, he found that his Samoyed was pregnant, and he was very embarrassed.Essence

Finally, 2 months later, Samoyed produced, and after the netizens saw the cub, the whole person was not good: the dog’s gene is too strong.

I saw the remaining cubs in Samoyed, each of which was black and white, either black or black, and he had no good tradition of inheriting the dog mother at all.

"I gave birth to a nest of Sarah"

When netizens shared this sad story to express their helplessness online, they found that netizens were happy to bloom, and felt that the color of the dog cub was too funny.

Some netizens said that this is a nest of Sarah, how cute.

Some netizens bluntly said that there is no need to worry about the dog’s loss now. Such obvious colorful colors are all beautiful landscapes.

Hahahaha, it is estimated that the mood of shovel officer at this time was like a long -term cabbage. The feeling was arched by the pig. It always protected Samoye who grew up, and it was still bad.


It is already spring, and many pets have reached the estrus period, and they will steal out to find the object without paying attention.

If you don’t want to let your pets down or lose them, in addition to usually optimistic about them, you can also consider bringing pets for sterilization, so that you can do it once and for all.

In addition, assuming that pets really have impure cubs, please also ask the shoveling officers to raise them well and take responsibility for life. The cubs are innocent and do not lose it at will.

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