Rumor: Is it easy to have a child pregnant?You may not know these pains

After 3 days, it is Mother’s Day. Everyone says that tiger poison is not eaten, but people are evil but their aunt.

A 58 -year -old son in Jingbian District, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, buried the 79 -year -old sick mother in the tomb.A few days later, the old man was rescued, and his son was arrested for intentional homicide.

In the past, it was said that raising children to prevent the elderly. However, raising children may not prevent old age. Most of the filial sons in front of the sick bed are mostly true.

I do n’t know how I was in my mood when I saw this news yesterday ’s news. I ca n’t calm down for a long time. Except for anger, there seems to be no other words to describe it.

Mother is the only person in this world that was closely connected to us.When we were still in our mother’s body, the umbilical cord made our blood connecting each other, and our mother grew up with our nutrition.

Do you know how much pain does mother bear during pregnancy?

As soon as you are pregnant, you are the most familiar early pregnancy reaction: bad appetite, you ca n’t eat, vomit, heartburn, and acid reflux, you want to vomit when you see food.Twist to doubt life, and he can’t stick to it until he vomits, but he must endure it for the child.

After you finally survived the early pregnancy, there was no early pregnancy reaction, but the following days were not good.

Headache, dizziness, dazzling

Many pregnant women are prone to headaches after lack of sleep or tiredness, and sometimes they are dizzy and dazzling when they stand up or get up.I did n’t find any problems when I went to the hospital. I dare not take medicine casually during pregnancy. I still have to endure it silently.

waist pain

After the early pregnancy, when you enter the second trimester, others say that this period should be the most comfortable period during pregnancy. The appetite is good.Come on.

During pregnancy, hormones in the body change, joint ligament relaxation, ligament edema.The abdomen is swollen, the body’s center of gravity moves forward, the burden on the waist muscles worsens, and continues to be in a state of tension, which can cause back pain.

Some pregnant women will have a joint separation of the pubic bone in the third trimester. They can only lie on the bed and turn around.

Leg cramp

It was hard during the day. I wanted to sleep well at night, and the terrible leg cramps came.This is not all because of calcium deficiency. The burden on the muscles of the legs after pregnancy also increases accordingly. If you stand for a long time during the day or muscle fatigue, when you sleep at night, the calf belly and thigh muscles will cause cramps.

Numbness and edema hands and feet

After finally falling asleep, I just wanted to move my hands and feet, but I felt that my hands and feet were numb, the palms could not be fist, and sometimes there was local edema, and the previous shoes could not be worn.

Rough skin, acne, long spots

Before pregnancy, the skin is delicate and smooth. After pregnancy, the face is full of acne or color spots, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive. It is often red and itchy.Although the skin changes will not cause physical discomfort, it will cause a serious burden to the heart. Who does not want to be a beautiful pregnant woman, how to get pregnant like disfigurement.

Frequent urination, constipation

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the bladder and intestine will be compressed, so there is a problem with urine and stool: I do n’t have to drink much water, but I have to run the toilet frequently. It is obvious that I ca n’t solve it on the toilet.Sometimes it was frequently got up to the toilet at night, and I couldn’t sleep well at all.

Childbirth pain

In October, the end of the pregnancy, the end of the end is the end -childbirth pain, which is the highest level of pain in the world. Even if you are a cesarean section, you must endure the pain and contraction pain after surgery.

These mentioned above are the experiences of most women during pregnancy, but the pain they suffer is far more than that.

For women with complications and basic diseases, pregnant and having children are even more serious. It is no less than "ghost gate", and only words cannot be described.

All mothers are willing to endure the pain of these shortcomings for their children. What they want is only the children’s peace and joy.

Lamb kneeling milk, crow feed, sometimes people are not as good as beasts.

From Peking University Wu Xieyu to the current 58 -year -old son buried a 79 -year -old mother alive. In this era, the tragedy of his aunt never stopped.

Filial piety and knowledge, and diploma have nothing to do, but only related to people’s hearts.

Mother is the origin of our lives, treating my mother well, and the most basic bottom line for people.

“”” “” 79 -year -old paralyzed mother throw abandoned tomb to bury”

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